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Message Desk / Troy
Aliases     Message Desk, Troy
Gender     Male
Activities     Taking messages, working at a desk.
Location     Unknown
Setting     In-Universe
Investigation See also Message Desk/Investigation.

The current Message Desk number is 202_204_2303.

Message desk can be accessed also by using Agent Code 6873 on 202-999-3335. Occasionally, a call to the agent system (either before or after entering an agent code) will result in a random redirect to the Message Desk number.

The Message Desk is an actual human being who answers the phone. Usually he only responds to a limited number of prompts, then returns a canned response. So far most of these prompts have been numbers, but there have also been Keep Alive sessions that allowed us to ask full-text questions (or QX) and have them forwarded to the mysterious forces behind OTP. There was also the Message_desk_OS_prompts call in which he was asking us to supply commands to what appeared to be some sort of IBM-like system. Sometimes callers have managed to get a few sentences out of the Message Desk about his job or even have conversations once they have built up a rapport with him.

In February 2014, Gwraspe asked for the MD guy's name. He responded that we can call him "Troy".

The message desk first appeared on Thanksgiving evening in 2012. It is not always available; so far it has been available evenings United States time. As of the end of April 2014, Message Desk has been unavailable. According to a QX response this is due to "budgetary constraints".

Current Status

26JUN14 - Message Desk has been down since the end of April. According to a QX answer from J (QX44), Message Desk staff have been furloughed due to budgetary constraints. When you call MD currently, you will hear ringing and a message saying "this number is currently unavailable".

3/06/2013 04:50 (UTC) When you call the MD, you get a long sequence of beeps and boops. Wait through all of them and the Message Desk will pick up.

1/20/2013 02:47 (UTC) Playing tones. See Message desk tones

4/8/2013 unknown time (UTC) Plays a short sequence of beeps and silence.


On March 8, 2013, the Message Desk explicitly said "I only accept 0-9 A-F *#".

Most of the time the Message Desk only takes numbers. Once given a number, the operator responds with one of these:

  • Another number (meaning unknown)
  • A location (possibly airport locations)
  • A direction to call a different office location
  • A comment that we should already have that information from 'the book'

Overview of message desks

Message desk is a general term for a call-handling service used by a business that does not have it's own office to handle business or customer calls. They can work 24/7 if hired to do so, and simply follow the instructions given by the hirer on how to process phone calls. For example "The Message Desk provides your business with a virtual receptionist whenever you need it.

All calls will be answered in your company name and dealt with according to your instructions. Messages are taken and delivered to you in your chosen format, email, SMS text, fax or call forwarding."

Working hours

06:34 < L0j1k> ha
06:34 < L0j1k> MD is usually open 2100 to 0900 GMT
06:34 < L0j1k> according to him

Tried numbers

Special Cases

Messages in the form XX/xxxxx/xxxxx

131212 output=13/391297/3524531 recorder=coastlines (12/12/12) audio=

  • Nearly all of the numbers in the 3xx range give this output. See complete list below for specific outputs

Mobile numbers

3374, 4458, and at least one other number that we have a recording of

Other responses

  • LordHeinreich: lord heinreich: He said "Anything in that tape box is gonna be in the file". That was in reponse to me saying "What can you tell me about the book" and giving him my cell number, which he repeated to me for confirmation.
  • On the night of December 13 the message desk forwarded to Operations several times.


To edit the entries below or view a more interactive table, visit the Message Desk Indexer.

Input Output Type Notes Audio Recorded by ECHELON DEW/NWS History
0 Do you have a number? Pointless Response
1 No Pointless Response
2 0 0
3 Hang Up
4 0 0
5 Hang Up
6 35892 Number
7 You should already have that Book View History
8 0 0
9 Bananas Number Puddin' View History
10 0 0
11 Stockton Named Location
12 Pine Gap Named Location Satellite Tracking Station in Australia
aka 'Alice Springs'
13 Call Arlington Unknown Recorded by zhazha
14 0 0
15 Teufelsberg Named Location
ECHELON listening station (Abandoned)
16 Buckhorn (Buckley?) Named Location
17 Athens Named Location
18 0 0
19 Call Escondido for that Referral Escondido also mentioned in,
20 0 0
21 Point Hope Named Location
22 Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) Named Location Asked his name. Put on hold, came back and disregarded my question. View History
23 Caruthersville Named Location Airport
24 0 0
25 Kaktovik Named Location
26 That`s a Columbus number Referral
27 Atqasuk Named Location

28 Deadhorse Named Location
29 Juneau Named Location
30 0 0
31 Call Ottawa Referral
32 Call Pendleton Referral
33 Call Yakima Referral
35 "Hopeless" or "Call Bliss" Referral Needs clarification. Code range matches referrals.
40 "Have to call Harrogate for that"
"Call Anchorage for that"
Referral Second variation was on 11-27-2012

41 Bakersfield Named Location
42 New Brunswick Named Location
43 0 0 View History
45 Call Cheyenne Referral Could mean:
49 Call Middlesex Referral
50 Trenton Named Location
51 Waihopai Named Location
52 Hopewell Named Location
53 Minot Named Location,
55 Call Gander Referral
58 Point Lay Named Location
59 Moose Jaw Named Location
60 Call Misawa Referral
Largest Station?
61 Call Allen Referral
62 Call Whittier Referral
65 2881 Number
69 42833 Number
70 Call Borden Referral
71 Edwards Named Location
72 False Unknown
73 Call Tanana Referral
74 Call Idaho Referral
80 Call Colin Farrell Referral
81 Sheridan Named Location
82 Lamesa, Texas Named Location
86 0 0
87 Hanford Named Location
88 88 is Provo. (Utah) Named Location No background speaking. MD guy coughed a lot like he had a cold.
89 Denver Named Location
91 Deming Named Location
93 0 0
97 Call Liverpool Bay Referral
98 Bredasdorp, Western Cape Named Location
99 0 0
100 0 0
102 0 0
103 0 0
143 211208 Number
183 Call Moonpath Referral
188 Vacherie Named Location Vacherie is a small unincorporated community in St. James Parish, Louisiana, United States.
201 6391 Number
239 30/359115/4565661 Coordinates Bocigas, Spain. MD guy has taken to whistling his own hold music. UKspook
270 19/303924/4853168 Coordinates
285 12/339767/4822051 (Idaho intersection) Coordinates
Google Maps
286 0 Pointless Response
300 30/535340/6162328 (Kelso, Scottish Borders, UK) Coordinates View History
301 17/255217/4612693 (Ai Cemetery, Swanton, Oh) Coordinates Google Maps
302 -35/333335/6838756 (some kind of microwave station in South Africa) Coordinates Google Maps
303 14/335540/4203932 (Garden City, Kansas) Coordinates Google Maps
304 12/367465/5506638 (Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, Ont) Coordinates Google Maps
305 30/441420/6269484 (Aberfeldy, Perth and Kinross, UK) Coordinates Google Maps
306 18/586096/4523229 (Fort Lee, NJ) Coordinates Google Maps
307 37/427702/6145949 (Moskva, Russia) Coordinates Google Maps
308 11/598447/3979759 (intersection in California) Coordinates Google Maps
309 12/505518/5594106 (Alberta, in the middle of a circular structure) Coordinates Google Maps
310 35/519091/7453059 (Pelkosenniemi, Finland) Coordinates Google Maps
311 10/501830/5006349 (St. Paul, OR) Coordinates 45.21062621390015, -122.97669561655198

