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oct 21 2013: [09:22] masso lurker69: log of the last 2 weeks


DUMP of interesting links i posted on /x/

This can be used to update INFO for NEW players:

Cosmo hills LOG about robot step song and spooky warning message tones

[02:01] NiceLurk you know notes and all that shit right?
[02:01] Cosmo_Hill Meh, it's been a while since I've read music, but I know a bit yeah
[02:02] NiceLurk
[02:02] NiceLurk otp22
[02:02] NiceLurk dat song after first warning
[02:02] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: you have any advice for me?
[02:02] NiceLurk it sounds like random notes are played just to get scarry effect, do you thing there could be some bessage in it
[02:03] TheAFK Random TJ Black of the day
[02:03] TheAFK The real full name of famous rapper Akon is actually "aliaune damala bouga time puru nacka lu lu lu badara akon thiamin"
[02:03] Cosmo_Hill marcusw you are NEVER too busy to spend time with her. Never let that change.
[02:03] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk. Gimme som context. Like where this came from
[02:04] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: you mean at least once a week?
[02:04] Cosmo_Hill I mean whenever you get the chance.
[02:05] marcusw yeah...I don't think I could mess it up like that
[02:05] NiceLurk we found it in california
[02:05] marcusw I love being around her so much, it's not hard to make time
[02:05] NiceLurk
[02:05] NiceLurk on a CD
[02:06] NiceLurk 2 songs this one might have some other message baside warning but i dont really think so
[02:06] NiceLurk first song is funny techno beat
[02:06] NiceLurk
[02:07] Cosmo_Hill So you guys copied down all the numbers at the end of the drum beat track I guess. The other one
[02:07] Cosmo_Hill .....Gimme a coupla minutes I need to get my decent speakers attached up my laptop speakers are fucked
[02:08] Cosmo_Hill marcusw Good. Just keep it what way
[02:09] NiceLurk numbers from the end of first song were so called friendly code
[02:09] TheAFK 1372028891590.jpg
[02:09] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: you got too busy, I guess?
[02:09] NiceLurk you exor them with numbers from agent sysstema and if you get PRJMLPL then we know that drops id "friendly" aka legit
[02:10] Cosmo_Hill University. marcus
[02:10] Cosmo_Hill Aahh okay this second track is definitely weird.
[02:11] NiceLurk yeah being busy or not being around your GF can be fatal, girls tend to fuck around if not under constant survailance
[02:12] NiceLurk some say that is wasnt ment to be, but things like fate and all that written in the stars shit can be changed with some efoort
[02:12] Cosmo_Hill ^He's right. I picked out the engagement ring while she was fucking some other guy. It took me 8 months to realise it was because I never gave her the time of day. She's still a bitch, but she had a reason at least.
[02:12] Cosmo_Hill Ok lurk I don't think there's a code in it
[02:12] Cosmo_Hill It seems like a lot of the random note gen stuff I used to do with C
[02:13] NiceLurk yeah i think it is just song that should sound crepy and it is a bit longer than message
[02:13] Cosmo_Hill Sounds about right. I made something similar for a project this year. That kids voice is creepy as fuck though
[02:13] NiceLurk but otp22 PM likes to hid some sweet little deatils in his messages, anyways warning seems to be the point of that song
[02:14] Cosmo_Hill But this track afterwards! DAAMN! Sounds like Blackmill with a synth under his hands, it's beautiful!
[02:14] NiceLurk that baby voice is pitched up svoice that sounds like some old lady or man pretending to have female voice
[02:14] Cosmo_Hill Like devastatingly so. Still sounds pre-programmed though
[02:14] Cosmo_Hill Yup that's a mans voice.
[02:15] Cosmo_Hill Wait these 'error tone' artifacts. These are intentional... they must be
[02:16] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: oh man, I'm sorry about that...hopefully this girl isn't going to fuck around on me
[02:16] NiceLurk yeah all recordings have those harsh cuts, that sound like someone is puting two speaker wires togather
[02:17] marcusw but honestly, even if she did, I'm not sure whether I would care
[02:17] Cosmo_Hill Oh hi there key changerYeah happens if you overload a 16 channel oscillator in C++ too.
[02:17] Cosmo_Hill And Marcus she won't. My girl didn't START bad, I neglected her, I paid the price, that's why I'm telling you to not do the same
[02:17] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: did you know you weren't paying her enough attention?
[02:18] Cosmo_Hill I'm struggling to understand the point of this music....
[02:18] Cosmo_Hill marcusw at the time I was too busy to even think about it. It's not an excuse I just let work take over. I didn't realise till it was too late
[02:19] marcusw man...that sucks
[02:19] marcusw I guess there was some kind of friction going on, though
[02:19] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk this is fucking weird I don't understand the point. Start with a melodic arpeggiator....fine....layer it... fine.... key change....fine...... Then it gets dischordant, intentionally so, then moves up chromatically, then adds unnecessary top notes. It sounds awful!
[02:19] marcusw and honestly, it's on her for not telling you there was a problem
