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The first known instance of the (303) 309-0004 number is recorded in a GodLikeProductions forum post by reaperr.

This post is not available in archive.org's repository.


A (presumed partial) transcript of a recording to the (303) 309-0004 number is posted to the GLP thread by an anonymous user.

Raw, the post lists the following..

25,70,79 0 alpha, 61, 3 delta, 22, 36, 65, 37, 38, 37, 34, 37, 36, 33, 32, 37, 33, 36, 62, 37, 62, 33, 37, 38, 33, 22 0 alpha, 74, 3delta, 22, 22, 0alpha, 71, 3delta, 30.....

Converting the alphanumeric codes to their single hex digit equivalents results in..

25 70 79 0A 61 3D 22 36 65 37 38 37 34 37 36 33 32 37 33 36 62 37 62 37 62 33 37 38 33 22 0A 74 3D 22 22 0A 71 3D

.. which is ASCII for..



A post is made to 800notes about the (303) 309-0004 number.

Again, this post is not available in archive.org's repository.


Captain_Jack (aka wprtradio on YouTube) on the GodLikeProductions forum posts a YouTube video to the initial GLP post.

The condition code recorded in this call is Blue.


Initial threads were posted to /b/ and /x/. The /x/ post (10921476) was archived on chanarchive but it has since been deleted (a backup copy can currently [9/18/2012] be found in Google's cache or here). The /b/ thread (424341309) was archived on pastebin here (or on my site here) and was replaced with a new post (424370830) after a few hours.

The original OTP22 pastebin was authored by OTP-Decoder
.. and the Colorado Phone Conspiracy | #OTP22 YouTube video was posted by OTP-Decoder

Message:unk/unk/unk/1 was the message recorded by the OP in the /b/ and /x/ threads.

Calls to the (303) 309-0004 number during this day relayed TROOP, AGENT, SUPPLY, and AIRCFT tagged coordinates which were located in North America.


Unfiction forum thread started

New thread on /b/ (424477634)

#operationcreepy /b/ thread (424558906)

Earlier in the day, the (303) 309-0004 number relayed messages with similar tags to the previous day (plus a new DRONE tag), but the coordinates seems mainly to be localized to Alaska. Later messages switched to the now familiar SHIP tags and the MIGs (BOGEY1 and BOGEY2) made an appearance under mislabeled SHIP tags.

Semantic search for messages on 9/11/2012


Posted to Hacker News and Reddit.

The initial condition codes on the (303) 309-0004 number this day were Orange/Orange.
After the MIGs approached the SHIP convoy and MELTER3s status changed to *EMRG*FIRE*, the condition code changed to Red, Bogey/Red, Bogey.
The MIGs then dissapeared into Russia and the condition code changed to Red. MELTER3s status blinked on and off from *EMRG*FIRE* (w/ a location of 66.7032 -168.4991) to *NOLOC* (w/ a location of NaN.NaN NaN.NaN).

Semantic search for messages on 9/12/2012

A new SHIP, PETR, is recorded later in the day.


MELTER3s status changed to *DECOMSH*. The condition code shifted from Red to Orange/Orange.

after 9pm EST

Agent code 1337 active. "Gateway One is now active."

An untranslated message in an unknown language is recorded in this message.

A request for a dead drop was recorded with Agent code 99288. "Gateway Two is now active."

The location for this drop was Lake Oswego Public Library in Oregon. The drop is indicating a ISBN number (0-8160-4195-4) and the page in which the drop has been made.

Z 110001Z SEP 12


The dead drop was picked up at Lake Oswego Public Library on page 271 (not 272) of the specified book.
Pictures taken during the pickup are available here (on imgur). A suspicious (red shirted) individual listening to sound frequencies and wrtting down notes on his laptop (exact words of IRC user oregon) was observed (and photographed) seated at a table near the drop position.

The content of the dead drop was a CD-R. The CD-R ISO can be downloaded at Mediafire.

A NATO phonetic message was recorded with Agent code 99286. This message was decoded using p1.txt.


Another NATO phonetic message was recorded later in the day with Agent code 2896. This message was decoded using p2.txt.



marcusw's CD contents explanation on #OTP22


A new NATO phonetic message was recorded with Agent code 99288. This message was again decoded using p2.txt.



Normal operation of the (303) 309-0004 number ceases as the number now begins transmitting odd tones. The odd tone, however, has a BPSK31 transmission accompanying it and it is quickly decoded. The message contains a new phone number - (202) 999-3335.

New thread on /x/ (10959562)

For some period of time, the (202) 999-3335 number worked the same as the initial number, but ceased operation later in the day with the same tone as the (303) 309-0004 number, sans BPSK31 message. The (303) 309-0004 also switches to the same BPSK31-less tone. As the numbers shift back to odd tones, this is recorded by mwally's auto dialer.

Later in the day, during a small window, the (202) 999-3335 number stopped playing the tone and started playing a new message.

<SS5 tones denoting the number> "The number you have reached, 646-0004, is not in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try again. Thank you."


Analysis of the call window recording yielded a likely hidden message. The general consensus is that the message in the auto dialer message was "There's an alarm in the Vaughnsville DCO", corresponding to the Vaughnsville area number (419) 646-0004 (which is also identified in the previous calls by its SS5 tone sequence). When this number is dialed, the same message as during the (202) 999-3335 call window is played.

The (419) 646 NPA-NXX is operated by Vaughnsville Communications which appears to be using a Siemens DCO switch [5].

Later in the day, both the (303) 309-0004 and (202) 999-3335 numbers became active and accepting Agent codes once again.


New SSTV image on Agent code 99290




Auto dialer recordings earlier in the day recorded a new MSG code (99283). This MSG code was another "Gateway Two" message with a new accompanied drop in Blue Hill, ME.

Z 041120Z SEP 18


The drop in Blue Hill, ME was retrieved by a librarian at the Blue Hill Library. It was taped under the payphone.

The following message was relayed by the librarian..