4171 Blanchet Ave NE
St Paul, OR 97137 32 ft E
312 56/236402/6291814 (Lithgow, NSW, Australia) Coordinates -33.480744197940275, 150.16320032531794
Lithgow NSW 2790, Australia 4.2 m E

or possibly the absolute middle of the Sea of Okhotsk
313 6/408757/6738829 (Whittier, Alaska) Coordinates Google Maps
314 34/607754/5682356 (Lublin, Poland) Coordinates
316 11/622874/3875206 (Kelso, CA) Coordinates Google Maps
319 54/394041/4003926 (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) Coordinates
320 -35/355490/6302694 (Kirkwood, South Africa) Coordinates View History
321 12/693917/5072894 (Billings, MT) Coordinates
329 19/376679/4611839 (Mashpee, MA) Coordinates
330 53/615682/5619924 (Somewhere in Russi) Coordinates View History
333 15/292540/4977227 (Black Oak Lake cemetery in Montevideo, Minnesota) Coordinates Google Maps
334 17/557808/4226100 (Hillsboro, WV) Coordinates
335 -23/225416/9388568 Coordinates Asked about his rotary phone. Said its on a 1A2 key telephone system.
342 31/704388/5663720 (Echt, The Netherlands) Coordinates Google Maps
343 13/391297/3524531 (El Paso, Texas) Coordinates Google Maps
345 18/355410/5066358 (Beachburg, Ontario) Coordinates "Could you repeat please?" "Okay." [sound of page turning, long wait] "Sorry, it's been slow all day, then it speeds up, then slow." Me: "Are you at least going to have dinner with a friend afterward?" MD: "If by dinner you mean a sandwich from a vending machine, and if by a friend you mean a computer then yes."

Google Maps
348 30/418601/6258403 (Killin, Scotland) Coordinates Google Maps
354 6/408757/6738829 (Whittier, Alaska) Coordinates Google Maps
355 "Just a minute". Several-second pause, "18/355410/5066358". Coordinates I asked him to let me read back the number, and he sounded startled but agreed. He said "You're welcome" in response to my "Thank you." View History
360 13/677237/4027633 (Rita Blanca National Grassland, Texline, TX) Coordinates Google Maps
361 22/339891/5251935 Coordinates
370 47/685730/534018 Coordinates (Malaysia)
371 0 Pointless Response
372 Okay, 372 is Zero. Pointless Response
373 10/526030/5030111 (Lake Oswego Library, OR) Coordinates View History
374 -58/437261/7714514 (Kaala-Gomen, New Caledonia) Coordinates
375 -49/770852/7247456 (East Carnarvon WA, Australia) Coordinates
376 -60/384043/5540431 (Bunnythorpe, New Zealand) Coordinates
377 -19/603140/6172258 (Mendoza, Argentina) Coordinates
378 10/526030/5030111 (Lake Oswego Library, OR) Coordinates View History
379 0 0
380 16/740127/4528820 (Columbus Grove, OH) Coordinates
381 -19/577042/5478284 (Río Negro, Argentina) Coordinates
382 5/613615/7362147 (Winter Trail, AK) Coordinates
383 16/302763/4352577 (Nokomis, IL) Coordinates
384 -59/389980/5005616 (Omakau, New Zealand) Coordinates
385 38/267446/5000727 (Mikhaylovsk, Russia) Coordinates
386 7/500343/6892213 (Yukon Terrirtory, Canada) Coordinates
387 16/740029/4529645 (Vaughnsville, OH) Coordinates
388 34/467484/6083091 (Muromskoye, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia) Coordinates
389 13/441535/3137543 (Chihuahua, Mexico) Coordinates
390 10/505379/5102725 (Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Rainier, Oregon) (Drop location!) Coordinates Google Maps
391 16/369012/4406516 (Hammond, Illinois) Coordinates Google Maps
392 12/339767/4822051 (intersection in Idaho) (Same as #285) Coordinates Google Maps
393 13/308806/4776396 (Hiland, Wyoming) Coordinates Google Maps
394 34/519093/5770661 (Otwock, Poland) Coordinates Google Maps
395 16/703777/5114959 (Pickford, Michigan) Coordinates Google Maps
396 19/532667/4917752 (Blue Hill, Maine) Coordinates Google Maps
397 17/476031/4836685 (Blyth, Ontario) Coordinates Google Maps
398 11/598447/3979759 (intersection in California) Coordinates Google Maps
399 13/497635/4251601 (Penrose Cemetary, Penrose, Colorado) Coordinates Google Maps
400 OM Wilton Unknown
402 RH Lovelace Unknown
404 VK Leittersdorf Unknown
406 RF Meyer Unknown
408 WH Gagner Unknown
410 AL Erickson Unknown
412 NW Bailey Unknown
414 RN Faust Unknown
416 KW Van Kamp Unknown
418 AS Bryant Unknown
420 LD MacDonald Unknown
421 Hang Up
422 PS Martin Unknown
424 HJ Wagner Unknown
426 FA Pearson Unknown
428 OB Brodes Unknown
430 JF Graham Unknown
432 AN Freeman Unknown
434 BA Williams Unknown
436 JM Reeder Unknown
438 MC Palmer Unknown
440 BC Boyd Unknown
442 BD Wells Unknown
444 LS Harris Unknown
446 MP Wood Unknown
448 SC Wallace Unknown
450 0 Unknown
464 Hang Up View History
465 Hang up. Hang Up
465 Hang up. Hang Up
476 Hang Up
505 0 0
556 0 0
560 560 = "0"
I had comedic discussion with MD guy, he still has slow system and we laughed about 'windows 2000' systems - he actually said "you're welcome" when I thanked him! good call :)
Number previous 560 is mistake entry View History
564 564 is 0 Number View History
567 0 0
568 0 Hang Up
642 That is out of service Pointless Response
659 That number is out of service Pointless Response
666 0 0
667 That number is out of service. Pointless Response
701 They aren't available. Call again, later. Unknown
727 Hang Up
728 Hang Up
747 I'm not getting a response. Try back later. Pointless Response
751 Not getting a response, try later Pointless Response
850 0 0
911 0 0
969 I've just been paging them. Do you want to leave a call back number? Return Call Request After providing number, MD was silent for a minute like usual and then he asked for me to hold which took another minute. Response followed to which I answered yes and provided a call back number.
970 Number has been discontinued. Pointless Response Vocaroo:
971 Hangup Hang Up Distinct sound of MD using a rotary phone in the background before hanging up on me.
972 Not getting any response on 972, try back later. Pointless Response
973 Not getting a response, try later Pointless Response
975 0 0
1001 0 0
1009 Gardena Named Location He spelled it out after giving the name then disconnected View History
1010 Hang Up
1015 Sandburg Named Location He spelled it out after giving the response and disconnected
1023 Cheyenne Wells Named Location Disconnected promptly after giving response, did not spell this one out as he did with 1009 and 1015
1070 That's 7241... but after midnight you will have to call Leonia Number
1075 Cape Lisburne Named Location
USAF Radar Station
1076 Anaktuvuk Named Location
1077 Call Nuiqsut Referral
1115 Lander Trunk Road Named Location
1320 Hulme Named Location Suggested by Adah, as 1320 is agent system number for Abism Maps. Assumed named location but could be referral. - - UKspook
1337 0 0
1863 he said hold on, that one just changes while we were on the phone.... Ok you need to call alpine Referral
Near Deadhorse (#28)
1888 0 0
1892 Sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Unknown After initially saying 62degF, there was then some pause and unintelligible and "I dunno...", then repeat of 62degF in irritated voice, then hangup.
1936 that's in the book Book View History
1964 You shouldn't need to call for that Book
1965 Penrose Named Location
1971 Penpicton Named Location Talked about his formula for numbers. Formula is 2^16-1. Numbers over that will follow that formula.
1973 "ok thats a disabled provisioning code, so I'm not sure why your getting that" "AS73 is not enabled" Unknown
1976 0 Pointless Response Jan 16th 2014
2012 45412 Number
2013 return? [gave my number again] ... ... ... it says that's already in use. [seemed to wait for another number, I politely ended call] Return Call Request --xkeeper. Last return use was #30001 and haven't gotten a call back, so..???
2014 West Allis (Wisconsin) Named Location Response was quicker than normal.
2055 Rocky Point Rd. & Holmes St., Mossburn, NZ Named Location View History
2233 6993 Number
2260 36967 Number
2881 Return Call: Moosealini Return Call Request
3.14 Do you have a number? Pointless Response lol
3523 main street & n2810 road ryan oklahoma Named Location Long pause before answer
3754 Bondstrail Road & Moon Rd, Plains, Georgia Named Location
4112 Avenida Agustin Borthiry on route 105 Victorica, La Pampa Named Location in remote Argentina View History
4160 "4160 is Bulsh... RE-AER de del Pos...A-N-Z au Pierre r-u-p [space] p-r-u-e" Named Location Call was cutting out and could not understand response well.
4212 8 Ilford Rd., Kandos, NSW Named Location
5246 "Singleton", followed by bloops. Unknown View History
5459 That's a mobile number, 0217469. Unknown
5535 Newbern Named Location
5548 Richard's Bay Named Location
5549 CodFather, Cape Province, Cape Town South Africa Named Location
5701 Newman, WA Named Location
5850 Smithers, BC Named Location
6393 104 Number
6742 Ok, that's Wallace, but it's only going to be good for another twenty minutes Named Location
6831 Fort Williams Named Location
6875 "OTP Black 5/ Position: Region 8/ Drop has not yet been placed" Named Location View History
6876 OTP BLACK 6
6930 0 0
6930 41826 Number Changed at some point
6933 was 'azoen yjvsak khbyhv hcnmos mlkhuh vnsllj salt 797', now 0 (See Notes) Unknown read letters in NATO alphabet. Decodes to JJ PREP DROP LIMA VICTOR AND REPORT POS JJJ
6933 0 0
6993 0 0
7011 93040 Number
7045 7045 is 17929 Number
7234 Return Call: Nadando Return Call Request