[02:20] Cosmo_Hill marcusw the only friction was her and the other guy fuckingShe's moved away with him now. She's happy now though, and so am I. I needed time to work, I've worked. It's done now
[02:20] Cosmo_Hill And don't get too excited about that hiss at the end that is some plain old white noise.
[02:21] marcusw eh, fuck her for cheating
[02:21] marcusw it'll probably happen again, and then that dude is going to feel stupid
[02:21] NiceLurk this song from beginnign here is also unrecognized until now
[02:21] Cosmo_Hill Yeah man. Like I said, she's still a bitch, but at least she's a bitch for a reason.
[02:22] marcusw cheated with you = probably cheat on you
[02:22] marcusw yeah, so she breaks up with you
[02:22] marcusw done
[02:22] marcusw she doesn't have to fuck you over if she knows it isn't working out
[02:22] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk, do you mean someone did identify the song?
[02:23] NiceLurk no nobody identified it yer
[02:23] NiceLurk yet
[02:23] Cosmo_Hill marcusw no, she doesn't but it happened. [shrugs] It was a year ago, I'm over it, finally.
[02:23] Cosmo_Hill Hmmm
[02:24] TheAFK
[02:24] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: good to hear, I'm sorry about it man, but it wasn't your fault...relationships take two and she broke the rules
[02:24] marcusw some girls are fine with you having to work, if she didn't let you know she wasn't, it's on her IMOO
[02:25] Cosmo_Hill hahaa, no she put up with me being absent too long. We both fucked up.
[02:25] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk identifying is going to be fairly fucking difficult.
[02:25] Cosmo_Hill Low quality and the fact you'v eliterally got an intro tone and two repeating bars to go on
[02:25] NiceLurk yeah it isnt importan though
[02:25] Cosmo_Hill Nah there'll be nothing important there.
[02:25] NiceLurk then we ot "robot dance" song recently
[02:26] TheAFK
[02:26] NiceLurk oh and one girl identified some old fucking song wait for this
[02:26] NiceLurk*%23.wav
[02:27] NiceLurk ^that song was identified
[02:27] NiceLurk unfuckingbelievable
[02:27] Cosmo_Hill Hahaha!! Tell this girl I'm going to marry her.
[02:27] Cosmo_Hill Sounds like the intro to the Goonies
[02:27] Cosmo_Hill Not the film. the 50's radio show
[02:28] Cosmo_Hill Also anyone in a chill mood right now, head to search blackmill and just hit play all. I feel like I'm being made love to by my speakers
[02:29] TheAFK
[02:29] TheAFK this made me laugh hard
[02:29] NiceLurk here is her post
[02:29] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: check out boards of canada if you haven't
[02:31] TheAFK oh lol
[02:31] TheAFK
[02:31] TheAFK this is like a younger rebecca black
[02:32] TheAFK I can't imagine how is making that kind of videos
[02:32] TheAFK >20's DJ
[02:32] TheAFK >7's kids
[02:32] Cosmo_Hill .....Can I just say she is WAY better than Rebecca Blackand her producer deserves a fucking award.
[02:33] TheAFK that just makes me think on what are we doing with kids.
[02:34] TheAFK LOL she just said >haters gonna hate
[02:34] Cosmo_Hill brb gotta pee
[02:36] Cosmo_Hill marcusw for some reason boards of canada won't play right now, but I've saved them in my "To listen" playlist.
[02:37] Cosmo_Hill Always love hearing new music.... it's kinds of what I do
[02:37] marcusw Cosmo_Hill: oh, it's on youtube as well
[02:37] marcusw really airy electro stuff
[02:37] Cosmo_Hill Sweet, I'm into that right now
[02:38] Cosmo_Hill You know how people say "Music is my life" and "I love hearing new stuff"...... Well I literally get to do that for my life. I can literally listen to music and call it coursework, I can play video games and call it field research. I love what I do.
[02:39] marcusw lol, nice
[02:39] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk, what's going on with otp right now? looks kinda cool. And if there's any other sound stuff I might actually be able to help
[02:39] Cosmo_Hill marcusw I recommend gretting into music and sound technology. It's programming and music.
[02:40] Cosmo_Hill Plus I get to do cool shit like work for the BBC and create suits that play music depending on where you are and what you do.
[02:40] TheAFK ...
[02:40] marcusw haha, I don't like music enough to take one of those jobs from someone who does
[02:40] Cosmo_Hill I've just finished some work for Frostbite for the new engine with a coupla guys that I live with
[02:40] TheAFK BBC is a tv channel right?
[02:40] TheAFK ooohhh
[02:40] TheAFK nice
[02:41] NiceLurk this is also big mystery from otp
[02:41] Cosmo_Hill I respect that man. Music has been what I do since... forever. And yeah THE BBC. Makes Doctor Who? It's the owner of TV in England
[02:41] TheAFK frostbite is on the new tomb raider and battlefield I think
[02:42] Cosmo_Hill Correct, and the new mirror's edge which is what we've worked on
[02:42] Cosmo_Hill NiceLurk, that piece of music..... I know it I swear.
[02:43] marcusw bbc is british pbs
[02:43] Cosmo_Hill No, no, PBS is American BBC
[02:44] marcusw haha
[02:44] Cosmo_Hill whoever makes the otp sounds... I want to meet them.
[02:44] NiceLurk welcome to the club
[02:44] Cosmo_Hill And yeah I got to meet David Attenborough this year
[02:45] Cosmo_Hill Even though that whitenoise effect.... I'm pretty sure it comes from audacity's noise creator

