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Petr is Russian for the name Peter. It is commonly used as a first name for ships in Russia. Well known ships currently using the name are Petr Hamitov, Petr Rikord and Petr Kottsov. This information fits in with the assumption that the convoy of ships in the North Pole are Russian.

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Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Yamal on North Pole
Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Rossya on North Pole 26/10/2012

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Spy satellite theory

Nuclear icebreaker Rossiya during a polar expedition titled “Arctic-2012″
"This week, the Defence Ministry announced that MiG-31 supersonic interceptor aircraft would have bases in the region by the end of the year."

Russia 'consecrates' North Pole to reassert ownership

The Arktika-Russian class of nuclear-powered icebreakers.

The Yamal-one of the few ice breakers that have sailed to the North Pole

Who else is capable to reach the North pole?

By September 2007 the North Pole had been visited 66 times by different surface ships: 54 times by Soviet and Russian icebreakers, 4 times by Swedish Oden, 3 times by German RV Polarstern, 3 times by USCGC Healy and USCGC Polar Sea, and once by CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent and by Norwegian Vidar Viking.

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