Tapiola, Finland drop

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Tapiola, Finland drop
Location     Tapiola, Finland
Coordinates 60.1733°, 024.8059°
Landmarks AA Gun

Metal components (drop)

People/Visitors Diftraku
Found 10-15-2012
Type Component
Status Acquired

Tapiola, Finland drop was the second dead drop found on 15th October 2012. It is a part of the component drops. The drop was found by drop agent Diftraku. It is the first drop outside of Mainland USA.

Tapiola drop find

The drop package was found under this large gun. The model is ItK 37.

Tapiola drop find

Image shows the captured Soviet 76 mm anti-aircraft cannon model 1931 in Tuulimäki, Espoo. Memorial of the heavy anti-aircraft battery 32 "Länsi", equipped with four such cannons in 1942-1944 at Tykkimäki in Tapiola.

Tapiola drop find

Report from OTP agent Diftraku: The drop site was found to be an old war era AA-gun captured from the soviets, an ItK 37 "Tuulimäki", a 76mm AA gun located in Tuulimäki, Espoo, just by the Tapiola office. The memorial is for the AA battery 32 "Länsi" (West), the battery had 4 of the same model on Tykkimäki at Tapiola during 1942-1944. The AA-gun is just a few meters from the public pedestrian road with street lights. The drop was right under gunner's seat below the gun's baseplate and was not visible without trying to look for it or tap below the surface. The drop was a sealed clear bag duct taped to the bottom with a black bag inside it, sealed once from the both ends with a smaller seal to create 4 1 cm by 1 cm pockets on the ends. The contents are what appears to be four rare-earth magnets, a 5cm long spring and a tube with an end where the spring fits snuggly.

Diftraku has later confirmed that the magnets were placed in individual pockets in the corners, like in the Swan Point Cemetery drop.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Finland Components Unknown Received L0j1k None

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