Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop

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Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop
Knights of Pythias1.jpg
Location     Rainier, OR
Coordinates 46.0780788584442°, -122.93043496362236°
Landmarks Under some ivy
Items "The book" (dropped by us), DRAM card, dollar bill
People/Visitors ExtraNoise
Found 1-08-2013
Type Other
Status Deposited / Acquired

Note: There have been two drops (so far) at this cemetery. The second drop is at Second Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop.

The Knights of Pythias Cemetery drop was discovered through a message on the agent system on January 7th, 2013. The message gave us "390" as a location, after which users in IRC were quickly discussing similar 3xx codes we had received from Message Desk. These messages would all result in a three-part number which we discovered were all Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates. In particular, the location for "390" (10/505379/5102725) revealed a coordinate in Oregon.

The Book, which had previously been mentioned by Message Desk and Agent System messages, is a document of unknown origin or contents that is related to numbers and locations that Message Desk gives as a response to input. This item is highly sought-after for the Community. Some messages had mentioned that we could receive a new book if we supplied the old one.

After receiving a message with a drop location, our mission became a simple one: place a fake "book" in the receptacle so that we could later acquire the fabled real one. User ExtraNoise was dispatched to visit the drop location with a ziplock bag of ashes to leave there. However, upon finding the box ExtraNoise noticed a DRAM card taped to top with a dollar bill under it, serial number L26037183A.

The drop / box container is thought to be an Airtech Duplex, which is a Mast Head Amplifier, used in cell phone networks. Ebay Auction Freze Pages with example images:

The DRAM card is thought to be this model.

Using the serial number on the dollar bill (letters removed: 26037183) as an agent code first gave "zero", but after we recovered the second drop began to give the Agent_Systems/Investigation#HawaiiMusic.

ExtraNoise's original trip report

SomethingAwful We arrived and parked the car to the south a bit and walked along the road back to the cemetery. It was lined with an old rope fence and the sign (above).

The tombstones were all very old (save for a few from the 1990s), most were from around 1880 - 1900. They were ornate and decorated. Many were broken or moved or were pushed by the fence line. We tried to be very careful not to step on any graves. It was weird at first, but we got used to it.

It was cold and wet and it was lightly snowing for a bit. We spent about an hour walking back and forth across the cemetery, unfortunately. Eventually my friend pinpointed the location using an image of the GPS (mine was placing the marker off in the woods). That led us to a bush, but it was actually a very overgrown tombstone. I had poked around it earlier, but with no avail. This time, with a second flashlight, I spotted something gray near the base and found a metal box.

We were really elated. I had almost given up and driven home.

Anyway, that was my trip report. Very spooky. Very hilly, and very muddy. But mostly spooky. I assume we were being watched the entire time. During the time we were there, only one car drove by and then later drove back. We saw no one else and no other cars. It was very quiet.

Source Message

Agent code 18029:


Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Knights of Pythias DRAM card Unknown Unknown Unknown None
Knights of Pythias dollar bill Unknown Unknown Unknown Presumably spent.

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