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I've started backing up OTP22-related data to Mediafire. A lot of the data produced while playing the game is hosted on free services that will eventually delete it. Unfortunately we've already lost some of the earliest Vocaroo recordings from 2012. Access the archives below:

  • Drop photos - Contains photos found on drop pages, and those found in related imgur/Dropbox/flickr/etc. albums. Updated February 13 2014.
  • Vocaroo backups - Contains all the Vocaroo recordings I could find on this wiki via Google, plus a few from Unfiction
  • Exciting Books - Contains book covers found on the Exciting Books tumblr
  • PiratePad 18000 - Wikified version of the 18xxx messages PiratePad, made on February 23 2014 (non-Mediafire). Also available is a raw version.

The agent systems are likely Twilio IVRs

Not an astounding revelation, but the agent systems likely run on Twilio's IVR engine rather than their own Asterisk system. The following facts point to that conclusion:

Those songs can be heard on agent number 555 (555 CONFERENCE ADHOC CONFERENCE BRIDGE), discovered after Pennsylvania tree trunk drop.

The Level3 query is intriguing since it might imply the agent system was up (or at least in development) since October 2010, which is interesting since the first (failed) trailhead we know of (the GLP post) only showed up over a year later, and the game didn't properly get rolling until almost another year after that. It's possible the PM was just working on developing the game for that first year, or that Twilio acquired that number before it was purchased by the PM - though it seems equally plausible that he was playing the long game and hoping for someone to randomly find it given that he seems to be in no rush to move the game along and was patient enough to wait a year after the first trailhead attempt failed.


I'm guessing that PRJMLPL stands for Project Meltpole. I feel it fits in with the satellite photos of the north pole we received and the Melter fleet. MLPL works out to be every other letter from "Meltpole". If the component drops do actually make up a soil probe as someone suggested, then using it at the Svalbard vault might be part of some pre-melting scientific monitoring.

Overview of drop activity by date


Sending DTMF ABCD through Google Voice

A guide on sending DTMF ABCD tones through Google Voice using a DTMF generator application and Virtual Audio Cable. Came up with this while trying to crack the "new AS" 33334 mystery.