No this not message desk. Service is suspended.
Unknown He was very big dick after I started attacking him
7241 Return Call: SPESSMEHREN Return Call Request
7364 Stoops Point Named Location Possibly Stoke's Point
7365 Longwood Named Location View History
7575 94% success Unknown View History
7765 2260 Number
8203 0 0
8765 0 0 View History
8876 1231 Number
9001 Return Call: zhazha Return Call Request Possibly changed to 0? Need confirmation.
9002 22761 Number
9003 Return Call Return Call Request L0j1k left his personal cell number.
9082 Sonnewalde Named Location
9114 Hereford Named Location
9160 Kashira Highway Named Location
9245 Main Street & Knab Road Named Location MD guy told Gwraspe in call his location is remote, coastal and off the main land.
9387 Penang Named Location View History
9525 Wannsee Named Location
9650 oakville Named Location
9676 Return: Braco
"Ok it's already in use"
Return Call Request Braco has left his number previously for a different return this could be why we are seeing this.
9705 Replace with 43X0825 Unknown
9725 Return call request
"he asked for return - i said no return, its for the airport number 'the what?' - me ;the airport number' he says you must have a wrong nummber and hangs up."
Return Call Request
9725 Return Call: Adah Return Call Request
9775 0 Pointless Response ABISM modem audible in background, MD has discussion with inaudible third party who helps him fix modem.
View History
9830 Winsted Named Location MD guy told Gwraspe his first name is "Troy" in this call.
9884 Stansted Named Location
9987 Return Call: Braco Return Call Request
pink Need a number. Pointless Response Referenced a pink book that we should have or are about to receive.
10911 Return call request: Bobdamnit Return Call Request Asked how I check messages with AS not working. Claimed to know nothing about AS. Was not given a response number like normal. Said "OK, you're good".
10977 Direct all enquiries for this region to Cleveland. Referral On 23/08/2013 a "Status update" was requested using Global Response Code A54012 (Lima). This is the reply. UKspook View History
10978 Call Rawson Hang Up Vocaroo:
15070 15070 Number
16001 0 0
16002 670239 Number
16041 464 Number
16043 "this just hangs when I type it in" Unknown
16244 Return Call: 202-999-3335 Return Call Request
16309 47940 Number
16791 melmore, ohio Named Location I ask what he knows about a Robert bramble, hasn't the faintest idea what I'm talking about
17002 that ... is ... phillip. Referral spoken a bit slowly, maybe not as slow as the dots make it look.
17011 That is Sandwich, New Hampshire. Named Location Yes, it exists.
17019 thetsord mines quebec Named Location
17929 Loganburg? (Phone cut out) Named Location
18001 0 0
18011 Conversation (See Notes) Unknown requests another number, 72 -> "next time you will be on 18004"
18029 0 0
18032 WORM Unknown
18054 Just a minute. That is zero. Pointless Response Immediately disconnected.
18065 0 0 View History
18069 18069 is Aberdeen, Idaho Named Location
18094 0 Pointless Response Long pause before returning answer View History
18113 "Julian March" Unknown I got a random MD redirect on 3033090004 when trying AS 17798. ( -L0j1k View History
19790 15242 Number
20201 20201 is active Unknown View History
20207 tower Unknown
20208 Birobidzhan Named Location administrative seat of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia
20219 Niederrheinische Strasse in den Steinen Named Location MD has excellent german accent (recording: )
20248 Timmins Named Location View History
20266 040 5178 Number linked number
20287 $&% success Unknown
20299 Corbigny Named Location in france View History
22761 0 0
23019 265010 Number
25766 25766 has been activated for 11:14 local time Unknown
27037 Call Longview Referral
28253 28253 is 0 Number
28601 Disraeli Return Call Request Requested response to message left on A54018. From 17/09/2013 UKspook
29925 Return Call: L0j1k (none as of 03 APRIL 2013) Return Call Request Made some comments about red book ordering during this call to MD in which I placed a Return Call Request with my number. Recording: View History
30000 Howland Island Named Location
30004 Return Call: Xkeeper Return Call Request
30180 Aberfeldy, Scotland Named Location
30385 30385 is KYRILA. Referral seemed a bit irritated, like someone who was asked to repeat themselves (see #0226993, which was right before this).

