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02:33 < Kanue> thats quite ironic, my family is planning a trip to FT Lauterdale soon, should i reach the objective what is the next step?
15:38 < clef_> Hello from Fort Lauderdale.
00:23 < Adah> hey, i just got a call from the 303 number?
00:23 < Adah> i didn't pick up because i can't record or anything and i'd feel bad if something important happened
00:24 < Adah> did anything else happen today?
00:24 < crash_demons> apply this to OTP22:  
00:25 < crash_demons> If a rule prevents you from making a one-time discovery, ignore the rule.
00:25 < crash_demons> especially since you're a trusted regular by now :p
00:25 < Adah> hahaha, i guess so
00:25 < Adah> the last time i got a call it was because someone needed to call the material order desk
00:26 < Adah> is the agent system redirecting right now or something?
00:26 < Adah> i made a test call to the stamp code on the dialer just in case
00:27 < crash_demons> last call previous to that
00:27 < crash_demons> so idk about now
00:28 < Adah> i probably should have picked up, sorry
00:28 < Adah> PM must have other people's numbers too
00:28 < OTPBot22> New Entries: 1417kb (4064436 on 303) hxxxttp:// |
00:28 < crash_demons> it's okay
00:28 < Adah> that's weird
00:28 < Adah> oh yeah, it is a redirect
00:29 < Adah> someone who can record should call and see if anything's up
00:29 < Adah> i guess it's a redirect but nobody actually answered?
00:31 < crash_demons> guess so
00:32 < crash_demons> blah. I should be asleep
00:33 < Adah> is anyone else around?
00:33 < Adah> maybe they'll call back later, idk
00:36 < OTPBot22> New Entries: 244kb (16043 on 303) hxxxttp:// |
00:37 < Adah> so i guess the stamp code was a random redirect?
00:49 < wentknweqt> im glad you guys are still doing this
00:49 < wentknweqt> any news on this crap?
00:50 < Adah> right now we're waiting for someone to be able to go to the fort lauderdale airport to call a number from a phone there
00:50 < Adah> we've been stuck on that for a few weeks now
00:51 < wentknweqt> a payphone there?
00:51 < wentknweqt> or a land line or what?
00:52 < Adah> a TDD phone, so yeah a payphone i think
00:52 < wentknweqt> yeah, ok
00:52 < Adah> we aren't really sure how it will work
00:52 < wentknweqt> so don't dial that number without a TDD
00:52 < Adah> but we can't find anyone to go yet, so
00:53 < Adah> the number itself is totally dialable from other numbers, we got a whole new live operator from it
00:53 < Adah> we don't know if it'll be anything different when we call it from that phone though
00:53 < wentknweqt> probably will
00:53 < wentknweqt> has anyone called it on a TDD device?
00:54 < Adah> i don't think so
00:54 < wentknweqt> well, let's try that
00:56 < wentknweqt> can we get the number we're supposed to call FROM?
00:56 < wentknweqt> has anyone tried finding that number?
00:56 < Adah> i think someone tried but i don't remember if they actually found it
00:56 < OTPBot22> New Entries: 276kb (4064436 on 303) hxxxttp:// |
00:57 < wentknweqt> well, if we can get that and we can ANI-spoof a call from a land-line with a TDD hooked up then we're in business
00:59 < Adah> i got a call from the 303 number before so i think something is probably going to happen soon
00:59 < wentknweqt> i somehow doubt whatever this 888# is will check the ANI-II, but who knows?
00:59 < Adah> i don't think there are any updates on the agent system, though
01:10 < filer> apropos of nothing... Fuck the Pain Away *and* the Grover Cleveland March? PM has one eclectic playlist
01:15 < wentknweqt> whatever
01:15 < wentknweqt> im gonna dial the # from a TDD for shits and giggles sometime tomorrow
01:20 < wentknweqt> <- here's a 1994 article about TDD phones being installed at Fort Lauderdale's airport
01:21 < wentknweqt> iirc, 800-855-xxxx are AT&T TDD related numbers
01:23 < wentknweqt> anyone on with a land-line in a rural area and wanna try something?
01:30 < filer> is this something involving high-cost numbers?
01:30 < filer> I'm not on one now, but sometimes am
01:30 < wentknweqt> try calling the 888# via a voice relay operator
01:31 < wentknweqt> they are essentially dialing with a TDD and their job is to read the message aloud.
01:58 < wentknweqt>
01:59 < wentknweqt> lists 4 numbers for fort lauderdale airport phone numbers
01:59 < wentknweqt> err, rather, payphone numbers
02:04 < wentknweqt> yep
02:04 < wentknweqt> so, maybe someone can call those numbers tomorrow morning and try to get someone there to do it?