Fairbanks river drop

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Fairbanks river drop
Location     Fairbanks, Alaska
Coordinates 64.840054°, -147.766706°
Landmarks Rock

River edge

Items Black OTP 9 CD 2
People/Visitors Sixthtry
Found 7-15-2014
Type CD
Status Visited

A message was received on July 15th, 2014 reading the following:

OTP Black 9 replacement
position: 64.840054 -147.766706.
Note: Rock.
Note: River edge.
Consult 68791 for imagery data.
Note: DO NOT PUBLISH TO AGENTS AT THIS TIME. End of transmission.

The SSTV image from 68791 showing imagery of the drop can be found in the gallery below.


Far previous to this drop, we had acquired the OTP black 9 drop (in Kauai) mentioned in the message above. This drop contained a Black OTP disc with a encryption keyfile.

It is unknown why a replacement was provided, but one might speculate that we had "intercepted" the drop meant for another agent in-story, and they required another.

Drop Items

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Retrieval attempts

Reddit user Sixthtry, who previously collected a drop near Fairbanks, attempted to collect the drop on 28th July. Unfortunately he was not able to find anything. The drop is on a very busy walking trail, and the river was extremely high at the time - he suspects that the drop may have been washed away if it was too close to the river edge, but he will try again once the river has receded.