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/* Using equals signs */
<includeonly><span class="plainlinks" style="{{{style|}}}">{{#if:{{{2|}}}| [{{{1}}} {{{2}}}] | {{{1}}} }}</span></includeonly><noinclude>
This template produces links to external websites with reduced styling (eg: no arrow icon); making it useful in spacing-sensitive layouts.
You can however Encode the equals-sign to pass it appropriately, or use a template to transclude the raw equals-sign.
See the following examplesin order of reliability:
{{Plainlink|{{eq}}36166|Unfiction thread}}("=" intact by transclusion)
<pre>{{Plainlink|{{eq}}36166|Unfiction thread}}</pre>
{{Plainlink|{{#urldecode:%3D}}36166|Unfiction thread}}("=" intact from ParserFunction)
<pre>{{Plainlink|{{#urldecode:%3D}}36166|Unfiction thread}}</pre>
{{Plainlink|;36166|Unfiction thread}}("=" interpreted by browser by way of '''HTML''')<pre>{{Plainlink| & amp;# 61 ; 36166|Unfiction thread}}</pre>
{{Plainlink||Unfiction thread}}("=" decoded by browser <span style="color:red">'''behavior'''</span>)
<pre>{{Plainlink||Unfiction thread}}</pre>