some other speech in background, unidentified.
30913 Otochac (Croatia) Named Location
31370 0 0
31614 Kautokeino, Noway Named Location
33072 Return Call: LordHeinreich Return Call Request
33334 33334 is 0 Pointless Response

Recording of the call, some interesting stuff about MD system is discussed in a long call.
33613 33613... that's Kahlotus Named Location Kahlotus is a city in Washington state. It took him a good three minutes to say anything after I gave him the code.
35892 34/607754/5682356 (Lublin, Poland) Coordinates Google Maps
36967 0 0
37215 Maldonado Named Location
41826 0 0
42481 63781 Number
42833 Return Call: (blank) Return Call Request
43556 Call Saskatoon Referral
44621 @@@@ Unknown so far on this code: @@@@x2 BLANKx1 (literally blank, no alphanumeric)
45412 That is Mashpee Named Location
46038 Lordsburg Named Location
47830 Unknown
47831 Allied related trade agreements in Eastern Europe Book Allied sounded like alloid. View History
47940 0 0
47950 the utilidors of flin flon Book
47987 0 0
48155 Helmstead Named Location Trying to figure out if A1BC1B rolled over as well. A1BC1B (hex) is 10599451 in decimal, 10599451 mod 65536 is 48155. Interestingly, it did not roll over, A1BC1B still got a different result ("FF FF FF").
50001 Okay, you will need to call the Assignment desk for that. Referral
50002 Call Operations desk Referral
50005 Call Routing Desk Referral
52014 London Road Named Location
59180 0 0 Background speak was hard to make out, even with headphones.
5F67B 0 Pointless Response good conversation with MD about length of time served on WORM contract
63781 0 0
64832 Call Diego Garcia Referral Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia
65535 Ibaraki Named Location
65536 0 is 0 Number View History
66421 Nothing, literally nothing appeared on the screen for MD Unknown Recording: View History
66422 886 is 0 Number View History
66549 90232 Number
67911 OK that is a Mobile number 022 8685 Number
68000 "2464 is WIBW." Unknown Input mismatched. likewise, conversation and music could be heard in the background.
68721 that's a mobile number. 0226993 Unknown
74020 0 0
78001 12465 is Departmento, Rawson. That's "R-A-W-S-O-N" Named Location No idea, seems to be a city or something in Argentina.
90024 24488 is Selkirk (spelled for me) Named Location

