Milbank field drop

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Milbank field drop
Location     Milbank, SD
Coordinates 45.1068281235952°, -96.4529240508186°
Landmarks SD+MN State Line, Bell-shaped crop formation
Items Stuffed Animal


People/Visitors C. Hanson
Found 7-6-2014
Type Hardware
Status Acquired

Following two drops mentioning an "OTP DROP KEY" and "OTP ENCRYPTED DROP LOCATIONS" we found items that resulted in a message that could point toward this third drop. Aside from the location, there is no information on the item or landmarks (or drop location hints) to be found there.

The actual location is somewhat close to the Black Oak Lake cemetery drop.


On July 6th 2014 messages from the Big Pine Campground drop and the French Regional Park drop were combined to yield the following partial message:

14+N 700375 4997974

with extra bytes 80 E6. (See the French Park page for more details on how this was found)

This was possibly interpreted as UTM coordinates 14/700375/4997974 or long/lat: 45.1068281235952, -96.4529240508186 degrees.

July 19th and 26th Visit

On 19 July 2014, the drop site was visited from a helpful individual from Nassau, however nothing was found. This individual later visited the site on the 26th yet there was still no item found. The person reports that they have not yet given up!

July 23rd message

On July 23rd 2014 messages were received on 18289 and 50565732, seemingly from Robby. There were two messages carrying text and two SSTV's (see gallery) were obtained.

Aloha! They were very protective over these images. I have copies, however. This is for a weird drop that isn't even published on the agent system. Aloha! 



The first SSTV seems to show a collection of rocks at a small patch of dirt.

The second SSTV seems to show another cleared space of dirt near a bush, but with a red bulbous/triangular item in the center, partially obscured by a censor square and green dots. There is also another item shown in the grass which appears to have a diagonal white, orange, and dark bars - which resembles an Exciting Books book-cover post.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Circuit Board/Noisemaker (Milbank SD) Unknown Received TonyInICT None
Stuffed animal (Milbank SD) Repairable Received TonyInICT opened to remove internal item

[See Drop Item Inventory to edit this.]

The drop was a tupperware container which contained a ziplock bag with a stuffed animal inside. Like the Swan Point Cemetery drop, this item made by Forever Beautiful. Unlike Swan Point, this stuffed animal is a dog instead of an elephant - and has a product tag intact that states Forever Beautiful as well as "Ades Imports".

The back of the tag reads:

Style # V83970
        Div. of Ades Imports inc.
230 Fifth Avenue  Suite #300 New York, NY 10001
   Tel. (212) 679-4480  Fax (212) 679-4462
                             Product of China
           Item #V83970
0    36425  83970   3

Warning: ...may contain small parts...

A circuit/noisemaker was found inside the doll that produces the phrases "I Love You" three times, "Forever Beautiful", and then strange music/tones.

Resulting Messages

Messages on the Agent System have been found relating to numbers in this drop:

83970 (partial barcode) yielded an ABISM message reading "I LOVE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. FOREVER BEAUTIFUL. "

036425839703 (full barcode) yielded another ABISM message reading "YOUR PASSWORD IS xxxxxxx"

The undistorted part of the plushy audio was decoded as "...ER BEAUTIFUL. 56001.I LOVE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. FOREVER BEAUTIFUL. 56001.I ...."


Robby's SSTV images: