Manoa Chinese Cemetery drop

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Manoa Chinese Cemetery
Location     Honolulu, HI
Coordinates 21.3189°, -157.8018°
Landmarks Banyan tree


People/Visitors sevenpoundowl
Found 10-15-2012
Type Other
Status Visited

Manoa Chinese Cemetery is one of the Component drops. The cemetery is in Hawaii, and the dead drop location is a large Banyan tree inside it. The drop has been a problem as no drop item was found on the first day of hunting, despite two trips to the location by drop agent sevenpoundowl. There are police frequently at the location which also hindered progress.

Sevenpoundowl searched again on 19th October with his girlfriend, and only found a plastic wrapper.

Images sevenpoundowl took:

02 - 06 April 2013

On April 2nd, the drop site was visited by L0j1k during the afternoon. This visit was followed by a second unsuccessful visit on Saturday, the 6th. The second visit was unique in that L0j1k spoke with the cemetery superintendent. Although sevenpoundowl mentioned something about a plastic wrapper, L0j1k noted that the banyan tree was full of old trash of various types: Cans, bottles, plastic and paper wrappers, cardboard, etc.

Search By: L0j1k

L0j1k brought a bouquet of white flowers just in case the reports about police officers had merit. Upon arrival, L0j1k did not see police officers, only a couple of civilian visitors and a small (5) group of Army soldiers on funeral duty for a burial ceremony. Over a span of approximately an hour and a half, L0j1k searched the banyan tree unsuccessfully, which had been burned out long ago, creating many more places to hide a drop. L0j1k again visited the cemetery on the 6th of April, this time after noticing that the drop coordinates were not exactly on the banyan tree, but were instead approximately 40 meters to the south of the banyan tree. After unsuccessfully searching at the precise coordinates and surrounding area, L0j1k again searched the banyan tree, this time being approached by the cemetery superintendent. L0j1k explained that he was searching for a small package left by a "friend" and that the package had been hidden back in October of 2012. The superintendent was very friendly and informed L0j1k that the banyan had been burned out in 1977, and that unless it was found by someone, it would probably still be in the tree. He also said that people years ago used to hang out by the tree and cause problems, but not anymore, even after hours. It should be noted that the cemetery is located in upper Manoa valley. Upper Manoa is one of the better neighborhoods in Honolulu, buffered by the University of Hawaii from the city proper. During this time, the superintendent offered L0j1k to come back during the week with some gloves to dig around in the leaves which have settled at the base of the tree over the last few months. He also said that the groundskeeper may have more information, and instructed L0j1k to inquire about the package with the groundskeeper on the next visit.

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