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We got two different recordings from iridium satellite phone system. One with male voice and one with female. One coming from Tempe, Arizona (military oriented) gateway, other coming from Wahiawa, Hawaii (civilian oriented one). Both messages seem to be legit recordings of original iridium messages.

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Iridium Satellites

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Each satellite can have four inter-satellite links: two to neighbors fore and aft in the same orbital plane, and two to :satellites in neighboring planes to either side. The satellites orbit from pole to pole with an orbit of roughly 100 minutes. :This design means that there is excellent satellite visibility and service coverage at the North and South poles, where there are few customers.

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The original design envisioned a completely static 1960s "dumb satellite" with a set of control messages and time-triggers for an :entire orbit that would be uploaded as the satellite passed over the poles. It was found that this design did not have enough :bandwidth in the space-based backhaul to upload each satellite quickly and reliably over the poles.

Satellite Specs

The satellites each contain seven Motorola/Freescale PowerPC 603E processors running at roughly 200 MHz,connected by a custom :backplane network. One processor is dedicated to each cross-link antenna ("HVARC"), and two processors ("SVARC"s) are dedicated :to satellite control, one being a spare. Late in the project an extra processor ("SAC") was added to perform resource management and phone call processing.
The cellular look down antenna has 48 spot beams arranged as 16 beams in three sectors.
In June 2010, Iridium signed the largest commercial rocket launch deal ever, a US$492 million contract with SpaceX to launch tens :of Iridium NEXT satellites on multiple Falcon 9 launchers in 2015-2017 from Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 3.

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Spectrograms of iridium messages

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Spectrogram of female message

Spectrogram of male message

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