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Information on VoIP providers for agent system numbers.

Lists of all numbers

Initially we discovered four numbers:

Later we found 2 lists with even more numbers:

Dump of all info people found

TWILIO error link:

Source: somethingawful Prntscr link (october 2012)

kicktd posted:

   Not sure if this info has been posted (didn't see any info posted here or wiki):
   About (303) 309-0004
   is a Landline
   Colorado (Aurora, Denver)
   Denver metro area, Adams County
   Licensed by:Global Crossing Local Services, Inc
   Global Crossing Local Services is now owned by Level 3 Communications and does VoIP.
   The other number is a bit more interesting:
   About (202) 999-3335
   is a Mobile Phone
   City/State:Westchester, DC (Washington DC area)
   Licensed by:Verizon Wireless
   A little strange to see a mobile phone used instead of another VoIP number.


I work at level3, and queried the TN in question: 3033090004. I successfully pulled it up in various DB's here at work.
This TN belongs to a customer called Twilio Inc. - we provisioned/created this CSN and RouteLabel on 2010-10-26T00:14:28, and it has not been modified since.
I also looked up 2029993335, which is also owned by Twilio Inc, and was provisioned on 2011-11-23T00:00:00.
Here is the customers website.
I will continue to dig if and when information becomes relevant. Feel free to ask me any questions.
edit: For what its worth as well, looking at some data for this customer and how they are setup in our systems is a bit odd -  there is a lot of data missing that SHOULD be here and is not.
I suppose I could deactivate that TN on all networks, wait for someone to call in to report an outage and then question them about it. Course... id probably loose my job, so im not sure how I would be able to afford booze anymore 
One thing to consider as well is that Twilio might just be a re-seller of VOIP services, and bought a shitload of poo poo from us.  I am simply providing a lead and any new information about the source. Twilio might have resold it to a "whatever crazy ideas and theories are out there about this" (I still need to play catchup on this matter) 
Source: IRC (may 2013)
[14:49]	NiceLurk	L0j1k: i am reading through logs "i was able to drop into a PBX control menu, which revealed some out-of-bounds information (though no names, just company providing VOIP services"
[14:49]	L0j1k	so i'm guessing 9pm UTC he'll open
[14:50]	NiceLurk	what did you discover there?
[14:50]	L0j1k	uhhh yessir
[14:50]	NiceLurk	twillioo?
[14:50]	L0j1k	i think you were around there at the time
[14:50]	L0j1k	no centurylink
[14:50]	L0j1k	just like on the indention
[14:50]	L0j1k	freedom VOIP
[14:50]	Tomato	how did you drop into the pbx control menu
[14:50]	L0j1k	you can't anymore
[14:50]	L0j1k	they patched thatone
[14:50]	L0j1k	haha
Source: IRC #otp22 (october 2012)
<dmh> for clarification, I didn't touch the number
<dmh> I only queried it in NPAC so I think its coincidence or someone on

Dmh guy is Level 3 employer and was looking into customer info on their VPN. He didnt find any more detailed customer information. Full logs.

<mwally> dmh, OK, well, at the risk of blowing a good lead, I have reason to believe that the number in question is operated by a reseller known to your system as "Sybase365" -- Their CIC code is 102680 -- does this help any?
<dmh> mwally, that would explain the CSR situation - when a line is resold no CSR is returned
<dmh> im afriad this number is beyond my reach
<dmh> global crossing was bought by level3 as mentioned
<dmh> is its a legacy global crossing number being potentially resold through sybase365
<dmh> i tried to pull a CSR in our automated thing
<dmh> it came back w/ no CSR