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Agent Systems - An automated telephone system used to exchange messages with agents. The Agent System has been known to use both spoken English words and SSTV Images. The system has multiple telephone numbers.

The Buzz - Audio encoded with packet radio data. The Buzz has been known to use the BPSK31 protocol to encode numeric information.

NATO messages - message transmuted in phonetic military style alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Delta... (OINFD GPFSN TDWJV YMMUC QSIIL SGSXX ODSMR XZJIB TYCGB)

Agent Codes - Numbers that are input into the Agent Systems by OPT22 investigators in order to try intercept a transmission.

Transcription Database Wiki

OLD Transcriptions (from before transcription database)

SSTV Captures - Some Agent Codes have produced a response of what sounds like The Buzz. This information is actually image data transmitted as sound. We have captured images through the phone lines.

OTPDecode - Method of decoding by hand.

Investigation Journal Old system for cataloguing activities.

Foreign Language - A language other than English.

Telephone voice bridge

Project MLPL

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