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The following recorded call contains a (presumably) woman speaking a non-English language at the beginning of the call where the condition/situation codes would normally play:

Phone number: 2029993335 Recorded on 09/19/2012 Transcription

UPDATE: Solved.

2012-10-06 Inoktitut

Language is Inuktitut Eskimo–Aleut language WIKI Link

Found by facebook friend of somethingawful user. SA Link

Inuk Memes : it's just a standard recording, saying "if you want a call back, leave your name. if you would like assistance, please hang up". that doesn't really make sense, and all of the numbers being spouted for 13 minutes is kind of creepy. what is this?

SA: It's part of an alternate reality game.

Inuk Memes : strange, but yes.. it's Inuktitut (language)

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