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/ MLPL Agents
Activities     Arctic convoys, Satellite phone messaging, Clandestine activities
Location     Unknown
Setting     In-Universe

MLPL Agents are In-Universe agents discovered from our investigations into the phone numbers, and messages received and decrypted from them. The agents are the primary users of the Agent Systems (via phone lines) which OTP agents (ie: players) intercept.

While the name of the organziation that we are investigating is so far not known, we are calling them MLPL Agents for their association with previous messages mentioning PRJMLPL, or Project MLPL. Other messages have indicated that this project is under the command of an entity known as "WORM", though the exact organizational hierarchy is not known.

Known MLPL Agents

find their posts here:

Emtanon staff

  • Josh
  • Stephen
  • Davis