Swan Point Cemetery drop

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Swan Point Cemetery drop
Location     Pawtucket, RI
Coordinates 41.8576°, -71.3840°
Landmarks Stone Wall
Items Skii Boots
Stuffed Elephant
Metallic components
People/Visitors psy_wombats
Found 10-17-2012
Type Component
Status Partially Acquired

Swan Point Cemetery drop is a dead-drop located near 2-4 Alfred Stone Rd Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The drop-site is not actually located inside the cemetery.

The drop site was visited by psy_wombats and Akumu who noted Skii boots and a curious stuffed elephant holding a heart (which had the phrase "I Love You") near the coordinates. Neither the elephant or the boots seemed to contain anything of relevance.

On October 17th 2012, psy_wombats and drhabibi managed to retrieve the drop package. The drop contained a couple of metal pieces, however the smallest piece was lost after retrieval when the holder tripped.

Plushy tag

The tag for the plushy reads:

  Forever Beautiful
  930 Magnolia Ave
  Elizabeth, NJ 07021
  REG. NO. PA-10308(CN)

The location seems to be for a now-defunct flower shop. Other users have commented on them possibly selling bridal supplies in the past. This has become relevant later as the phrase "I love you, We love you, Forever Beautiful" has been repeated in later messages. It is unknown whether this was retconned though.

The website for the store is still accessible in the Internet Archive (see here) where it appears to have sold flowers and other holiday decorations including plush "I love you" animals.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Swan Point component (smallest) Unknown Missing Unknown Lost on the ground
Swan Point components (larger) Unknown Received L0j1k None
Swan Point skii boots Unknown Unknown Unknown Possibly with psy_wombats, Akumu or left at the drop site.
Swan Point stuffed elephant Irreparable Unknown Unknown Dissected. Possibly with psy_wombats, Akumu or discarded?

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