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IRC is an abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat. It is a way of instant messaging that predates things like MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo Chat, ICQ, and other chat services. Most chat is done in a chatroom style. Each chat room is known as a channel. Our IRC channel is #ARG on the server Freenode.


Originally, we conducted most chat in the channel #OTP22. However, the channel moderation was considered "abusive" by some: they began kicking, banning people and were not taking things in a constructive direction. During a raid on the channel, users began to migrate to #ARG - the moderation and atmosphere of #OTP22 may have been contributing factors.


A bot is hosted in the channel which provides users with some of the latest news available from active users. You can post either @update or any news? to be informed of the most recent discovery via Private Message.

How to join

To reach this chat-room you can use the Freenode Web Client from your browser with the channel set to #ARG, or you can use an IRC Client installed on your computer with the following settings:

  • Server: or
  • Channel: #ARG

Alternatively, you could try this link to launch your IRC Client.

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