recording here, long call with discussion about MD system
90210 Petermannt (?) Referral Specific about spelling with 2 n's and a t on the end View History
90232 Return Call: Braco Return Call Request
90345 4721 Number
90400 Beaver Creek, Ukon Territory Named Location
90433 24897 Rimouski, Quebec Named Location Asked him where he was based, ignored the question.
91040 25504 Philip (that's Philip with one L) South Dakota Named Location
93250 27714 is 15:14 local time Unknown
94829 0 0 View History
95715 Unknown
95720 Return Call: Adah Return Call Request
98162 0 0
98700 Call Limassol Referral
99654 Return Call Request
99998 Alright, that's been activated. Unknown About one and a half minutes of wait time, lots of typing early on.
AB000 Order code Unknown
DUMMY resp Named Location notes View History
10FF2B 0 Pointless Response good conversation with MD about
123948 123948 has already been transmitted Unknown
131071 65535 is Ibaraki Named Location 131071 modulo 65536
131212 13/391297/3524531 (El Paso, Texas) (Same as #343) Coordinates Google Maps
131213 17/431340/4309645 Coordinates View History
131215 "143 is 211028" Number
131230 158 is 13/654230/5644246
240 Main St
Melville, SK S0A, Canada
Coordinates 10 minute discussion with MD, discuss his employer company View History
131235 163 is U6998 Unknown recording below, reverse agent codes discussed.
find this response odd as I expected coords.
131245 173 is 18/604111/5061595 (1323 Boulevard des Seigneurs Terrebonne, QC J6X 3B6, Canada) Coordinates
131250 13/571849/5276991 (ND/MT border drop) Coordinates Google Maps
131275 6393 Number
133700 464 Number
211208 481885 Number
0226993 30385 is "kyrila" Named Location no idea if it is kyrila, kyrela, any of those. and yes, he said 30385 instead of 226993...??
273504 Magisterial District of Smithfield Named Location
344376 16696 is Compton Quebec Named Location
359042 31362 is Bad Liebenverda Named Location
481885 0 0
481885 Needs clarification
Call Lavinco for that
526030 Return Call: TheL1brar1an Return Call Request
573400 result for 49112 is complete Unknown
589824 0 0
604894 15070 Number
621311 Township Road 94 and Range Road 223 Named Location
637524 47700 is 0 Number
637525 47701 is Tide Tables for Lake Superior Book
637526 47702 is Inuktitut-Urdu Dictionary Book
637527 47703 is Kanotin County Michigan Road Map 1937 Book
637528 47704 Proceedings of the Nebraska Senate 1960 Book
637535 47711 Census of Navassa Island Book View History
637574 47750: daily phase offset between eastern interconnection and western interconnection, 1975-1988 Book
637624 47800 is 0 Pointless Response
637625 47801 Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuataries Book
637626 47802 is Molds & Lichens of Nova Scotia Book
637627 47803 is Collecting Vintage Capacitors, Diodes and Thyristors Book View History
637628 47804 is Global Response Codes Book View History
637629 47805 is Asparagus Fern Root Maintenance Book
637630 47806 is Butterfat Management in the Saskatchewan Dairy Industry Book
637631 47807 is Interoperability Concerns in L Carrier Planning Book
637632 47808 is Slate Deposits in the Intermountain west. Book
637633 47809 is A History of Terrazzo Tile Book
637634 47810 The Legacy Act of the Postal Reorganisation Act Book
637635 47811 The Rise and Fall of the Mercurochrome Corporation Book
637636 47812 Street Furniture of Central Europe Book
637637 447813 Sphericality Measurements of Oranges, Satsumas and Tangelos Book
637638 47814 Argentinian Agricultural Policy - Under Duhalde All Day Book
637639 47815 Waiting Room Atmospheres, Selecting Non-controversial music and reading materials Book
637640 47816 Filing and Sorting, the history of forums. Book
637641 47817 Acronym Use in Soviet Central Planning Organisations Book
637642 47818 A History of Soviet Anti-Drug Campaigns Book
637643 47819 A Comprehensive Guide to Screw Thread Standards Book
637644 47820 A Survey of Carpet Fastening Techniques Book
637645 47821 Tennis Courts of the Panama Canal Zone Book
637646 47822 Kmart & Woolworths, Unstoppable Retail Giants Book
637647 47823 Tables of Street Pavement Longevity Book
637648 47824 Tin Toy Manufacture in Edwardian Britain Book
637649 47825 Roofing techniques of the Caspian Basin Book
637650 47826 The European Commission under François-Xavier Ortoli - A Retrospective Book View History
637651 47827 Recent Developments in Telegraphy Book
637652 47828 A Day in the Life of the Municipal Planning Commission. Book
637653 47829 Gummi Bears: A Feminist Critique Book
637654 47830 Observation Techniques For Oil-Based Pigment Carriers Book
637655 47831 Alloy-Related Trade Agreements In Eastern Europe Book
637656 47832 A Definitive History of the Powered Floor Jack Book
637657 47833 Standards for Steal Company Historical Archives Book
637658 47834 Towards Superior Magnet Wire Insultation Book
637659 47835 The Birth of Helical Scanning Book
637743 47919 Pocket Reference for Alphabets of the Old Turket Language Book
637773 47949 is The Turnip Industry of Lanarkshire Book
637777 47953 discoloration and magnesium (phone cut out) under thermal stress Book
637778 47954 Noble Gas Leakage in Double Glazed Windows Book
637779 47955 Pre-War Laboratory Architecture of Western Canada Book
637780 47956 Telephone Central office buildings of Northern New Jersey Book
637781 47957 is 0 Number
637785 47961 is 0 Number
637794 47970 is 0 Number
637811 47987 is 0 Number
637879 48055 Calatayud Named Location
637880 48056 is 0 Pointless Response
747556 26660 is 0 Number
763780 42884 is Bonner's Ferry, Idaho Named Location View History
763781 BNK003 Unknown View History
809331 22899 is Idaho National Laboratory Named Location
809332 local time @ 09:21:22 Unknown
809554 The result of 23122 is failed to trigger. Unknown
A13110 Not a valid location. Pointless Response
A1BC1B FFFFFF Number A1BC1B (hex) is 10599451 in decimal, 10599451 mod 65536 is 48155. I expected to get the same message on 48155 as A1BC1B. Instead, 48155 got "Helmstead", while A1BC1B got "FFFFFF" (possibly grouped as "FF FF FF"). The previous result (Jan 2013) was "IO map fail". View History
A54012 Message for Lima? Requested status update. Responses on 10977. Unknown From Global Response Codes book, appendix A: 'A54012 Lima' is closest location to Vaughnsville OH - - UKspook
A54018 Would you like to leave a message? - Would you like a response? That will be on 28601 Return Call Request A54018 is Cleveland from Global Response Codes book. Message left was "please define 4BHJ intent at Svalbard". This is from 17/09/2013 UKspook
AB0000 0 0 Accidentally included an extra 0 from order code.
AF0411 0 0 I thought this would have content since "AF0411-0004" seems to say "input AF0411 into -0004" however that is either incorrect or this revelation is too late. -L0j1k
1809413 Call Kelso Referral
1809414 Hang Up
3753966 0 0
04012013 14317 Doña Ana County Named Location
4064436 1204 is Horse Lake Road and Blackstock Road, 100 Mile House, British Columbia Named Location
4504081 0 0
4840013 0 0
5030111 Hang Up
7921345 8742833 Number
8742833 7921345 Number
9474942 32758 is 0 Number
citadel do you have a number? "112" = "112 is zero" Pointless Response
P003523 ah... I only accept 0-9 A-f *# Unknown He repeated this twice.
Z747556 Need a number. Pointless Response
14081822 57188 is Newburn Named Location Another case of giving the result of a different number.
23165822 31614 Kautokeino (Norway) Named Location
25482397 Rainier is clear. Unknown Maybe a reference to the Rainier, OR drop?
Was also asked "Were you the one who just called about 5535?"
26037183 0 0 View History
42570751 Blanding, Utah Named Location
44888080 Billings Named Location
68101446 "ok 9542 is wall township new jersey" Named Location
73421480 That's set for 7:35 PM local time Unknown View History
444453433 Anything in that block, you're gonna have to go to the tape file for that Book
444453434 53818 is 0, otherwise go to the tape file. Unknown Did not want to talk tonight. Seemed peeved.
5836189394 11986 is Municipalite Regionale De Comte Les Moulins Named Location
chartreuse I said 255, he says that's been recorded Unknown View History
delta 4112 "Just a minute" tones "its not ringing" Pointless Response
48902716041 OK 14985 is Wells St and County Rd 14, Arthur Ontario Named Location View History
AF0411-0004 0 0
Can I speak to operations? Ask Ai, check the worm book, or give it a number. Referral Said aggressively. Ai possibly means agent Ai Bourges.
solid magic mint gave code 254: 254 is 0 Unknown

Dates / times (GMT+1)

  • Day 1 (Thu-Fr):
  • start: 2012-11-22 23:59:24
  • end: 2012-11-23 10:19:21
  • total time: 10:29:57
  • Day 2 (Fri-Sat):
  • start: 2012-11-24 06:27:26
  • end: 2012-11-24 11:29:13
  • total time: 5:01:47
  • Day 3 (Sat-Sun):
  • not up? netsplits in the channel all night obscure logs
  • Day 4 (Sun-Mon):
  • start: 2012-11-26 08:02:15
  • end: 2012-11-26 09:46:14
  • total time: 1:43:59
  • Day 5 (Mon-Tue):
  • start: 2012-11-27 08:43:42
  • end: ???
  • total time: ???

(down for around a week)

MD returned on December 6th; we can reach it using a new number (202 204 2303). We got this number from zhazha's return call.


