El Paso drop

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El Paso drop
El Paso1.jpg
Location     El Paso, TX
Coordinates 31.852605°, -106.147186°
Landmarks Trailers, Tire
Items CD
People/Visitors coastlines, porchemonkey, borg484, echimp, anon
Found 12-10-2012
Type CD
Status Acquired

The coordinates were discovered on December 10th after a message from the agent system (202_999_3335) which indicated the location and the clue "BL/HOLE". The drop site was visited twice, after which a CD was found; the clue turned out to be referring to the color of the disc, its name, and its contents.


The first visit to the drop site was by coastlines, Akael Djx, B_Elanna_Torres and ElPaso Citizen. Despite their efforts, the drop was not found.

The drop site was visited again by porchemonkey, borg484, echimp and anon. At the same time as their visit, we decoded strange SSTV transmissions from agent code 16041. The group was eventually able to locate the drop tucked underneath one of the trailers in a position that was identical to the SSTV images.

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
El Paso CD (Black OTP 1) Unknown Unknown Unknown None

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The item found at the drop was a black disc which contained an Ubuntu image and some inconsistent data which is used to decode messages. Information about the disc can be found here: El Paso CD