Kauai OTP9 CD

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CD: Kauai OTP9 CD
Found at OTP black 9 drop
Current location Lord Pall
Condition scratched
Type CD

Size 702 MB
Contents modified Ubuntu image

Memorex CD. Best-effort dump privoded by Lord_Pall.

Image SHA-256 hash: 839c8b04825960b9b3b97102cc21764affa2f51a53ec0e814fc543c8d1be6352

Note: hash above is of an incomplete read (due to CD scratches) - luckily, the OTP block appears to be pristine.


This appears to be disc 9 out of 9 Black OTP CDs.

OTP block SHA-256: f23c61a8d91bbf1576014928df324bde6533af46ac270f8a48febcd4fb70d2d9