Santa Clara drop

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Santa Clara drop
Location     Santa Clara, CA
Coordinates 37.40725°, -121.957944°
Landmarks nature park
Items 88MB SyQuest cartridge, San Jose Giant's game tickets
People/Visitors GuestUser17
Found 4-18-2013
Type CD
Status Acquired
Investigation See also Santa Clara drop/Investigation.


Analysis of first Disc image (ZIP containing CSV with various file statistics; 4096-byte window was used.)

The deviation shown here seems to be in contrast to the Elpaso CD (which is much more evenly distributed) - this might be attributed to the amount of text-data and repeating bytes the disk has.

Discovery of the second disk

May 25, 2013. Based on message 18099, guestuser17 searched syquest cartridge from Santa Clara drop again and found micro SD card in it.
Card contain no file structure but have 470MB of data consisting of social security numbers and names: That is so called NAME FILE.
Complete image of the card in case there is more data to be found elsewhere on it:

Files can not be opened in regular file browsers, you need HEX viewer for it. This is sample of the data: This is sample of some funny names:

SSN numbers are randomly created, We dont know where names came from, but social numbers do not correspond to actual names.

Warning to criminals: Whatever you do, don’t try to use a Social Security number from this website.

Analysis of the Micro SD Card

The Micro SD card has a high standard deviation, showing the presence of data in two places (the list of names and the music) contrasted with many many nulls that fill the rest of the drive.

CSV analysis data for the first 2GB:

Mysterious Song at offset 1GB

On may 26th filer noticed some data at offset 1GB. Using sox's raw audio he extracted data with command: dd if=Copy\ of\ SC-Drop.img bs=1m skip=1024 | play -t u16 -(replace bs=1m with bs=1M on linux). He tried this because he had to reverse-engineer some voicemail server's file format in past.

Here is the surprising result:

little endian, signed 16-bit PCM

the sound, found by filer, slowed by 50% per nadando:

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
MicroSD card (Santa Clara) Unknown Unknown Unknown None
SyQuest cartridge (Santa Clara) Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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