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  • OTP Black Drop 7
This drop is quite close to a geocache location but as long as you stay south of the Waikoko Stream you shouldn't bump into it.
Position of OTP Black 7 Drop & Tunnel #2 Geocache
Tunnel #2 Geocache Images
Notes from Geocachers about the Area
  1. "A 4X4 is STRONGLY recommended, especially if it's been raining heavily! Anything less and you should keep a local tow truck company's # handy. Use common sense and drive with Aloha - you're in "locals" territory... We HAVE seen rental cars (Mustangs, Civics, etc) back there so it is certainly possible as long as you don't drive like a lolo!"
  2. Jurassic Park was filmed here, in fact on the way to this drop you will go through where the old gate use to be.
  3. Mount Waiʻaleʻale which is right near the drop location is one of the wettest places on earth so be prepared.