I’m having a hard time attaching these files due to size limitations on my email. The files on the disc are called data.bin, BCwipe3.exe and truecrypt 5.1a.exe Do you have any other thoughts on how to get you the information you are looking for? Also our little library closes are 2 pm EST and won’t reopen until 10 am on Monday.



The contents of the CD-R were uploaded to Google Drive here.

The uploaded files were as follows..

  • TrueCrypt Setup 5.1a.exe
    • MD5: 9F2C390917D60AA2F729516CD1A6818F
    • Same MD5 as the TC v5.1a available on the TrueCrypt site.
  • bcwipe3.exe
  • data.bin
    • MD5: 29186BF27967170AB1BBB0688E420A7E
    • Presumably a TrueCrypt data file.

The password for the TrueCrypt data file remains unknown.


A T- code has been appended to PAYLD1 in new recordings.

The auto dialer recorded a new message with a new message code (99280).

The 99280 code contained a new NATO phonetic mesage.

3233 0A7F FECA 26B6 3ED8 D561 8E59 9569 6F8C C8E5 B5DF BDFA 849C

New thread on /x/ (11011522)

Archived on chanarchive.org (for now) gone as of 10/05/2012


Logs of unknown origin were posted to the 11011522 /x/ thread. This user (OTP-Encoder) purports to be associated with the group running the Agent System numbers.

The other half to the conversation was posted the next day in the same thread.

Later in the day (or actually the next day, UTC), the Agent System began sending a new MSG code to auto dialer messages. This code (99291) had been used the day before with relaying messages in TWC mode.. but now relayed a new NATO phonetic message. This message was decoded using p4.txt'.



The pay phone that the second drop was recovered from was run over by a car, which then hit the adjacent clothing store. A local news article (with pictures!) can be found here.

see Blue Hill mysteries and Blue Hill phone booth drop


SomethingAwful forum thread started

Multiple new NATO phonetic messages were recorded via the auto dialer.

Decoded using p4.txt
Decoded using p1.txt
Decoded using p1.txt


A different set of tones than the previous ones appeared on both numbers in place of the Agent Systems. The change was first noticeable at 18:00 UTC on the auto dialer.


The tones remained on both numbers the entire day with little known variance.

Posted to /r/AskReddit where it was quickly removed


The tones again remained on the entire day on both numbers.. but later in the day, tones on the (303) 309-0004 number changed to a lengthier and varied (with probable encoded data) tone.

Example tones: 22:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC

mwally received the CD-R from the otp22:Blue Hill phone booth drop.

The current main Freenode IRC channel was changed to #ARG from #otp22.


IRC user prestoa apparently visited Lake Oswego Public Library and checked the status of the book noted in the first drop. prestoa relayed that the book, a reference only book which is not available for withdrawal from the library, was missing. The book is presumed to have been stolen. The book was apparently misfiled. The CD, which was placed back in the book by oregon, was gone after the book was again found.

.. other than that, nothing


chronomex figured out the 3233 code.

[13:19] <chronomex> oh motherfucker
[13:19] <kicktd> ?
[13:19] <chronomex> I got 3233.
[13:19] <wd-sa> !!!
[13:19] <wd-sa> really?
[13:20] <chronomex> yes
[13:20] <chronomex> code here http://www.rafb.me/results/UzHhFY16.html
[13:20] <chronomex> if you xor the 23 bytes after 32330a with the last 23 bytes of data.bin
[13:20] <chronomex> you get     /44.918216/-95.6284865/
See Message:09/25/2012/99280/06:18 for a map of the coordinates.
Note: This location happens to be nearly exactly in between the previous two drop locations. The significance of this location, however, is not yet known.

New thread on /x/ (11062573)


Superdan recovered a note from the directed Montevideo location. The note contained a phone number.. (709) 700-0122 (raw: 7097000122).

IRISTEL INC., Location: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

The relevant IRC logs from #ARG are below.

[21:58] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN "Just got back to the cemetary"
[22:01] <air_julio> PIC OF BELL INCOMING
[22:02] <air_julio_> http://i.imgur.com/4NCva.jpg
[22:02] <air_julio> told him to check it
[22:03] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN : "Nothing inside it.  I checked"
[22:19] <air_julio> oh man just got chills
[22:20] <air_julio> TEXT FROM DAN "I found something"
[22:23] <air_julio> 7097000122
[22:23] <air_julio> "A single blue laminated index card.  the only thing on it are the numbers 7097000122"
[22:26] <air_julio> pic incoming
[22:26] <air_julio_> http://i.imgur.com/d3UUc.jpg

When the (709) 700-0122 number is called, tones play for approximately a minute followed by a error message (per Shidda's call).

The auto dialer confirmed the legitimacy of the previous call.

sauceman's recording

otp22:Info on another NEW NUMBER 709-700-0122

Each possible tone combination used in these messages is made up 8 seperate sub-frequencies, each spaced 200Hz apart. One tone combination represents a single byte. The resulting binary data was decoded much the same was as the 3233 code, the binary data is XORed against portions of the data.bin file.

The decoded message is as follows..

Z 080524Z SEP 24 
LOC/ FI11/ / / 
LOC/ HK/ / / 
LOC/ JA14/ ? ? ?
LOC/ US06075/ / / 
LOC/ US15/ / / 
LOC/ US17031/ / / 

The LOC codes in this message are Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) codes.

USA FIPS codes
FIPS list

Specifically, they identify..

  • FI11
Uusimaa province, Finland
  • HK
Hong Kong
  • JA14
Ibaraki prefecture, Japan
  • US06075
San Francisco County, California, United States
  • US15
Hawaii, United States
  • US17031
Cook County, Illinois, United States


An updated binary tone message from the (709) 700-0122 number was decoded. The decoded message is as follows..

P 050015Z OCT 12

The HK LOC status has shifted to COLLECTED.

There is also the addition of a new LOC code, US44.

