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/ OTP Agents
Aliases     ARG Players
Activities     Investigating messages, Retrieving information
Location     any
Setting     Internet, Reality

OTP agents are operatives who work as a team investigating the OTP22 operation via IRC and ARG chat room as well as other outlets. OTP agents also go into the field for dead drops where they are referred to as Dead drop agents. This term should not be confused with the "agent" implied by the Agent System and Agent Codes; these are directed at MLPL agents such as Agent Ai Bouerges. OTP agents are intercepting information intended for MLPL agents, and are acting as counter agents.

During dead drops is it usual to have one OTP agent acting as a "Handler", liaising via telephone and IRC with the person searching for the drop. OTP agents in the field are expected to take photographs of their route and of their hunt for the drop, of the found item and it's location, and then to share the images with other agents. The images are used as proof of the find. An example of such is the Black Oak Lake cemetery dead drop for which numerous images were sent directly to an agent via mobile phone and were uploaded on imgur to show agents via IRC.

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