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Sources are original materials, documents, and services from which information can be obtained which are directly connected to OTP22. These sources are thought to have come from the mysterious person running the project. Because of how these sources are discovered (reports, picking up objects at published locations, decoding messages), they can vary in how relevant they are.

So far these have taken the form of both phone numbers (or "gateways") and their recordings or dead-drops (real-world packages at predetermined locations). This possible ARG is unusual in the way that it doesn't seem to take advantage of any internet resources to directly provide information.

Phone numbers

  Location System Type Acquired From
(234) 222-0004 Akron, OH Agent System, Static, QX Prompt. Agent number 4
202 204 2303 Washington, DC Message Desk return call from Message Desk
202 999 3335 Washington, DC Agent System, ITA2, Proxy, Unknown 303_309_0004's BPSK31
202 999 3337 Washington, DC Unknown Green book
303 309 0004 Denver, CO Agent System, ITA2, Proxy, Unknown GodLikeProductions
412 888 0004 Pittsburgh, PA Unknown Agent System messages
419 646 0004 Vaughnsville, OH Nonservice, SS5 202 999 3335 "not in service"
48 22 307 1061 Warsaw, PL ITA2, Prompt 303-309-0004's ITA2
709 700 0122 St Johns, NF Binary, Voice Black Oak Lake Cemetery drop
720 897 0004 Denver, CO AS27, Announcements, Drops, Byte messages Conference Call on the agent system May 7th, 2014
888 854 2402 Unknown Menu, Remote Services Bureau, Material Order Desk Agent System,18084
Agent Systems/Investigation/XXX-XXX-0004 Various Agent System Agent number 4
Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries/Investigation/Phone numbers

Old information about phones can be found at Telephone Intelligence.


Bangkok DVD readable
El Paso OTP1 CD readable
Kauai OTP7 CD scratched
Kauai OTP8 CD severely damaged; partially readable
Kauai OTP9 CD scratched
Newport Beach CD readable
North Dakota CD readable

Other objects

Item name Source Current owner
$1 bill Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop ExtraNoise
DRAM card Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop ExtraNoise
First Ladies CD Lake Oswego Public Library drop Unknown
SIM card Bursage Loop drop counterfeitsaint
Arduino device / black box Bursage Loop drop counterfeitsaint
Component parts Various vargomax
Blue Hill CD Blue Hill phone booth drop Unknown
Black Oak Lake laminated card Black Oak Lake Cemetery drop superdan
Green book copy 1 Kauai drop Unknown
Molds and Lichens of nova Scotia book cover Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop 2 Syncopal
Global Response Codes Nadando package drop nadando
Bangkok DVD Bangkok drop Beerhungry
Green book copy 2 Idaho drop fbt

Complete list of dead drops, items, and information obtained at real-world locations.