  • US44
Rhode Island, United States

message posted to /r/translator requesting reddit's assistance for the unknown language in the Gateway One messages

m86 wastes a few hours doing nothing productive (Vaughnsville stuff)


Gateway One language solved? [6]

"If you want a call back, leave your name. If you would like assistance, please hang up."


IRC user nfx released a web based tool to visually compare the binary tone messages on the (709) 700-0122 number.



New thread on /x/ (11092607)

As of 19:13 UTC, calls to the (202) 999-3335 number result in a new message. The message is as follows..

Authorization failure.


You have reached the Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway, your access to the Iridium Global Network. Welcome.

You have reached the Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway, your access to the Iridium Global Network. Welcome.

You have reached the Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway, your access to the Iridium Global Network. Welcome.


Calls to the Iridium test number (Iridium number: +881 6 311 10006) / any Iridium satellite phone can be made via the Tempe, Arizona number 1-(480) 768-2500.
Calling the Iridium test number via this line sounds like this.


A call to the (202) 999-3335 number was made with the ID spoofed to be 8816 5145 2194 (a 12 digit Iridium number on the NOAA Fleet Telephone Number page). The call was unusually noisy.

hear the call here


An updated binary tone message from the (709) 700-0122 number was decoded. The decoded message is as follows:

   P 150307Z OCT 12
   DROP/N60.1733 E024.8059/76 ITK 31-SS//
   DROP/N41.8891 W087.8695/SIGN//
   DROP/N41.8576 W071.3840/STONE WALL//
   DROP/N36.9633 W122.0319/BENCH//
   DROP/N36.1741 E139.8217/BRIDGE//
   DROP/N21.3189 W157.8018/BANYAN//

This gives drop locations in Finland, Rhode Island, Illinois, California, Japan, and Hawaii.

The California and Finland drops have been recovered. The Hawaii and Rhode Island locations have been visited without success. Nobody has yet attempted Japan or Illinois.

Newer entries

10/15/2012 17:00

The latest (709) 700-0122 message was decoded. The message contained the coordinates of the drops alluded to in prior messages. For more information, see Component drops.

10/15/2012 19:00

sevenpoundowl reports that he was unable to locate the Hawaii drop. His search was cut short due to the interference of local law enforcement entities. Images from sevenpoundowl are available here (on imgur).

10/15/2012 20:00

Vargomax recovers the Neary Lagoon drop. The drop was taped under the bench. The contents were two thin metal tubes and a package of silica desiccant gel.

10/15/2012 22:38

Diftraku recovers the Tapiola, Finland drop. The drop was located under old AA gun and in a black bag. The contents were a thin metal tube, 4 small square magnets, a spring, and a desiccant pack.

10/16/2012 00:44

Ask MetaFilter and reddit (/r/whatisthisthing) posts are made requesting help for identification of the metal components found in the Neary Lagoon drop and Tapiola, Finland drop.

10/17/2012 13:35

New 5th horn sound was discovered on 303-309-0004. Recording - CAUTION TURN VOLUME DOWN!!! 303-309-0004 tone analysis page

10/17/2012 21:00

The Rhode Island drop was recovered by psy_wombats and drhabibi. However, shortly after recovering, opening, and photographing the drop, the smallest metal component of the drop was lost.

10/18/2012 21:48

HORNS SOLVED! Possible new horn found at the number Rahm decoded from the 4th horn. Needs looking into. Listen to the recording.

10/19/2012 12:06

New siren like sound found at 202-999-3335 (after Iridium) and on 303-309-0004 (after 5th horn). Needs looking into. Listen to the recording. Volume down!

10/20/2012 12:00

709-700-0122 not working any more. Caller ID transmission (regular bell202 modem data at 1200 baud) then busy signal. It may be a legitimate telco glitch. Listen to the recording.

10/20/2012 17:01

709-700-0122 back online with old DATA song. Listen to the recording.

10/21/2012 10:58

We are currently attempting to find out what is meant by "ENTR BELL AGENT CODE" mentioned in the message decoded from the Poland horn. Take a look at our investigation/theory notes and test/add anything that makes sense.

10/24/2012 01:23

It seems the Polish number is accepting input at the end of the horns (around 2:43). We are currently testing agent codes; if you want to help, check out: http://otp22.referata.com/wiki/48_22_307_1061#Accepting_Input

10/26/2012 12:02

After a third hunt of Chicago drop site found nothing, decision was made in #ARG to stop remaining searches as it now seems highly unlikely that any items will be found. Focus on the Polish number continues.

10/29/2012 22:46

NEW TYPE OF MESSAGES: these are scrambled: if you want to help, check out: http://otp22.referata.com/wiki/Info_on_another_NEW_NUMBER_709-700-0122#Scrambled_messages

10/30/2012 16:44

New message on 202 and 303 phone numbers, it now says "We're sorry, an application error has occured, goodbye". Polish number is down.

10/30/2012 20:00

202 number changed again within the same day, now has female voice saying 'two', 303 number also changed now saying 'three' and polish number which went down, now back up saying 'concern'.

10/30/2012 21:50

More changes on 202, 303, and Poland numbers. 202: female voice, "202 proxy re enabled, waiting for control signal." 303: male voice, "303 proxy re enabled, waiting for control signal." Poland: "the maximum number of attempts was made for this period, please wait for time out."

10/31/2012 09:00

New message on 202, 303 numbers. Contains busy signals with various overlapped strange sounds, including AFSK, and a SAME header.

11/04/2012 14:00

New message on 709 number. Contains "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again; 2BM" and few other variants, but somehow dialer is getting only this message. [2BM 2AZ and 2CS Page].

11/07/2012 01:06

Bell agent finally found. Read here for all the information: Link.

11/08/2012 13:00

AWESOME 3 songs on 202 number, with some overlying data and Iridium message on the end: Link. More info is here.

11/21/2012 01:00

NEW SONG with all sorts of data (overlaid ITA2, Morse beeping near end, weird and creepy sound at the end) on number 303 Link. More info is here.

11/21/2012 02:00

AGENT SYSTEM IS BACK!!! on numbers 202 303 and 48 (709 still scrambled msg) Link. More info is NEW_AGENT_SYSTEM from November 21st.

