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The Message Desk is a live human being who answers calls. Most calls are not free-form: we give a number, he gives a reply. A few calls have been actual conversations.

Message desk tones

Starting 2/18/2013 the message desk has played several different recordings instead of going through to the Message Desk guy. We don't know what's in those recordings.

2/18/2013 10:15 (UTC)

The Message Desk is playing this recording. It contains a series of tones and "Repair repeater", repeated twice.

Spectrograms: kQcygCT.png e3m26Qc.jpg

2/19/2013 00:04 (UTC)

Xkeeper got the message "[rapid beeping] [two-tones] URGENT! URGENT! REPAIR... REPEATER... [different two-tones]" We don't have a recording of this version.

2/20/2013 02:40 (UTC)

(disregard volume control adjustment noise at the start)

2/26/2013 13:20 (UTC)

The Message Desk is now giving some repeated beeping at first then followed by a siren.

Ideas to try with Operations

  • <zhazha> mention OTP AUTH CODE 30004A or PRJMLPL
  • <OhWelp> ask operations to drop us the green page OhWelp like hey OhWelp need a green page OhWelp thanks
  • <Lurk> Tell him we have problem with SIM card activation.
  • <Lurk> Tell him that 2 button device/Microcontroller/Arduino from Las Vegas Drop is outputting nonsense.
  • <Lurk> Tell him that we didnt get AI Boughese ID as we should
  • <zhazha> other ideas: ask for a location that MD has given us
  • <Adah> Ask him about the book!
  • <zhazha> just buddy up to him and ask him if he is new
  • <crash_demons> yeah, definitely do probe Operations for information, since he seems to be more communicative than MD
  • <nadando> ask for his supervisor
  • <crash_demons> ask him what we called, also
  • <crash_demons> "I think I might have the wrong number, who is this? then expect something like "this is SPECNAVCOMMILBLACKOTP center"
  • <Adah> Someone ask him why the agent system is down. That seems relevant to operations
  • <Lurk> Thra to give him some orders: Dive to 200 feet, Load the barrel, START the operation, Lunch the rockets, Turn OFF the sattelite, TURN AGENT SYSTEM BACK ON or some other silly stuff like that
  • <zhazha> ask for a menu or directory tried, see call 4


Each location name given has an airport. Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska is a tiny village and it's only feature is an airport for example. Perhaps the message desk is connected to the airport industry somehow and is giving airport location numbers, or is a delivery company and it's giving airport delivery numbers. Also, it seems that many of the cities have some kind of connection with military and/or ECHELON bases.

Quite a few locations are within the NWS line, which replaced the DEW line in the late 1980s.

Info on DEW line history

Map of Dew Stations

Google map of NWS Stations

Map created by someon (Rahm?)