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This is a property of type String.

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Bangkok drop +[[Bangkok DVD]]  +
Bellwood water tower drop +Compact Disc (broken)<br>Paper Message  +
Big Pine Campground drop +Stamped Ruler  +
Black Oak Lake Cemetery drop +Index card (drop)  +
Blue Hill phone booth drop +Compact Disc (drop)  +
Blue Hill public library drop +Old Black Book  +
Blyind package drop +Components  +
Braco package drop +Braco letter  +
Bulgaria drop 2 +Third Green Book  +
Bursage Loop drop +Iridium sim card, Device  +


Central Park drop +Black CD  +
Central Park drop 2 +micro SD card  +


El Cerrito drop +Two black CDs  +
El Paso drop +CD  +
Eureka drop +Unknown  +


Fairbanks river drop +Black OTP 9 CD 2  +
Fairbanks trail drop +Bootloader and Assembly code  +
Fort Lauderdale Airport +TDD Phone  +
French Regional Park drop +Index card  +


Grand Canyon trail drop +Papers/Drop Key  +


Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan drop +None  +
Idaho drop +[[Green book]]  +


Kauai drop +[[Green book]]  +
Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop +"The book" (dropped by us), DRAM card, dollar bill  +
Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop 2 +Cover orange book: "Molds and Lichens of Nova Scotia"  +
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