Kauai OTP8 CD

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CD: Kauai OTP8 CD
Found at OTP black 8 drop
Current location Lord Pall
Condition severely damaged; partially readable
Type CD

Size 702 MB
Contents modified Ubuntu release


The disc was retrieved by Lord_Pall, wife, and son Jack on March 5th. Unfortunately, the disc turned out to be heavily scratched and was initially assumed to be unreadable.

17:26 < Lord_Pall> this disc isnt looking good btw
17:26 < Lord_Pall> it was under a big rock
17:26 < blyind> drop 8?
17:26 < Lord_Pall> yes
17:26 < Oversight> Outch D:
17:26 < Lord_Pall> nothing major in terms of scratches, just craptons of small ones
17:26 < Oversight> should be fine
17:26 < Lord_Pall> it would probabl be a good candidate for the peanut butter or toothpaste trick
17:26 < Lord_Pall> it wont read
17:31 < Lord_Pall> i think this disc is not readable
17:31 < Lord_Pall> like ever
17:31 < Lord_Pall> it has damage on the other side
17:31 < Lord_Pall> like the foil is gone
17:31 < Oversight> How sure are you?
17:31 < Smugtrio> oh
17:31 < blyind> that bad huh?
17:31 < Lord_Pall> that's not repairable
17:31 < Lord_Pall> yeah
17:31 < blyind> damn
17:31 < Smugtrio> if that's the case
17:31 < Smugtrio> it's out
17:31 < Oversight> Yeah, pics man,,,
17:31 < Lord_Pall> it looks almost delaminated
17:31 < Lord_Pall> i'll get photos

Lord Pall had trouble creating a full image of the disc due it's bad physical condition; he was however able to copy (parts of) the squashfs filesystem file (which spans 95% of the disc and contains the OTP block). A tentative OTP block was subsequently extracted from the squashfs filesystem.


This appears to be disc 8 out of 9 Black OTP CDs.

OTP block SHA-256: 34b7a1d6ba98120acfa2f3ccd998fdf7ccee29a380e2c72650028c446b9dd73e

Note: the block above was extracted from a partial dump of filesystem.squashfs.