  • On the night of December 13 the message desk had 4 calls to the 202 204 2303 number which transferred to someone who answered the call "Operations" instead of connecting to the MD. At the same time the agent system started playing the alarm sounds from before
  • first call, by zhazha: "i called the 2303 number, and MD answered with "operation" instead of message desk, i gave him a number, he said "operation" again, then hung up on me"
  • Second, xkeeper's recording of his call:
  • DTMF decodes to 444453433 ... ### ... # (... = long pause)
  • 3rd call, also xkeeper:
  • 4th and last contact with OG for the night, zhazha: called, was more prepared to reach him. Asked for a directory. he said "you'll have to call back later for that". but in a way that made it sound like he was just making shit up because he had no idea what I was talking about
  • December 15:
Xkeeper4400_	Message desk took me to operations...
crash_demons	unrelated site though
Adah	is it the stoned guy again?
Adah	oh man
Xkeeper4400_	He doesn't seem stoned this time.
Xkeeper4400_	Just... eh
crash_demons	seriously, if you get Operations, try to find out what the company name is or something useful.
Xkeeper4400_	idk.
Adah	hahaha
Adah	Ask him about the book
Adah	seriously
Xkeeper4400_	I asked him for a directory
nadando	ask him about ABISM
Xkeeper4400_	he had no idea, but gave me another number
Adah	zhazha did that already and he just sounded confused
Adah	hahaha
Adah	what's the number?
Xkeeper4400_	"seven ... fourty twenty"
Xkeeper4400_ around the end, 20sec away

Message desk orders

December 23, 2012 Adah and Nadando figured out how to order products from the Message Desk.

See Message Desk/Investigation/Orders for details.

List of orders

See Message Desk/Investigation/Orders.

Return calls

Some callers are asked for a return number, if they give a number they are called back by the message desk. Please DO NOT give out your personal phone number to anyone unless you are fully accepting any personal liability and consequences upon yourself. Your number could be passed on to unknown parties for any purpose. It is not known why a number is needed or what it can be used for in the future.


SPESSMEHREN ( has joined #ARG
SPESSMEHREN got a callback
OTP-Decoder Same here.
moosealini Snd i havjt for 16044 to work but once
moosealini Oh shit what was it
nadando yes?
moosealini I gave them my number too
SPESSMEHREN didn't get the recorder going
OTP-Decoder Mother of..
zhazha seriously, guys?
moosealini Describe
SPESSMEHREN but he said "are you expecting a call?." I said yes. He said "Who am I speaking to?"
nadando was it the same guy?
zhazha please. I have been working on HW and I apparently missed a ton
SPESSMEHREN sounded like it
SPESSMEHREN he asked me for my number
OTP-Decoder Dialed 16002, forwarded to MD.
SPESSMEHREN I was just falling asleep so of course I wasn't thinking
OTP-Decoder Sorry for interupting. Go ahead.
SPESSMEHREN tried givign him the my phone # again, he says "not the return number, YOUR number"
nadando you're 7241
zhazha so who has he called back, and from what number?
SPESSMEHREN couldn't remmebe rit when i just woke up
nadando ok
nadando that's good, now moosealini will know what to expect
zhazha woah
Moose-Alini yeah is that it?
zhazha give him bourges' number
SPESSMEHREN it was an unlisted #, showed up as 1200000000 on my phone
nadando then he hung up?
zhazha how did you guys get him to call?
SPESSMEHREN yeah i tried looking for my notebook where i had the phone #s written down and he hung up
Moose-Alini yeah give me a step by step
nadando zhazha: giving the message desk certain numbers prompts him to ask for a return
nadando he liked 10 digit numbers so we gave him phone numbers
SPESSMEHREN did anyone else manage to get a return number in?
Moose-Alini i did
Moose-Alini dude give me the whole convo
Moose-Alini did he just hang up on you or what
SPESSMEHREN okay. here's whole convo
SPESSMEHREN * phone rings *
SPESSMEHREN Him: Are you expecting a call?
SPESSMEHREN Him: Who am I speaking to?
zeroeighttwonine Got through to desk.
SPESSMEHREN shhhhhhhhhh
SPESSMEHREN Me: (my name)
Moose-Alini seriously shut up
SPESSMEHREN Him: OKay. What is your number?
zeroeighttwonine 16244 gets a response of 'zero' and some stupid fucking music.
SPESSMEHREN Me: Ummm ummm hang on
SPESSMEHREN (forgot my #)
Moose-Alini dude no one gives a fuck shutup
SPESSMEHREN ten seconds later: hangs up.
Moose-Alini aww
Moose-Alini hmm
nadando ok, so you never gave him any number?
Moose-Alini im gonna say 16042
SPESSMEHREN I started saying my phone number since I didn't remember what else to say
nadando Moose-Alini: I think you should say 2881...
SPESSMEHREN he says "Not your return number, YOUR number"


Braco moose that guy called me back last night
Mortvert Braco - what'd he said?
Moose-Alini yeah i saw logs but didnt catch what you or he said
Braco i was out in a shopping mall yeah, it wasnt the best place for the call
Moose-Alini he actually answered the phone Message Desk?
Braco i picked up and said hello and he said message desk instantly
Moose-Alini so like, you couldnt tell what he was asking, then he hung up?
Braco yeah couldnt tell
Moose-Alini weird SPESSMEHRINs call didnt say message desk
Braco so i stated the return you gave me
Moose-Alini you said he was a kiwi?
Braco yeah he sounded kiwi
Moose-Alini huh
Moose-Alini thinking PM found someone 'local' to call you
Braco thats what my gf thinks too


  • add your shit here


zhazha	don't know what it means, but
zhazha	i gave him the number I used to request a phone call
zhazha	which was 9001
zhazha	and got:
zhazha	899053

"The Book"

UPDATE: Book is most likely Global Response Codes

Scant information has been given by the call handler about the book. It is 6 pages long, contains at least the number responses for 7, 43, and 1965. Number 43 is on page 3 of the book. The book is needed to find the message desk number, and without the book it would not be possible to dial. If we stated that the book is lost, the response was that it cannot be true, otherwise we would not be able to reach the message desk at all.

Dialing From A Blocked Number

NA_Fury dialed from a blocked a number a few times. After a while it eventually started playing a "please deposit 5 cents" message. If he dropped a 5 cent redbox tone, it would accept it, ring a few times, then disco. Theory is that PM just set up a rule in his PBX to do that for blocked calls as opposed to forwarding it. NA_Fury's line class stayed the same, so it is definitely on the PBX side.

