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/ Librarians
Activities     Organizing, finding, and providing information about books.
Location     any
Setting     Reality

Librarians have been a pivotal part of the OTP22 story thus far.

The first dead drop was at Lake Oswego Public Library. A helpful librarian there helped the two OTP agents to find the book and hidden CD inside.

A different librarian helped OTP agent prestoa twice when he went to check if the CD was picked up or was still inside the book.

After no OTP agent could be found a librarian at Blue Hill library kindly agreed to search the nearby phone booth for the drop item. She immediately left her desk to search and found a CD.

She had trouble uploading the contents so she asked her colleague to help. The next working day her colleague uploaded the iso to googledocs as requested, and sent the link to a team member.

She was then asked if she would post the CD to a team member at her own expense, which she did, and the CD was then able to be investigated thoroughly.

We are very grateful to all the help received from the librarians of America.