Fairbanks trail drop

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Fairbanks trail drop
Location     Fairbanks, Alaska
Coordinates 64.870054°, -147.828006°
Landmarks Parallel logs
Items Bootloader and Assembly code
People/Visitors Sixthtry
Found 5-11-2014
Type Other
Status Acquired

A message was received on May 11th, 2014 containing an ABISM message and a PSK message; the latter of which decoded to the following:



Previous to this drop, we had been having problems with the Agent System and controller lines complaing of a corrupt bootloader.

Previously, a temporary or test bootloader was discussed via messages and was retrieved at the Rohnert Park Library drop but encountered issues when we attempted to use it.

Live conferences were later held on the 303 line by in-universe (story canon) people discussing the state of the Agent System, their response, and of a new bootloader to fix the system. Following this, a message (noted above) was received indicating the drop location.


A helpful Reddit user, Sixthtry, was able to very quickly retrieve this drop for is and take many high-quality photos of the drop location. (Thanks!)

The drop contained letters with Assembly code and a bootloader similar to a previous drop.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
Bootloader 2 and Source (Fairbanks) Unknown Unknown Sixthtry

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