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A collection of humorous quotations from IRC.


<AluisioASG> I think we should call MD


<moose-alini> he means HOUSE md

then this

<fbt> on a sleepy side note: i stood on my head today

and then this

<AluisioASG> we should reverse this

<AluisioASG> fbt | on a sleepy side note: i stood on my head today

<AluisioASG> AluisioASG | I think we should call MD

<AluisioASG> moose-alini | he means HOUSE md


[…] Smugs called MD

<Smugs> then I apologized for calling so much

<Smugs> and he said "YOU don't call me too much"

<Smugs> *shifty eyes at Braco*

<Adah> ahahahahahahahaha

<Adah> oh man

<Smugs> so I mentioned that if I had an ABISM modem I would be able to stop calling him

<Smugs> to which he didn't respond

<Smugs> then I asked him about order confirmations

<Smugs> and how I have yet to receive any

<Smugs> "dunno what to tell ya"


<revgd> Like as you're getting pulled away by two people, thrown into a van, and getting a hood put on your head.. the whole time you're thinking "fuck man this arg is awesome".


[…] Long discussion about the human nature something

<Adah> look at this, PM.

<Adah> this is what happens when we go too long without an update


[…] a machine-governed world

<Oversight> PM needs to shovel a good update soon, before we elect to go and overturn our governments.


<Lord_Pal2> Pall's wife here

<ArsenicLupin> is he back

<crash_demons> oh noes.


Gopher123 inadvertently joins the Georgian army


<anonen> are we all ready to get SCRAMBLED?!

<air_julio> scramble the migs we got a payld to take down

<Oversight> GOGOGO

<Oversight> Melting at 85% complete, t-31586

<anonen> i was thinking more of scrambled messages

<air_julio> oh

<Oversight> oh

<eugd> whoa what

<air_julio> well that's much less fun

<Ymgve> wait did something change

<Oversight> So...

<Oversight> Delay the rocket firing?

<air_julio> No Oversight

<anonen> no we are working on scrambled messages

<eugd> oversight you meany

<air_julio> launch that fucker

<eugd> you got me excited


<anonen> all the cool kids are doing it scrambled now

<Oversight> Launch QQQQ complete QQQQQ


<kent\n> IED on a drop? what, did I miss something O.o?

<Oversight> Yea you just missed it

<nfx> It wooshed by you

<Oversight> We played defuse the bomb with a blind guy,

<Oversight> he wasn't very good at it

<nfx> Horns -> Homs -> Syria -> IEDs


<Lurker69> and PM forgoz to put Z on end of DDHHMM

<chronomex> Maybe that means local time

<chronomex> Or maybe that means pm fucked up again

<chronomex> Hard to say

<Lurker69> i guess its his way to authenticate himself, every message with wrongly writtend date is legit


<toospooky> Have you guys noticed that of the two drops, they've been at a place with a color in the name?

<toospooky> BLUE hill. BLACK oak?

<crash_demons> LAKE oswego

<crash_demons> hmm that didn't work

<crash_demons> let me try it again

<crash_demons> lake OSWEGO

<crash_demons> nope, still nothing

<Zhazha> What about portLAND, blue HILL and black OAK. Shivers down my spine, man


<crash_demons> oh yeah I forgot to mention, I was thinking about OTP22 while at work and the radio started playing Metallica - Master of Puppets

<crash_demons> coincidences


<jdo3> On January 23, 2006, the Russian FSB accused Britain of using wireless dead drops concealed inside hollowed-out rocks to collect espionage information from agents in Russia. According to the Russian authorities, the agent delivering information would approach the rock and transmit data wirelessly into it from a hand-held device, and later his British handlers would pick up the stored data by similar means.

<wd-sa> FUCK the program to talk to the rock was probably encrypted in the data.bin


<jdo3> this btard guy knew nothing about otp

<jdo3> hes just like

<jdo3> ok, random guys from internet need me to go to cemetery 3 hours awy middle of the night. heading out.

<anonen> spirit of /b/

<blyind> gotta love /b/


<docbrain> this channel is a club for people who want to meet people in MN

<SpartacusZeff> Mn?

<docbrain> Minnesota

<intervoid> minnesota

<Strife_> Minnesota

<wd-sa> minnesota

<intervoid> minnesota

<weejax> minnesota

<intervoid> the USA one

<uejini> MINNESOTA

<NSA> Western MN is much nicer then eastern side Small town farmer chicks are all Norwegian or sweetish

<air_julio> MINNI SODA

<wd-sa> .:~MinNeSoTa~:.

<SpartacusZeff> AH! i thought this was a club to investigate opt22


<prestoa> librarianese


<crash_demons> "look at this static. look at it. That Contains DATA!"

<FPrefect> "it goes WooWOOOOOO!"


* sauceman holds up two six-shooters into the air and fires wildly


<invision> i still think salts are like this

<invision> salt 31

<invision> would be text file 3

<invision> line one

<Ymgve> so what about salt 911

<eugd_> salt 521?

<invision> okay well thats not my theory anymore


<@anonen> Sure. Plus timestamped tits

<thc\ip> I'm not stripping for you.

<Oversight> Not with that attitude you aren't


<WolfKit> if you are successful, we will reimburse you for your travel. If you die, we will have no recollection of your existance.


<blyind|showa> i dont think id want to live longer w/o mah winky


<Shidda> we spend more time in here than with our real families :(


-->| OTP-Encoder (~OTP-Encod@gateway/tor-sasl/otp-encoder) has joined #otp22

=-= Mode #otp22 +v OTP-Encoder by mwally

<mwally> add to the legitimacy

=-= OTP-Encoder was booted from #otp22 by OTP-Decoder (OTP-Encoder)

-->| OTP-Encoder (~OTP-Encod@gateway/tor-sasl/otp-encoder) has joined #otp22

<OTP-Encoder> No clues will be provided via IRC.

=-= OTP-Encoder was booted from #otp22 by mwally (No PMs allowed - Players Only)

-->| OTP-Encoder (~OTP-Encod@gateway/tor-sasl/otp-encoder) has joined #otp22

<OTP-Encoder> I'm not here to answer all your questions.

<OTP-Encoder> I use tor to conceal my identity, much as everyone else uses tor.

=-= OTP-Encoder was booted from #otp22 by zhazha (OTP-Encoder)


* sauceman runs to the situation room


<abkus_> OTP-Encoder: do you have any idea?

<OTP-Encoder> No clues will be provided via IRC.

=-= OTP-Encoder was booted from #otp22 by mwally (No PMs allowed - Players Only)


<@asdgfsadg> wait, we found nuclear ice melting space nazis with secret number encoded gps locations that encrypted messages using dead drop cds of key data?

<@asdgfsadg> also, that may be the coolest sentence i have ever typed.


<marcusw> god dammit, we're going to have enough infrastructure to run a corporation once this is over


<TheLaughingMan_> What does it matter if mwally knows the guy, do you want a premature endgame?

<blyind> nobody wants a premature anything