Neary Lagoon drop

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Neary Lagoon drop
Location     Santa Cruz, CA
Coordinates 36.9633°, -122.0319°
Landmarks Bench


People/Visitors Vargomax
Found 10-15-2012
Type Component
Status Acquired

Neary Lagoon drop was completed on 15th October 2012. Neary Lagoon is in Santa Cruz, California, USA. The drop was picked up by OTP agent Vargomax. The drop handler was OTP agent moosealini.

This drop was first of the Component drops. Items are meant to be found which form a single piece of equipment.

There was a small package duct taped to the underside of a bench at the lagoon, inside was found two small metallic components.

Report from Vargomax: I headed out to the address Google Maps had pointed to. It was in an apartment complex in Santa Cruz on the shores of Neary Lagoon, a small lake and wildlife refuge. After wandering around for a little while and scaring a lot of ducks I figured out I needed to be out on the low wooden walkways that go out over the surface of the lake. I left the apartment complex and went back in through the entrance to the wildlife refuge.

The drop was under the bench where the coordinates pointed (Google maps lied to me). It was duct-taped flat to the underside of the bench with several strips of common black military surplus duct tape (I have an identical roll). One strip was hanging down. I pulled it off, photographed it, and returned to my car to open it.

Under all the duct tape was a flat black rectangular package of soft plastic like electrical tape. I cut it open and found two thin metal tubes and a package of silica desiccant gel. The tubes are small, light, and well-machined. They don't seem to fit together.

The metal used feels much lighter than stainless steel. Everyone asked agreed the material was either aluminum or titanium. I took both components to a chemistry lab and measured both mass and volume. The short piece massed 4.278 g and had a volume of about 1 cc. The long piece massed 12.549 g and had a volume of about 2.7 cc. These measurements give densities of 4.27 g/cc and 4.64 g/cc. This strongly suggests the material is titanium (~4.5 g/cc) rather than aluminum (~2.7 g/cc) or a stainless steel alloy (usually ~8 g/cc).

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Neary Lagoon Components Unknown Received L0j1k None

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