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Sneakers is a 1992 caper film directed by Phil Alden Robinson in late 1991 and released in 1992. Sneakers follows a fictional story of a group of security specialists (ex-hackers/phreakers) as they become involved in a plot to recover an encryption-breaking device for the NSA.

Sneakers has various elements that are similar to this ARG, such as phreaking and the involvement of phone systems, encryption and breaking it, the involvement of the Russian and US governments, conspiracies, and geographical locations (see below).


Below is a map from the movie Sneakers. It seems relevant, as the site of our Dead drops appear to lie on the lines in the image, and our own graphs parallel some of those lines.



It has been suggested that future locations may also lie on the the same lines seen in the above map, or that maybe the story will unfold closely to the plot of the movie.