11/22/2012 23:46


11/23/2012 00:00


11/24/2012 00:00

All messages changed. Message Desk down, but comes back up at some point every night. More info is on this page.

11/24/2012 15:00

The tone and content of OTP22 has changed, please read this page before continuing http://otp22.referata.com/wiki/Disclaimer

11/28/2012 17:00

NATO message received from Message Desk telling us of a future Las Vegas drop. Be prepared to find an OTP agent in Las Vegas area ASAP.

11/30/2012 03:00

There is now a 25 USD reward for solving the scrambled messages here: http://otp22.referata.com/wiki/709_700_0122/Investigation#Scrambled_messages, No connection to Message Desk for the last two nights.

12/03/2012 03:00

There is NEW SONG MESSAGE. Discovered by LordHeinrich on 202 number. Recording. Add your observations here.

12/05/2012 01:00

In the NEW SONG MESSAGE Las Vegas Drop coordinates were found. We picked it up and found IRIDIUM SIM CARD and open-source single-board micro-controller in black box. More info here.

12/06/2012 20:00

Message desk is taking calls again and returning calls from 202-204-2303. At 11:45 GMT LordHeinrich recorded unusual FSK-4 on that number Recording .

12/07/2012 21:50

New message on agent number 16041 INFO. Recording 2012-12-07 20-50 UTC 202-999-3335 16041.

12/09/2012 09:30

New binary message on 202 999 3335 agent number 899053 or ON NEW NUMBER 202 204 2303 INFO. Recording 2012-12-09 05-49 UTC 202-999-3335 899053.

12/09/2012 15:00

We decrypted messages on 202 999 3335 agent number 899053.

More Info.

12/10/2012 00:00

"Gurgling" noise at 6-10 seconds in 202 204 2303 had been solved. 202_204_2303/InvestigationRecording.

12/11/2012 00:00

New drop around the Texas / New Mexico border. details, recording.

12/12/2012 08:00

New drop around the Texas / New Mexico border Retrieved. details on UF

12/13/2012 00:00

New type of message strings of numbers with an offset. [7]

12/14/2012 00:30

MD is up. Nadando found that almost all of the numbers in the 3xx range give output in the xx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx format.

12/14/2012 02:30

Agent systems seem to be down and sometimes calls to MD will forward to "Operations" instead. Who is this guy, and what kind of input is he looking for?

12/14/2012 05:30

Xkeeper got MD to be somewhat conversational[8]. MD describes the Message Desk as a "contract that requires him to dial into an ancient mainframe using an ancient modem." First confirmation that he is an employee?

12/15/2012 07:30

Agent system is BACK. Messages on agent system seem to be different than before. Recoding Agent number 33330

12/16/2012 17:30

New numberstation like message (black otp1 file start... ...offset 0). More info on OTP1 FILE START messages. Dialer recording

12/17/2012 06:00

ymgve cracked the Black OTP1 messages with the El Paso CD and and got a new message referring to component drops! Looks like we might be getting more drop assignments in the future.

12/18/2012 16:30

Another black otp1 message was found and decoded. It helpfully informed us that there are no orders.

12/20/2012 00:00

After message on 16041 changed we found metric burgerton of new messages on 1800# agent codes. Black_OTP1_messages#Messages_from_19_December

12/23/2012 08:30

We found 2 new messages on agent codes 18013 and 18014. Black_OTP1_messages#Messages_from_23.2F24_December

12/23/2012 09:50

Adah and Nadando figured out how to use product code, authorization code and outputs from Las Vegas Arduino device. Correct use of the codes makes MD guy to ask you for your home address, Nadando is anxiously waiting for packet of sweets. Only LOGS for now.

12/24/2012 06:50

OhWelp uses the "keep alive" code at the message desk and manages to stay on the line for an hour asking questions- see http://pastebin.com/v94BqDre for transcript.

12/24/2012 09:00

New recorded messages on 2303 number- some kind of scrambling / voice distortion. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0DPJYCDu772, http://vocaroo.com/i/s02Dp66yBpUs Need higher quality recordings. Results of investigation so far.

01/06/2013 00:00

New messages on agent numbers 18016 18017 18018 and 18029 Black_OTP1_messages#Messages_from_5_January_2013

01/07/2013 00:00

The Message Desk "Book" has been ordered, but we are expected to return an old one to a drop location in Rainier, Oregon first.

01/11/2013 00:00

Deposited a fake burned "book" at Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop and found new items too! Contents: 1 genuine dollar, RAM expansion for an obsolete laptop.

01/17/2013 00:00

New Black OTP1 Messages mentioning shipments, new Keep-Alive codes, and mentioning the activation of something called Zeus.

01/21/2013 00:00

New black OTP messages related to upcoming deployment in Tucson, Arizona. The agent system is down, replaced with an unknown message.

01/24/2013 04:00

Blyind got package with more component drops. We don't know how PM got his address. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. We need to get all parts of component drops together and start assembling them. Pics here: Blyind package drop

01/26/2013 00:00

Second Keep Alive session completed (transcript mp3 link (19MB))

01/28/2013 00:00

We got numerous new BLACK OTP1 MESSAGES on 28, 29, and 30 Jan Black OTP1 messages Messages from Jan 28)

01/30/2013 21:00

New drop in Hawaii, come to IRC for details

02/02/2013 00:27

Update: Don't bother; this is done. Got a Craigslist forum handle? Post to get help with Hawaii drop. See instructions, come to IRC for details

02/06/2013 08:14

We can't figure out how to get the Kauai drop. Please edit Kauai brainstorming with proposed solutions.

02/07/2013 23:17

Two new OTP messages. Used 99985 to request more time picking up drop.

02/11/2013 01:52

Multiple new OTP messages. Pictures of drop locations, references to Zeus and a need for new keys.

02/12/2013 07:43

Second Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop picked up!

02/14/2013 19:09

Hawaii music heard on Agent Systems.

