Space transportation system theory

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Space transportation system theory

This theory is based on the facts that we know the Russian ship convoy has a ship called PAYLD1 (Payload1) and has twice given a message *DEPLOYED* as of September 24th. SHIP PAYLD1*DEPLOYED* 65.7375 -168.9 NOWAT 01:05

We have also had a message about payload trajectory and re-entry. As only certain objects would be fired off into orbit and then re-enter the atmosphere we can come to some conclusions about what the payload might be.

A space shuttle is one such object to quote "The Space Transportation System (STS), also known as space shuttle, was developed by NASA as a means to move both men and material into low earth orbit. At launch the space shuttle is attached to an ET (external tank) an two SRB (solid rocket booster). The SRB jettison at 126 seconds in-flight and fall back down to earth where they will picked up and refurbished for another launch."

It is possible that OTP22 is dealing with space shuttles, for further information and for the source of the quote see here

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