Message:09/17/2012/6460004 switch error/22:57

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Phone number     2029993335
Audio file:     Unspecified

Recorded on 09/17/2012
MSG timestamp 22:57
Recorded by OTP-Decoder
Approx. Message length 00:57

Condition code n/a
Situation code n/a

Agent Code unknown or unspecified

Transcription? transcribed

Salt unavailable

Flags Vaughnsville SEM
Encryption type: {{{encryption}}}

Link to raw audio


Transcribed message

<rings 2 times>

<SS5 tones for 4196460004>

The number you have reached, 646-0004, is not in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and dial again.

<dead air for ~30 seconds>



First reported in #otp22 by OTP-Decoder at 18:57 PM EST (22:57 UTC)

This is the first known instance of the Vaughnsville switch error message on the Agent System numbers.