02/18/2013 00:09

New black OTP message on 18053 and 18052. and New North Dakota drop http://goo.gl/maps/G00Fm

02/18/2013 21:05

Agent system is down. See Agent Systems/Investigation/XXX-XXX-0004.

02/19/2013 05:50

Long mysterious call with Message Desk. Caller has to dictate OS commands to Message Desk. Message_desk_OS_prompts.

02/20/2013 02:45

The Message Desk is playing mysterious tones.

02/23/2013 10:39

The North Dakota drop has been retrieved. It was a CD-ROM; we're working on an upload.

02/24/2013 18:42

There is now a Bangkok drop. A new agent message yielded a recording of One night in Bangkok with something overlaid on top of it. The North Dakota CD is being mailed to blyind.

02/25/2013 18:48

Nadando got a package!

02/26/2013 22:00

Nadando solved Bangkok song. It might be announcement for another drop. One_night_in_Bangkok#Feb_24.2C_2013_new_song_on_16041

02/27/2013 11:18

Beerhungry recovered a Bangkok DVD from the Bangkok drop!

02/27/2013 12:18

SCRAMBLES ARE PARTIALLY SOLVED! No info in the wiki yet, here is link to logs in Unfiction

02/27/2013 21:00

SHIPS ARE BACK!!! We uploaded Bangkok video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI5Z3Ts3Y2w&feature=youtu.be and got new messages from agent numbers flashing in the video. Messages mention Melter convoy and LONGYEARBYEN (Svalbard) Coords http://goo.gl/maps/0lX0o

02/28/2013 09:30

The North Dakota CD was analysed and found to likely contain yet another "standard 100 MB hole"

03/01/2013 00:00

First visit to Kauai drop; no joy.

03/02/2013 10:53

!! Lord_Pall and wife retrieved a CD from the OTP black 9 drop!!

03/03/2013 00:00

Chris found Green book at Secret beach. Title of the book is: Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries Images: http://imgur.com/a/0Ptr4 Link to Unfiction !!

03/03/2013 14:00

We found and investigated a lot of details found in the WORM Book. Link to Unfiction. And we found message about more drops with Green Book.

03/04/2013 01:05

Lord_Pal and his wife retrieved the OTP black 7 drop. They found another CD.

03/04/2013 10:07

Located the Idaho drop, on I-90 near Wallace, Idaho.

03/05/2013 19:00

Lord_Pal and his wife retrieved the OTP black 8 drop. They found another CD. That makes them 3 for 3.

03/05/2013 20:50

The Kauai OTP8 CD is severely scratched and corroded and is unreadable.

03/06/2013 16:00

Do you have a skill (signal processing, software...) relevant to OTP22? Please note it in the Skills list, with contact information.

03/06/2013 22:00

Lord_Pall managed to extract the crucial OTP block from the damaged CD.

03/07/2013 12:00

We have many new Black OTP messages on agent numbers 18050-18063 18062 18063 18064, After agent system was down for some time due to empty battery, now battery is charged and systems are back online. UF link Recording

03/09/2013 12:00

A second copy of the green book was retrieved from the Idaho drop by fbt. It contains interesting new notes! images here

03/10/2013 12:00

Braco managed to find some more info from MD about ABISM by using code 1700 and also the names for a few more books. Recording (23:56)

03/12/2013 20:00

New identical ABISM message on 16041, 16042 and 16043 (audio, binary); exact encoding still unknown.

03/15/2013 09:00

Filer discovered a MD code that gave us a title we had heard of previously, "Butterfat Management in the Saskatchewan Dairy Industry". Filer, Braco & Nadando then found the starting range of the Titles at 637625 with our book "Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries". Work continues on finding where the title range stops.

03/15/2013 12:00

Braco discovered a few interesting things about MD, from a recorded conversation with MD we find out that his name is Thirty-seven Fifty-four and that this number has been operating for 3 years now. We also learn about Dave who was a former colleague of Thirty-seven Fifty-four and how one day he just stopped showing up for work. Bonus content includes hearing MD get frustrated over how bad his ABISM system is. Recordings can be viewed here at the bottom of the page.

03/17/2013 00:16

According to last two messages Agents are having Training on Mainland. Ai Bouerges is missing and J. is asking if anybody have seen her in past 3 months. We need to figure out some excuse why Ai didn't attend training. Message:03/15/2013/16041/02:41Message:03/17/2013/18066/00:16

03/18/2013 00:16

After our last message was decoded it said to contact Eloy and explain our situation. Our initial thoughts that Eloy might have been a person were quashed when we found that Eloy was mentioned in the Global Response Code book as a location with a numbered code next to it, A95455. Calling MD with this code resulted in us being asked to transmit a message to Eloy Station.

03/19/2013 00:16

Adah left a message on code A95455 (Eloy): "BEING WATCHED, POTENTIALLY FOLLOWED. GOING INTO OBSERVATION MODE - STAND BY. A76139." To which we were told to check 28254 for any further correspondance. Checking this a little later, MD gave us this "DO YOU HAVE BLACK OTP 2?", and Braco responded with "Yes". After checking it again we received a new message "IF UNABLE TO ATTEND TRAINING ARE YOU ABLE TO ACCEPT TRANING MATERIALS WITHOUT BEING FOLLOWED?" to which Braco again responded with "Yes". We are now waiting on further response.

03/19/2013 01:40

Upon checking 28254 again with MD, Braco was given this message: SERIOUS CONCERN, PROVIDE EXACT COORDINATES AND ALTERNATE CONTACT METHODS NOW. Because he didn't have the exact details ready he asked if he could call back later. Once discussed and decided on what message to give he called MD but was greeted with the 0 response on the 28254 code. Around this point, both a new message occurred on 16041 (agent system) and new tones appeared on the MD line. The message on 16041 is a voice message with 3-4 different voices an roughly sounds like: 9 Travel 2 (to) 9, CONCERN J CONCERN VERY CONCERN NEED POSITION NOW. We then uploaded a message to 9, encoded in ITA2, saying NO ALT COMMS AVAILABLE. I AM FINE JUST SPOOKED. 47/794992/345261 with the location being a library in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

03/19/2013 11:56

Agent code 17003 is giving instructions on how to tune an ABISM modem. Agent code 17001 says the agent is compromised and to consult the Slate Book.

