Kauai drop

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Kauai Drop
Location     Kauai, HI
Coordinates 22.2229°, -159.4156°
Items Green book
People/Visitors Chris
Found 3-02-2013
Type Book
Status Acquired

The Kauai Drop was discovered January 30th; Chris from couchsurfer.com reached it and retrieved the Green book on March 2nd. It is located near Kauapea Beach (aka "Secret Beach").

Timeline of Recovery

January 30

The coordinates were discovered by combining Black OTP1 message 16041 and a message desk location code.

February 2

Requests were made on Hawaii Craigslist gamers forum and to a Kauai makerspace for help. No responses so far.

February 28

Chris from couchsurfer.com tried to retrieve the drop with no joy.


Was harder than I thought.

I attempted to find the drop today with another CSer and we weren't able to find it today. But that doesn't mean it isn't there... we just gave up looking for it.

We were using an iphone for GPS coordinates and that wasn't too great. Not sure if a handheld GPS would give us a more accurate reading. I used to own one, but not anymore. So the phone was the only thing we had.

My android phone didn't want to work in the area because there was no cell signal for my phone provider. But luckily the other CSer has her iphone with "one bar" of signal, enough to use google maps to put in the coordinates.

The problem was this is on private property. It's in the gardens at the back of a mansion. We were eaten by tons of mosquitos on the property and gave up after spending quite some time looking around. The gardens are huge and not sure if having a handheld GPS would help us find it.

Will any of the clues help us find where exactly where on the gardens it is?

Some pics from today: facebook pics.

You should repost and see if anyone else wants a shot at doing this. I'd go back, but I'd have to dip myself in mosquito repellent before going there again.

March 2

Chris from couchsurfer made it! Details to come.

Directions to the Beach

Wikipedia tells you all about it. Note especially "On rainy days and particularly in the winter, the trail is dangerously slick. Be prepared to be covered in reddish hued clay that is notoriously difficult to remove from clothing. Locals recommend braving the hike either barefoot or using Neoprene booties that kayaking enthusiasts tend to use.".

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries book 1 (Kauai) Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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