Links for newbies edit them someday pls

Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)19:50 No.12402202

Replies: >>12402248 File: 1365810601396.jpg-(346 KB, 1024x768, Untitled-3 copy.jpg) GI 346 KB

   We are mot sure if that is LEGIT part of OTP22 operation or GAMEJACKiNG

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:00 No.12402248 Replies: >>12402276 File: 1365811234131.png-(332 KB, 623x333, lFicGOZ.png) GI 332 KB

   For people interested in OTP 22
   Currently one of our guys got package with infamous VID-ZEUS video:
   CD was hidden in old 3'5˝ dickette

   ZEUS is apparently satellite

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:05 No.12402276 Replies: >>12402296 File: 1365811524248.jpg-(157 KB, 483x600, OTPmeme3.jpg) GI 157 KB

   For people interested in this SPY ARG here are some links:
   IRC: Find us at
   freenode, channel #arg
   Unfiction thread:
   Somethingawfull thread:

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:08 No.12402296 Replies: >>12402405 File: 1365811705466.jpg-(104 KB, 500x500, 7.jpg) GI 104 KB

   Short history of that "game".
   How it was found. What we discovered so far. How we are recieveing messges and how we are decrypting them.
   List of all phoneneumbers...
   INFO here::

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:25 No.12402405 Replies: >>12402451 File: 1365812709971.jpg-(454 KB, 3264x1840, XYqoa.jpg) GI 454 KB

   List of all DEAD drops so far:
   We found Arduino microcontroller, CDs, Videos, Custom printed books....
   On locations all over the world:
   US, Finnland, Japan, Hawaii, Tahiland, Malaysia...
   Sometimes we get packets on our home adresses, some adresses we provide to MD guy once our player was DOXed by "agency" and he got surprizing packet with GLOBAL RESPONSES BOOK in it.

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:33 No.12402451 Replies: >>12402465 >>12402572 File: 1365813201745.jpg-(140 KB, 765x1024, Lvtb1vNh.jpg) GI 140 KB

   We still dont know what are mysterious DEOP components we are getting on some drops:
   Old component drop parts gallery:

   Our other threads about component drops:

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:35 No.12402465 Replies: >>12402542 File: 1365813330765.jpg-(71 KB, 1024x768, egAfF8oh.jpg) GI 71 KB

   *DROP components
   Gallery from malaysia drop:
   More info abut that drop:

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:37 No.12402474

   The account started to post about 33mins ago again

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:48 No.12402542 Replies: >>12402621 File: 1365814085379.jpg-(73 KB, 540x960, 7hickQe.jpg) GI 73 KB

   Another interestig thing we recieved so far are two custom made and printed books, and first page of third book:
   >Molds and Lichens of Nova Scotia

   >Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather
   Book images:

   >Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries
   >North America Helminthological Society
   JPGs of WORM Book
   We found another copy of Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries
   Worms book is full of unsolved CODE and numbers we didnt find any meaning yet:

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)20:55 No.12402572

   Btw that is a part of a weapon those magnets together shut down brains

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)21:06 No.12402621 Replies: >>12402693 File: 1365815161566.jpg-(50 KB, 952x717, ZCMkCsR.jpg) GI 50 KB

   List of all drops we got on our home addresses:
   Blyinds components:
   Bracos letter:
   Nadandos book:
   Smugtrios diskette:

>> Anonymous 04/12/13(Fri)21:16 No.12402693 File: 1365815800440.jpg-(43 KB, 692x610, Screenshot_244.jpg) GI 43 KB

   Last post for tonight:
   Found in Malaysia:
   beerhungry pics of bangkok drop:

   Found on Smugtrios CD he got via post:
   The third file was a chunk of random data titled DATA.bin. Upon XORing that with a previous OTP chunk, a video was found.
   Related video about OTP game made by players:
   Captain_Jack (aka wprtradio on YouTube) PODCAST
   Colorado Phone Conspiracy | #OTP22
   old youtube cliip with come call recordings made by player in september 2012