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This is a summary of the history of OTP22; it will always be slightly out-of-date. For a complete history, see Timeline of events or News (reverse-chronologically) and the unfiction thread.

It Begins

In November 2011 the phone number (303) 309-0004 (Colorado area code) was posted on Godlike Productions. In September 2012 a group in /b/ and /x/ on 4Chan began investigating; they named the project OTP22. Since then, there have been several stages with different types of codes, an automated agent system, multiple phone numbers, SSTV images, physical drops all over the world, and even a live message desk.

Initially, the phone number asked for "Agent Codes", which were entered as touch tones. If the code was valid, the system would use an AT&T Natural Voices recite a long series of 2-digit numbers . The phone messages were decoded and found to mention GPS coordinates for locations labelled "TROOP", "AGENT", "SHIP", etc. Over observation, a ship convoy appeared to be heading north toward through the Bering Strait and toward Svalbard despite complications when a "MIG BOGEY" appeared.

Information about a drop in Oregon led to the recovery of the Lake Oswego Library CD to solve a new type of code, a series of letters given in NATO alphabet and frequently seperated into 5 letter sections. Another dead drop was found at a phone booth in Maine, and its contents led to the discovery of a third drop in Minnesota. The third drop was simply an index card, in a plastic bag, with the phone number 709 700 0122.

A strange series of chirps and tones on the 709 number were decoded to be information on a series of 6 drops across the world. Drops in California, Rhode Island, and Finland were successfully recovered and consisted of a set of strange metal parts in a sealed bag. The drop in Bellwood, Chicago, eventually yielded a broken CD and a strip of paper with "97 BA 16041-97 BA 16241".

At around the same time as the 709 number was found, the coordinates system shut down. The 202 and 303 numbers started giving strange "horn" tones instead. After several days the "horns" were decoded and revealed yet another phone number, this one in Poland. The Poland number asked for a "Bell Agent Code" in order to "reactivate the system". Finally, this was deduced to be "97BA16041", and we were informed that system reactivation was imminent. All three US numbers switched to strange recordings which sound like encrypted conversations. (link to scrambleds)

Promptly, the 202 and 303 numbers were switched back to the original agent system. However, old codes were no longer accepted. Using code 16041, we were given a binary tone, much like the ones on the 709 number, welcoming "Agent Ai Bourges" back and informing her that the assignment had been cancelled. The newest agent system is more organized than the original, with a "Directory" which gives agent codes to use in order to access "AiBourges", "Agent Instructions", and "Upload". We are monitoring all of these for changes.

The most recent development is the Message Desk, which the Agent System numbers sometimes directly forward to. Sometimes it can also be accessed using agent codes #16044 or #16244. The Message Desk has its own phone number; see below. At the other end of the line, a live person answers "Message Desk" and prompts you for a number. He will respond with another number, a town name, and occasionally something else. The message desk has been up for a few hours every night since we discovered it on 11/23, but the times have varied greatly. We continue to try numbers and record responses.

Most recent things from 2013 are new drops, and packages we are getting to our home addresses. We received PINK book and some component parts so far. sometimes we get "keep alive code" that allows us to ask question through MDs mainframe computer and we get immediate answers from PM. During two "keep alive" sessions we gathered much new information (MLPJ is run by WORM (OTP agency), new project WORM is testing is called ZEUS...). We were also able to help to fix the mainframe computer once and MD was imputing command to command prompt for us. It looks like OS on his computer is specially made. Commands were not standard. prompt looked like ==> working commands were ==>@GO@HELP@INDEX@PRINT@READ@WRITE

Alternate history to fold in

We found similar very similar phone numbers game "project Evil or DEFCON Mein Fraulein crypto challenge." from Defcon 2006. No connection with current game was confirmed. http://web.archive.org/web/20080930194627/http://projectevil.org/?p=16

First mention of our phone numbers:

11/12/2011 The first known instance of the (303) 309-0004 number is recorded in a GodLikeProductions forum post. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1702191/pg1

01/13/2012 Captain_Jack (aka wprtradio on YouTube) on the GodLikeProductions forum posts a YouTube video to the initial GLP post.

YouTube: Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yv7ODD2HQk&feature=player_embedded

Later Colorado or Denver phone number mystery was posted many times on /x/. Only a few people paid attention.


More people joined together and OTP 22 name was born. This was beginning of current group, which made a lot of progress.

Initial threads were posted to /b/ and /x/.

The original OTP22 pastebin and youtube video was authored by OTP-Decoder

Original thread. http://markcoenterprises.net/files/OTP22/thread_archives/x_thread_10921476/a.htm

Later we had many /x/ threads on 4chan like this: http://www.anonpaste.me/anonpaste2/index.php?c2d8cc521ba5a1fb#JDZ8ERSUz2QymPjqMvTPUiomW4OYSjw7Ab/syBslD1Q=

First Databump players were using Original Pastebin http://pastebin.com/bDvJA2Xu Pastebin no.2 http://pastebin.com/tP9ym0af OTP.Decoder video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvXK29c20Ns

Currently (Feb, 2013) We are publishing discoveries