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The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
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2/19/2012 we unexpectedly had a long interactive call with the Message Desk. The Message Desk claimed that his system was broken, and asked us to suggest prompts to enter into his terminal. The prompts looked (vaguely) like OS commands used to navigate a file system.

Identifying OS

Solved by Smugtrio. IBM TSO/ISPF

There's a strong suspicion that the OS is fictional. It looks like a 1960s-1980s era command-line OS with a context-based menu of commands. The file system separator of ">" looks a bit like Multics but the ====> prompt was IBM VM/CMS.(wrkq)

Definitely not:

  • IBM system. (Eschatologist)
  • DEC system. (Eschatologist)
  • Data General. (Eschatologist)
  • UNISYS. (Eschatologist)
  • Domain/OS (ArsenicLupin)
  • Honeywell Mark II/III (ArsenicLupin)
  • GECOS (ArsenicLupin)
  • MS-DOS. (duh)
  • RT11, RSX, RSTS, TOPS-10, TOPS-20, TENEX, ITS (wrkq)
  • PRIMos (ArsenicLupin)
  • Stratus VOS (wrkq)

Identifying data