Well Springs Cemetery drop

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Well Springs Cemetery drop
Location     Hermiston, OR
Coordinates 45.63304668°, -119.71564833°
Landmarks None
Items Blue/Tides Book?
People/Visitors Reporter
Found 4-15-2014
Type Book
Status Acquired

On April 15th 2014, a book cover was posted by Exciting Books which had an ISBN interpreted as UTM coordinates.(See gallery below)

Later, conferences and messages began to mention a "Blue Book" drop (possibly referring to the Tide Tables book also posted by ExcitingBooks) which is assumed to be the same drop.

Because of the location and relevance, this is also referred to as the Well Springs Cemetery drop, the Hermiston OR drop, and the Blue Book drop.


Book Code

In the middle of May, Exciting Books Posted a now-replaced book "Worm Species of Electoral Area A" with a barcode "11 288337 5056865". The book was later removed and replaced with a different barcode. "Worm Habitats of the Oregon Trail" was also uploaded and removed with the same barcode.

Excerpt from arthurdent11389:

ISBN of "11 288337 5056865" (not sure if bar code matches or is different - I couldn't get online bar code reader to work on it.)

ISBN could be location of drop : in UTM "11 288337 5056865"
becomes N 45.63304668, W 119.71564833,

which is in Oregon, many miles east of Portland and just south of I-84.

Related Messages

On May 14th following conference discussions about a "Blue Book drop", several Agent System messages were received:

  • 16041: Electoral Area A
  • 16042: obtain region 10 blue book drop
  • 16043: obtain region 10 blue book drop
  • 16044: obtain region 10 blue book drop

From this it was assumed that "Electoral Area A" referred to the first book code/UTM coordinates, and this was confirmed by Oregon being in "region 10".

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Tide table for Lake Superior book (Blue Book) Unknown Received L0j1k None

[See Drop Item Inventory to edit this.]

User Smugs was able to recruit a reporter to pick up this drop item, he then sent it to Smugtrio who received it and documented it.

The drop item was the book "Tide Tables for Lake Superior - 1979" and is the Blue Book drop mentioned in many messages early this year (2014).