03/20/2013 11:38

New Message on 16042 "TRAVEL TO BRISBANE - TRANSMIT MESSAGE" - This code was designated previously for one of two agents tasked with investigating the counter operation (aka us). The only listing for Brisbane in the GRC booklet is Brisbane, Australia.

03/23/2013 04:56

New drops in California: Eureka, Newport Beach

03/24/2013 01:04

Newport Beach drop has been acquired- an Ubuntu CD as before. New message on 16042 with coordinates in Alice Springs, Australia

03/24/2013 02:00

Eureka was looked at by the IRC user EurekaDude, however he could not find anything. Pictures of the site

03/24/2013 06:00

In recordings from Braco we learn that Message Desk works at a company called MTI. MTI's website(?)

03/24/2013 11:00

Taiping, Malaysia Drop has been found by @Tambourinehero aka Brethren on IRC. It was located on the underside of the fire hydrant. Pictures of the Components

03/24/2013 12:00

If you use twitter and want updates as they develop on OTP22 please follow @OTP22NEWS.

03/25/2013 20:18

A new message for Ai Bourges says Eureka drop has been collected and to use video for training.

03/25/2013 23:00

A friendly gas station attendant scoped out the Eureka drop but found nothing.

03/26/2013 05:41

Eureka drop not there. Notified Message Desk. Agent code 44621 on MD now "MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR SECOND VIDEO-ZEUS-0002. PLEASE REMAIN IN REGION 9 UNTIL DROP CAN BE ARRANGED."

03/27/2013 03:09

Follow otp22news on twitter also for OTP22 news updates!

03/27/2013 15:00

Braco received a package in the mail containing instructions for the Emtanon 18k.

03/27/2013 16:07

The agent system is down after we brute-forced a sequence of agent codes. See Braco_package_drop/Investigation.

03/28/2013 16:00

Agent system back up. New message on agent code 18068 regarding a ZEUS transmission in southern Australia.

04/05/2013 23:45

Two new black OTP messages have occurred in the last two days, the latest actually references one of our members Smugtrio whose last name begins with AY and lives in Playa Del Rey. Smug has previously left his address as part of the order procedure. A67681 has been contacted via MD with the message "5" being left, which is the special response code for "Proceed"; responses will be on 29101.

04/12/2013 01:00

Smugtrio receives a package in the mail with a CD containing various codes and a video; see Smug package drop for details.

04/16/2013 01:00

Agent number 34154 found on shoping list has ZEUS STATUS MESSAGE. And we confirmed Worm/Green book and ZEUS VIDEO CD with "FRIENDLY CODES"

04/18/2013 08:00

New message on 18073 with NEW DROP

04/18/2013 18:00

Santa Clara drop recovered- an 88MB SyQuest cartridge and some San Jose Giants baseball tickets for next week (possibly not related)

04/22/2013 22:00

GuestUser17 has purchased the SyQuest drive and is waiting for it to be delivered!

04/24/2013 09:30

New message on 18074.

04/25/2013 15:00

New message on 18075, 18078 (16043 had "18078".)

04/26/2013 01:00

New Messages on 18075-18082.

04/30/2013 07:00

A New Message on 18084 lead us to the discovery of a new number (888 854 2402) with instructions saying that this needs to be called from a TDD Phone in Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL).

05/06/2013 22:40

New messages on agent system. 16041 is emptied now. 16043 has 18085 on it. New 18085 and 18086

05/08/2013 20:10

New messages on agent system. Agent number 18087#, new drop in NY, Central Park, our agent will pick it up tomorrow (5/9/2013). Google map.

05/08/2013 20:17

Additional info regarding NY Central Park drop: Message:05/08/2013/16043/20:17 Google map. SSTV: Image.

05/09/2013 03:00

fsynch_ got the NY drop, it was another CD Only explanation so far on Unfiction We are planning to put CD back where it was so real agent D. (16043) will find it and J. wont suspect drop was compromised.

05/09/2013 07:30

5 New messages in 180xx range. We were too late to return crop, there will be another drop in same area tonight. Unfiction link

05/15/2013 07:00

New drop in New York, Central Park: Image Unfiction linkWIKI LINK

05/16/2013 22:00

Drop in New York, Central Park No 2 RETRIEVED: Central Park drop No2

05/22/2013 04:00

LoJ1k made one long call to Message Order Desk, and new forum is working https://otp22.org/forum/

05/22/2013 22:00

New SSTV on 16041 and new message on 18097. UF link

05/24/2013 00:00

Latest drop from 18098 found. Pennsylvania Tree Trunk drop New message on 18099

05/25/2013 03:30

Based on message 18099, guestuser17 searched the Syquest cartridge from Santa Clara drop again and found micro SD card in it.

05/26/2013 00:00

We found "name file" (17 million names and ssn numbers) and mysterious song on micro SD card found in Santa Clara drop.

05/29/2013 10:23

Song ID was found. OTP kicks ass For now only UF link. It is: Grover Cleveland March Played by Gilmore's Band in New York City. We are trying to find how it is connected to name file. Also important: new agent number * was found, it plays same song.

06/04/2013 20:23

New messages on 16041 and 18100. Looks like we wont be able to proceed until we visit Florida Fort Lauderdale International Airport FDD payphones. Also new message on 18107

06/05/2013 12:00

(Global Notice) Hi, yes Agent System,303 ,202 etc are gone - we're investigating why right now. Might had something to do with this 18107

06/06/2013 22:30

Agent system is back with some additional noise. New message on 18108

06/09/2013 22:11

Slightly different message on "stamp code" 4064436

06/12/2013 22:10

Agent number 22 Now says "never dial this agent code again. you have been previously warned". Recording

06/13/2013 10:00

We have few candidates for visiting Fort Lauderdale FDD payphones. Adah got call from 303-309-0004 but she didnt answer. Wentknweqt found numbers of FDD payphones from phones airport. Summary.

