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TOOLS FOR SSTV encryption decryption
I run microSSTV through manycam for encoding.
In some cases you need Virtual Audio Cable , better solution it is to redirect audio card out signal to mic in in stereomixer (windows only, control panel) or you can use audio cable and connect them physically.

This part need some serious editing

SSTV captures are in AVT 90 format and can be decoded with RX-SSTV

The source recordings where made by the Auto Dialer (Agent 99284).

If you look closely, a drawn circle can be seen in the middle of Greenland. This appears to be the Pole Hole, explained here: . We still have not found the *exact* images that the SSTV is serving up.

You can safely ignore the 'noise' data surrounding the images. That's a combination of silence and voice prompts surrounding the signal. The 'phase' also doesn't seem to be significant, and could probably be corrected in software.

New SSTV images found on September 19th 2012. Images here of arctic ice and sea from the perspective of a ship (larger image here on the right with ice pictures for comparison b7ORU.jpg) are possibly an edit of this photo Arctic-Ice-gone-in-four-years-2.jpg of arctic ice.

2012-09-26 01:15 UTC

Agent code 99290 on 202-999-3335 is transmitting more grainy version of ICE SSTV.

2012-09-21 01:15 UTC

otpout doscovered new (old) SSTV on autodialer I believe, "[01:17] <optout> I have more sat images from agent no. 99284"


2012-09-19 11:15 UTC

SSTV no. 2

9PS38 (1).png

OTP-Decoder SSTVs


2012-09-17 10:00 UTC


2012-09-16 04:00 UTC

2012-09-16 04-00 UTC - 303-309-0004 - 99284.png

Call Recording

2012-09-16 01:30 UTC

2012-09-16 01-30 UTC - 303-309-0004 - 99284.png

Call Recording


File:2012-09-16 XX-XX UTC - 303-309-0004 - 99284.gif

2012-09-15 20:45 UTC

File:2012-09-15 20-45 UTC - 303-309-0004 - 99284.png

Call Recording


2012-09-15 XX-XX UTC - 303-309-0004 - 99284.jpg

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