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/ Exciting Books
Aliases     excitingbooks
Activities     Designing or Posting high-quality book covers on the internet.
Location     Unknown
Setting     Internet

Exciting Books (excitingbooks) is an account that exists both on Tumblr and Twitter that may be related to the OTP22 ARG. This account marks the first time that the ARG used internet media, however it is not currently known (as of April Fools Day 2014) if ExcitingBooks is actually part of the ARG or merely tangentially related through the book covers.

Books were previously mentioned in messages and collected as primary information sources in the game. On 9 February 2014, it was found by User:crash_demons that a Tumblr user named "exciting books" had been uploading high-quality originals of the book covers related to this ARG and of other similar books.

In one case, a book cover upload predated a dead drop of the item of the same appearance, drawing lines between this user and the PM of OTP22 in some way.

On February 21st, a book cover upload contained the text "Code 128" next to the barcode. When read with ZBAR, the barcode yielded "SLUGUTM" (perhaps referencing a "Slug" book previously posted) and using the text below the barcode as UTM coordinates, a drop site as speculated: see log.

On Thursday, March 27th, 2014, User:TonyInICT initiated contact with ExcitingBooks via Twitter. The next day, User:L0j1k also engaged ExcitingBooks in a conversation. ExcitingBooks claims to be a designer with no knowledge about OTP22 or ARGs in general. He or she claims to have been contracted for design work "roughly ten years ago", though the work has been "off and on since". Both conversations were uploaded to Pastebin (TonyInICT: http://pastebin.com/vQ4dBr5f and L0j1k: http://pastebin.com/KX0HTJ1r). ExcitingBooks is more or less an asshole, and his responses thus far indicate that he either genuinely knows nothing about OTP22 and is thus an unintended leak of PM information, or has a very limited amount of information about OTP22 and therefore mostly won't be helpful. Without further information regarding his relationship to OTP22 and its PMs, any information not corollary to the book covers should be considered tainted and unusable unless outside OTP22-only verification can be obtained.

L0j1k initiated two QX sessions concerning identifying whether or not ExcitingBooks is related to WORM, PRJMLPL or its agents. J responded personally to this inquiry and seemed to imply that he was not aware of this entity. Please see (234)_222-0004 for more information.