Grand Canyon trail drop

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Grand Canyon Trail drop
Location     Grand Canyon Village, AZ
Coordinates 36.058312°, -112.127187°
Landmarks Rock, Path
Items Papers/Drop Key
People/Visitors BostonGraver
Found 6-26-2014
Type Other
Status Visited

Short summary of the drop here.


On June 26th 2014 a BPSK31 message was received on the Agent System which was decoded to read:


Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Paper/Drop Key 1 Unknown Missing Unknown None

[See Drop Item Inventory to edit this.]


SSTV images provided by PM of the drop

SSTV image provided by PM of a man looking like he is taking the drop. This is not the person is not the drop agent we dispatched.

Counter Agent Image Analysis

IRC member Meki went to work analyzing the drop image after receiving the colored image. He went up and down the trail that the drop was located on trying to find what was the backdrop of the image. And he figured out a match.

<Meki> I'm pretty sure the photographer was either sitting on this bench, or squatted in the empty area to the right, when taking the picture:

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