Relevant IRC posts

[23:46]	Ymgve	16242 has R/ELWQELWQ in ita2
[23:50]	Ymgve	why are you looking for ELW
[23:50]	Ymgve	it's ELWQQQ
[23:50]	Moose-Alini	q or qqq also means end of message
[23:59]	Ymgve	I dialed with code 16044
[23:59]	Ymgve	and got redirected
[23:59]	Ymgve	to someone that said "message desk" twice
[00:00]	Ymgve	not sure if recorded or redirect to some other phone number
[00:00]	Moose-Alini	yeah you can talk to this guy
[00:00]	Ymgve	what did he say?
[00:00]	Moose-Alini	asked me for a number i responded 6
[00:00]	Moose-Alini	now hes typing
[00:00]	Moose-Alini	he said 358 92
[00:00]	Moose-Alini	then hung up
[00:01]	Moose-Alini	their might have been a digit between the 8 and 9
[00:01]	Moose-Alini	incoming' transcript'
[00:02]	Moose-Alini	message desk, message desk, me: hello? him message desk: me who is this? him this is the meassage desk me: who do you work for? him: do you have a number me: yes him what is your number: me the one i just called
[00:03]	anonen	42833
[00:03]	anonen	just got my gf to troll the shit out of it
[00:03]	anonen	and gave number 69
[00:04]	Ymgve	42833 isn't a valid code
[00:04]	Moose-Alini	yeah deff a reeal guy
[00:04]	Moose-Alini	he asks for a number, then responds with more numbers than hangs up
[00:05]	crash_demons	(will lol if he's just sitting there and XORing your number)
[00:05]	Moose-Alini	i tried to ask him to repeate the number since i thought i missed a digit but he hung up
[00:05]	Moose-Alini	he typed a lot between me saying 6 and him giving me the number
[00:11]	Moose-Alini	i gave six, got 35892
[00:12]	anonen	69 gave 42833
[00:19]	anonen	gf posing as ai with asian accent and giving ai's number got 464 back
[00:20]	Ymgve	what was the number you gave? 16041?
[00:20]	anonen	she gave ai's agent number
[00:21]	anonen	16041

[00:21]	OTP-Decoder	I said "one niner" for 19 and he said something about calling unisec or something. I said 28 the next time and he said call dead horse.
[00:21]	OTP-Decoder	He stalled SO MUCH on the 28 one
[00:21]	OTP-Decoder	Like a pure minute of typing and stalling
[00:24]	Moose-Alini	k i got a recording of 19
[00:24]	Moose-Alini	i got like, call esposido
[00:25]	OTP-Decoder	He said unisec on 19, dead horse on 28.
[00:26]	Moose-Alini	i think he said 'uh, your gonna hafta call es bandito for that"
[00:26]	Moose-Alini	i said thank you he said your welcome, then disonnet

[00:26]	Vargomax	okay, what steps do you need to take to get the person on the line
[00:26]	Moose-Alini	call 303, enter agent code 16044#
[00:29]	anonen	he said thats an espidito number - same as you got moose
[00:27]	anonen	btw i was calling from 202 if it matters
[00:31]	anonen	47940
[00:33]	anonen	so 16309 gives 47940
[00:38]	Moose-Alini	well 666 is zero...
[00:58]	Moose-Alini	oh yeah i read the first ten digits of pi and heard him say "fuck" under his breath
[00:50]	OTP-Decoder	Have you guys realized that most of the time, he's echoing back city names?

[00:57]	Moose-Alini	i tried 17
[00:57]	Moose-Alini	he said Athens

[01:14]	Ymgve	"Researcher's notes: When the irc monkeys discovered the live relay, they initially approached with carefulness, but within minutes they had degenerated into trolling and taunting the operator at the other end of the line"

[01:30]	OTP-Decoder	Oh, another thing I should mention. And it's kind of one of my theories. I think these cities he's referring to are offices.
[01:32]	OTP-Decoder	Because with 3 or 4 of the calls I made, instead of just echoing back a city name; he would say "you're gonna have to call %city name%"
[01:29]	NA_Fury	ok, i didnt record, but here's what happenmed
[01:30]	NA_Fury	I said 81, he put me on hold. picked back up, said message deck AGAIN, i said 81 again, he said please hold, then put me on hold, then after a sec, he picked up and said message deck, then hung up

[01:33]	OTP-Decoder	He said I was gonna have to call Alrington and Bakersfield. The Bakersfield one is 41.

[01:32]	Braco	we have someone from new brunswick
[01:32]	NA_Fury	I live in monroe, but a trace of cell phone which im using would give you New Brunswick, NJ

[01:34]	anonen	i said 43 he said 'i dont know why you called that one,you should have had that one' and hung up!
[01:39]	Vargomax	sounded like "Buckhorn" but that's not a city
[01:38]	NA_Fury	We really need to NOT troll this guy anymore, lol
[01:40]	Moose-Alini LISTEN GUYS   BOOK CALL

[01:44]	anonen	i said in a book
[01:44]	Braco	yeah
[01:44]	anonen	it was on page 3
[01:44]	Braco	lol<br>
[01:44]	Braco	nice
[01:44]	anonen	he said you dont have the book!
[01:44]	anonen	i said i do
[01:44]	Braco	LOL
[01:44]	Moose-Alini	haha
[01:44]	anonen	he said if you had the book you wouldnt be calling this number!
[01:44]	crash_demons	First Ladies?
[01:44]	crash_demons	lul
[01:44]	Moose-Alini	wow way to be mean whoever that was!
[01:44]	anonen	i said i do have it, he said dont call this number and hung up
[01:45]	Moose-Alini	so yeah whoevers on that phone is reading irc
[01:45]	anonen	and say you have the book, this guy is doing roleplay now
[01:45]	Moose-Alini THIS
[01:45]	Moose-Alini	ps my names not roy
[01:46]	anonen	it seems 43 is a number we should already have, and shouldnt ask for, because of some info in a book that we should already have
[01:46]	Moose-Alini	so yeah, he called me by the very first thing he read off to me like an hour and a half ago
[01:47]	Moose-Alini	esponito or whatever
[01:47]	Moose-Alini	it was the first response he gave me the first time i called

[01:51]	Baconheart	Probably nothing, but Escondido, CA -> Arlington, TX -> Athens GA is almost in a straight line.
[01:52]	Moose-Alini	he said the number 43 is on the third page of the book
[01:52]	crash_demons	Moose-Alini, really sounded like he was talking about the person and a previous call (someone mentioned using their GF's cell. registration lookup might show that)

[01:55]	anonen	i said my book was stolen, he stalled, and said if you had the book you wouldnt call this number!
[01:57]	Moose-Alini	the first time i called he told me i needed to call escondito, the last time i called he called ME escondito

[01:59]	anonen	he just said to me 'if you werent in UK i would trace this call right now' but i can tell you are from the 50hz in the background


IRC log 12th September: first contact

Pryoidain makes the first call to the Message Desk.