06/14/2013 10:00

New changes on stamp code have been noticed. Between 02:00 and 04:00 noise on it sounded deeper and there were few tones at 400Mhz. Offset seems to be different every time we called. At 04:00 tones are not there anymore but noise stays deeper than it was day before.

06/17/2013 00:00

New drop in California on Agent number 18109 and new song on MoD number 888-854-2402. Excerpts from logs

06/19/2013 00:00

El Cerrito Drop in California from Agent number 18109 found. Add all your findings and notes on Investigation page

06/22/2013 00:00

We have some news from Florida airport TDD drop but we didnt find memory card yet. Agent system still down (sirens). MD not answering. MoD number also acts strange. Both 202-204-2303 and 888-854-2402 respond differently for different numbers. Check this log after timestamp 19:02 for more details on MD and MoD numbers behaviour.

06/22/2013 10:00

Agent system numbers are back, but not with agent system but new "robot step" song. Spectrogram of robot song 1. Spectrogram of robot song 2. All numbers analysis.

06/23/2013 00:00

Agent system is back! Bunch of new messages. 16041 22 18110 674826 Friendly code from El Cerrito drop FOUND.

06/28/2013 02:00

New message on agent number 16041, 18111 and 99992. Check Latents page for some Twilio information. Other page with VoIP provider info.

07/03/2013 05:00

New message on agent number 16041 and 18112. L0j1k found suspected 412-888 system:412 888 0004.

07/08/2013 03:30

Slightly different message on 22. On July 6th new message on MoD number (omaha hook ds-1) that later changed again to "enter password". On 5th July 16041 was emptied. Other events: Changes in 709 response after El Cerrito. Recent User-created investigation pages: User:Persephone, User:Latent.

07/12/2013 08:19

New message on 16041 and 18113. 16042 and 16043 have same message as 16041. No other changes were found on agent system so far. UF link

07/15/2013 12:00

New never before heard sort of noise on 202-204-2303 (Message Desk number). Recordings:1, 2. We named that new sound: "FAST WARBLE". More info in logs (after 06:00).

07/17/2013 07:00

Message Desk is back: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0XHYBKRJsD4. A33815 is ZERO. Unexpected, it should ask for names. He answered after warbles. Transcript: warble, "message desk", background talk at 3:50, "A33815 is ZERO" at 4:40.

07/18/2013 01:50

A33815 is submitted to MD. More info: A33815

07/24/2013 18:30

Not many news. IRC logs are currently not working. Excerpts: 24.7.2013 excerpts.

07/26/2013 23:54

L0j1k got his letter from "ALASKA FULFILLMENT CENTER". See L0j1k package drop.

07/28/2013 00:10

Hidden message from ROBBY found in package uppercase letters. See L0j1k package drop.

07/30/2013 01:00

Smugtrio got CALLING CARD on his address. More about it in logs after 20:57. UF link

07/31/2013 01:30

New creepy message on MoD (888-854-2402) number. "CF-DENIED MTM 4-BY-3 CF-DENIED; CF-DENIED ON MTM-7". More info on UF and in LOGS after 21:30. Recording: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0w2OytWcCvb

08/01/2013 12:30

On July 31 Message on MoD changed to MTM-10 denied. Today it is playing "classy tango" songs followed by voicemail. As it did on 17. 6. 2013.

08/06/2013 17:30

We have new impersonators that are running similar service as our MD on different number: 1(918)-917-3801. 4Chan/x/ link, Archived thread, UF. Looks like game-jacking but format is very similar: http://prntscr.com/1jqoc4. For now we call it unrelated to OTP22.

08/10/2013 22:00

Sirens on all numbers. We suspect it has something to do with DEATH MAN TRIGGER we failed to trigger in designated time.Here is link to UF with DEATH MAN TRIGGER note pics. Link to sirens on dialer. CAUTION LOUD!!!

08/11/2013 20:00

We entered PIN code from Cleveland calling card to phone number (412 888 SYSTEM) on it, response was victory tones. Logs here (after 15:48). L0j1k found voice mail on 216)338-3335 that is outbound number of 412 888 with two messages from "wood". (216)338-3335 (number can be decoded from bell color codes on hidden note also) is outbound number if you call a number from 412 888 system. More on unfiction.

08/19/2013 05:00

We found new messages on agent numbers 18114-18118. Looks like Ai needs to trigger OP IRISLATCH.

08/20/2013 06:00

We found new messages for 14062 (agent A) and 16043 (agent D) on agent number 18119. Someone needs to call MD in name of Ai ASAP, to trigger OP IRISLATCH. VAUGHNSVILLE is mentioned again. 2723649905? UF link.

08/21/2013 12:00

After calling deploy yesterday today we have New message on agent number 18120 and 18121. Looks like calling DEPLOY did not trigger OP. Also we found new agent number 272 (WORM SEED ORDERING HOT LINE) More on UF link.

08/22/2013 00:00

New message on 18122, 18123 and 18124. We are waiting for midnight. Some new things on Voicemail number 216 338 3335. UF link

08/23/2013 06:00

Nothing exploded at midnight eastern US time. Bunch of new Agent System messages on 18126-18130. MD (202) 204-2303 is back online. Voice machine on (216) 338 3335 is "not available". Still no access to ABISM MAPS (AS 1320) found. Also no news on anything Vaughnsville related.

08/26/2013 04:30

New message on 18131. Looks like arctic adventure ships convoy is gonna repeat in 2013.

08/27/2013 04:30

Guys, we need to get components from drops together and measure them precisely! Who has them? Log from talk.

09/01/2013 00:30

Two new messages on 18132 and 18133. Looks like we get response on our "requesting status update" made by UKSpook (end of post). Second BIG THING: MD "forgot" to hang up and we got yet another valuable insight about his role and technical equipment he deals with. We even heard some IPs and SSH things along with "list OS" command and lots more.

