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A person of little importance. Showed up to edit the wiki.

Mysteries and unsolved

Dec 30 2013 Unsolved
Check these Agent codes regularly: 6873, 6875, 6876, 16041, 16042, 16043, 33330, 674826, 4064436, 4822010112
Dec 26 2013 Unsolved
Call MD (202)-204-2303, Post results in, RECORD ALL CALLS and post them in chat for others to enjoy.
Mar 04 2013 Unsolved
Call the Worm phone numbers and record your findings.
Mar 04 2013 Unsolved
Lots of stuff to interpret in the Worm book.
Mar 01 2013 Unsolved
What object is assembled from the components in the Component Drops?
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Pictures of 2/11 messages from Lurker69