North Dakota drop

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North Dakota drop
Location     Near ND/MN border
Coordinates 47.642276°, -104.043454°
Landmarks Little Missouri sign
Items North Dakota CD
People/Visitors sadiedog77
Found 2-21-2013
Type CD
Status Acquired

The North Dakota drop (aka OTP Black 2 or Little Missouri drop) was announced through an OTP message on February 18th, 2013. The message says consult 68721 for imagery data . The drop was reached by redditor sadiedog77 on February 21, 2013; the North Dakota CD was attached to the sign. Sadiedog77 is mailing the CD to blyind.

It's about an hour SW from Williston on the 202 highway near the ND/MT border.


  • February 18: two volunteers on Reddit.
  • February ??: imagery received
  • February 23: Redditor sadiedog77 picked it up -- it was a CD taped to the back of a sign. sadiedog77 tried unsuccessfully to upload the CD contents, then left to find a wireless connection.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Little Missouri CD (North Dakota) Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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