09/03/2013 00:30

New message on 18134. NEW DROP IN BULGARIA. Time to get creative how to reach it. More on UF.

09/04/2013 00:30

New message on 18135. More on UF.

09/04/2013 19:24

New message on 18136. More on UF.

09/06/2013 18:34

Bulgarian drop has been found on thain station in Dimitrovgrad Bulgaria! no info on content so far. Only pic. That is exactly 65h18m after we received coordinates. Respect OTP22!

09/07/2013 07:29

Agent system went down. It gives busy signal. 7th September Agent system downtime.

09/07/2013 16:00

We received content of CD from Bulgarian guys named Stefan (<kreo> and <dakich> on IRC). More on UF. Or on Bulgaria drop page.

09/08/2013 16:00

A video was decoded from Bulgaria drop disc file "data.bin" with training about the calling-card.

09/10/2013 04:00

A LOT happened. At 04:30 GMT agent system and all other numbers came back. We are decoding ABISM toes from "class six" numbers. AND COORDINATES OF SHIPS ARE BACK, messages look very similar than last year when we were following MELTER fleet. More on UF. Wiki is still not working properly.

09/10/2013 19:00

We (OTP22) celebrate 1 year of existence. "05:27 < OTP-Decoder> Merry-fuckin'-birthday, OTP22." New page with corod of Melter fleet: MELTER FLEET season 2013. Put all important things regarding it on this page.

09/11/2013 12:00

A lot is happening, New messages on 18137, 38, 39, 40 and 41. Another drop in Bulgaria, this time in cafe in Sofia. Racecar has nice explanation of current events. MLPL are breaking into some facility in Svalbard. "Transport is gonna pass Iceland's coast and head to South America."

09/12/2013 12:00

Things go down fast: WORMS Green book in Sofia was picked up in 4 hours (might be old Robby's book)! New messages on agent numbers: 41-48! DO N OT C U WOR M S poem was solved! (PM left us the solution in the new Green Book) UF link.

09/14/2013 12:00

Vaugsnville MAPS system is not transmitting coordinates anymore. UF link. Map 1 Map 2  ! User named OTP22 found bunch of new agent numbers! 668187#, 00#, 150120578#, 010#, 020#, 030#,... UF link. New_agent_numbers_found_on_14th_september

09/16/2013 05:40

New message on agent number 18150. Vaugsnville maps are back. sOme new Abism like thing on agents number 211#. L0j1k got in contact with MD, he checked some (i dont now which) response code for ome old request and got "9048 is 555 followed by 5 DTMF tones". DTMF tones were "6569#" and then he got "6569 is zero" form MD, during this agent coed 6569 on AS changed from "entry incorrect disconnection" to "ZERO" more about that in log. UF link.

09/18/2013 05:40

First MELTER 2 and then MELTER 4 disappeared from our Vaugsnville map. New mesage on 18151 mentions "OTHER MAP", we didnt fin yet, and "NEXT OP". UF LINK. L0j1k found new number.

09/19/2013 05:40

A lot new stuff. New messages on numbers from 18151-18165, We lost two ships from our Vaudeville map. 190001 - 190004 changing every day, tropical storm HUMBERTO, HF radio on agent number: 150120587, Musical ABISM on Agent num 211 decoded... More on UF. New wiki page after long time: New_agent_numbers_found_on_14th_september

09/25/2013 05:40

A lot new stuff. New messages on 18166-18172. Transport stopped and is waiting for new orders, which we can send. Some new Agent numbers found. [9] ROBY RESPONDED TO US ON agent number 50565732!

09/26/2013 05:40

New things: Mesages from 18073 to 18180. We are still listening to HF channel 150120587#, that appears to be live transmission from HAM radio. No updates on Robbys voicemail 50565732#. We have new page with all 18### messages so it is easier to follow main storyline.

09/29/2013 05:40

New messages on agent numbers on 18181 to 18187. Transpor reached destination of ZEUS spotbeam transmission but we were not able to intercept it. But according to 19187 Transport received new coords from ZEUS as planned. We intercepted few more HF comms.

10/08/2013 05:40

New 18### messages, no news on melters or about activities on TRANSPORT, radio silence... Check: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1018033#1018033 and http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.d8eCRnXQI9K/latest.

10/14/2013 00:22

Looks like WIKI is working well again. We can start using it again. Please post any major discoveries in news. Recent stuff on UNFICION. Details in LOGS. 18### messages on piratepad link.

10/16/2013 00:22

NEW DROP! In Sebastopol, CALIFORNIA. Check UF. Also agent code 6880# was found. It seems that reference Black Oak Lake Cemetery drop and Bell at that cemetery.

10/22/2013 00:22

Drop found! Another Class6/Cleveland/412888system calling card. UF Pics Card Pic1 Card Pic2

11/22/2013 00:22

We are very bad at updating wiki... Follow all news on UNFICTION THREAD,PIRATEPAD and on IRC(freenode, channel #ARG).

11/22/2013 01:22

New phone number found: 202-999-3336. "Hello Lusha, thanks for the call." on it (either Lusha or Nusha), spoken with classic "Mike" from bit AT&T Natural Voices.

12/17/2013 01:22

On Dec 10th we managed to take AS36 and most of WORMs numbers down by bruteforcing all agent codes (check December 10, 2013). Systems are now back up but agent system is not working playing "catchy hold music" instead. Latest 18### messages. Check report on 709 700 0122 responses in past months.

12/21/2013 01:22

MD IS BACK!!! Call: 202 204 2303 Put results in: http://sukasa.rustedlogic.net/md/ and/or L0j1ks web page Recordings: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1025683#1025683

12/29/2013 01:22

MD still answering. Agent System still down. We re not happy about this. Another news: We will bring wiki back to date with slow steps. Feel free to contribute.


This has not been standardized to a particular time-zone, yet. UTC would probably be ideal. More data needs to be integrated from #OTP22 logs.

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