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List of specialized skills for OTP22 players

If you've got special knowledge in a field that might come in handy for OTP22, note it here. That way we can contact you if something comes up.

  • Ham radio stuff: Suzuran (Suzuran on SA) "Well, I have gear for HF all modes and basic VHF/UHF. I have plat on SA so someone can PM me if you guys find something I can do without bring the FCC down on me. I should warn you that I live in an apartment and all my gear is portable stuff, so it's not the greatest station in the world. (But I live near people with some pretty impressive stuff, I might be able to ask for help)", cshepherd (ping me on irc, Extra-class license holder, all modes, all bands, up to 200W)
  • Wiki: nadando, crash_demons, ArsenicLupin (all IRC)
  • Phone phreaking: YOURNAMEHERE, mwally, AcidRonin
  • Cryptography: YOURNAMEHERE, AcidRonin
  • Signal processing: YOURNAMEHERE
  • Coding: blyind, crash_demons,nadando, ymgvve, Xkeeper, OTP-Decoder, AcidRonin
  • SSTV: OTP-Decoder
  • Slavic languages: Lurker kind of, #priyom knows russian, thehoax (Polish)
  • Croatian: n0ck, lurker
  • Portuguese: AluisioASG, lyxs, joaogro
  • Spanish: ArsenicLupin (rusty)
  • German: AcidRonin