[02:15] <Pryoidain> access code was 56234, calling it now gets me to a live person, one who seems less than impressed
[02:15] <Nosfer> Posy conversation with that person
[02:16] <Braco> Pryoidain: wait, what?
[02:16] <mwally> Pryoidain: love human?
[02:16] <not_FBI_> Did you ask his name?
[02:16] <mwally> live*
[02:16] <not_FBI_> Someone spoke to someone named Bill earlier
[02:16] <hunnicutt> what did he say?
[02:16] <Nosfer> Whoa live person??
[02:16] <knapkins> it was a different number
[02:16] <Pryoidain> No, He asked for an Identification number and I stated I didn't have one, I was calling with access code 56234
[02:16] <knapkins> might not be related
[02:16] <Braco> hunnicutt: yeah thats where they have been for awhile now
[02:16] <Nosfer> What's the accent? Conversation?
[02:16] <not_FBI_> You should of said 56234
[02:16] <maqr> Cyndre: no
[02:17] <Braco> Pryoidain: what was his nationality>
[02:17] <knapkins> american
[02:17] <Pryoidain> Sounded american to me
[02:17] <Braco> ok
[02:17] <Nosfer> What did he say after that?
[02:17] <knapkins> Pryoidain, do you have the recording of your call?
[02:17] <Braco> did you hear any background noise?
[02:17] <Pryoidain> Anyways, he told me "If your access code needs revalidation, follow your chain of command." and hung up.
[02:17] <Pryoidain> Code seems dead now.
[02:17] <Braco> whoa
[02:18] <knapkins> recording or it's fake
[02:18] <maqr> Pryoidain: recording?
[02:18] <Nosfer> Chain of command, must be military, government
[02:18] <Pryoidain> I have the first one
[02:18] <Pryoidain> hang on
[02:18] <Pryoidain>
[02:18] <Pryoidain> thats the original numbers I posted for the first contact with 56234
[02:18] <Pholiage> recorded with a potato
[02:19] <Nosfer> Call up in a Russian or Arabic accent lol
[02:19] <Pryoidain> hahhaha
[02:19] <Nosfer> Record everything
[02:19] <Nosfer> I've got to go, keep up the good work
[02:19] <maqr> Pryoidain: i don't hear anything interesting in there... what am i missing?
[02:20] <Pholiage> wait pryo: did you get him talking on record?
[02:20] <Pryoidain> I made a follow up call that I didn't record. The first time I called I was dialing in randum numbers so I didn't record
[02:20] <maqr> always record
[02:20] <Pryoidain> called back when I got one that worked
[02:20] <lkz> awww man
[02:20] <Pryoidain> thats that recording
[02:20] <mirielle> uh so you didnt record a live person talked
[02:21] <Railm> Pitty, no recording we can't take it
[02:21] <Pryoidain> No sir
[02:21] <Pryoidain> I understand completely
[02:21] <Pholiage> tell me what code you used and what you did
[02:21] <Pholiage> i will try it
[02:21] <tanas> walk us through the exact thing you did to get as far as a human
[02:21] <knapkins> Pryoidain, did you talk to Bill?
[02:21] <Pryoidain> No name
[02:21] <Pryoidain> anyways
[02:21] <Pryoidain> Found the pastbin through HN
[02:22] <Pryoidain> called in with 9696, etc etc, just random numbers. 65234 got me through
[02:22] <Pryoidain> er
[02:22] <Pryoidain> 56234
[02:22] <maqr> knapkins: you're supposed to always ask to speak to 'John'
[02:22] <Pryoidain> anyways
[02:22] <maqr> Seventoes:
[02:22] <Pryoidain> once I got numbers, I hung up real quick to record
[02:22] <lunner> What number we calling?
[02:22] * bajin has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[02:22] <Pholiage> 65234#??????
[02:22] <Pryoidain> my laptop I'm on doesn't have a mic so I had to move to desktop
[02:22] <Pryoidain> 56234
[02:23] <Pryoidain> anyways
[02:23] <Pryoidain> called back
[02:23] <Pryoidain> thats the recording
[02:23] <Pryoidain> which I posted the transcript of when I came in, can do again
[02:23] <lunner> The 303 # still?
[02:23] <Nosfer> Post again
[02:23] <Pholiage> with what agent code did you get ahold of human?

Valentine's Day Mixup

February 14th, 2013 the MD seemed to get his numbers mixed up. nadando and ArsenicLupin asked for 355, and got back 18/355410/5066358. Filer called and got 4/457160/2457557. nadando called again and got the same number. Trying to track down a pattern, Adah called and got the same number, but commented "at first he asked me if i meant 345, and then said people had been "calling for 345 all day". ArsenicLupin then called and asked for 345 and got 18/355410/5066358. We concluded that 18/... was the correct answer for 345 all along, and "people had been calling for 345 all day" was a hasty bit of improv used to warn us of the mistake.

Both numbers are valid UTM coordinates, one in Hawaii and the other in Ontario. | IRC log

February 18-19 Tones and Changes

Starting February 18-19th the Message Desk began playing various recordings and tones. The recorded sounds changed twice between 2/18 10:15UTC and 2/19 00:04 UTC. See Message_Desk/Investigation#Message_desk_tones for details.

Shortly afterward, Smugtrio placed another call and got through; see next section.

Long call: OS prompts

5:50 UTC February 19th 2013 Smugtrio placed a message desk call intending to place an order. The call went on for over an hour. Smugtrio was attempting to dictate OS commands to the message desk, who was typing them into his own console.

The Message Desk guy said this about his system:

s: Okay, um, what is that alarm in the background? What does that signify?
m: THAT.. is the monitoring line, that is normally quiet, but it's not today.
s: Okay.. And uh, what does it monitor?
m: It's, it's this stupid system?
s: Ok? (Laughter) What system is that?
m: (Laughter) The thing that I, I mean I dunno, I, I have not dealt with that as much.  I think they've, I think they sometimes I dunno, I don't set this thing up man. (Laughter)
m: There's two lines: that we can dial into for this job, one of them is a modem, one of them is this line that is capable of producing lots of horrible noises.
s: Okay?
m: But normally the other one is just quiet, it's just. its just on uh, this lovely merlin phone here

For full message see: Message_desk_OS_prompts

April 6th, 2013 Equipment Installation

On Saturday, April 6th, Message Desk can be heard in three different call recordings to be installing some heavy piece of equipment in the background. L0j1k asked MD directly about this equipment, and MD replied affirmatively that equipment is being installed, however the specific type of equipment is unknown and would not be revealed by MD. The first recording ( reveals a second person in the room with MD, and the second ( L0j1k is heard asking MD about the equipment, followed by MD excusing himself from his headset in order to do something that sounds like drilling. In the same recording, but with L0j1k's side of the conversation removed (, you can clearly hear the drilling sound as well as another person indistinctly talking in the background. In the fourth recording of the third and final call (, L0j1k asks MD more specific information about the equipment, and MD indicates that a "bunch of black boxes in a 19-inch rack" are being installed, but that they're not for him because he's "not the only one who uses this space".

Recordings when we got MD redirect on agent system

We dont know what trigger that redirect. Seems random. Sometimes when when someone calls agent system for the first time from new number ID first time he gets Agent System and second time MD. (To redirect from Agent System to MoD there is agent number 6360322 found on australian banknote in NY drop 2.) here he answers here he answers here he answers