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The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
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Are system playing sirens and Charon picking up drop connected?

LOG TIME GMT-4 (so to get actual time add 4 hours to logs timestamp)

23:19 <L0j1k> horns on 303
23:19 <L0j1k> well that's splendid
23:20 <L0j1k> fuckin horns everywhere
23:21 <L0j1k> what's interesting is that there were not horns an hour ago
23:21 <nadando> could have been triggered by 16042 when they saw charon at the drop site
23:21 < L0j1k> saw charon?
23:24 < charon_> When I first got to the site I saw a young guy with a backpack eyeballing me as I sat in my car entering the coords in my GPS. But then I drove around the block to the other side (it was closer) and onyl person out was a lady in a sari (seriously)
23:22 < L0j1k> anybody checked 18109, then?
23:22 < L0j1k> 888 is fine
23:25 < OTPBot22> New Entries: 131kb (18109 on 202) http://dialer.otp22.com/2013-06-19%2003-24%20UTC%20-%20202-999-3335%20-%2018109.wav (HORNS!)


23:55 < latent> surprised they haven't stalked people at the drops yet
23:56 < filer> ...or made it known that they have, heh
23:56 < sauceman> haha
23:56 < nadando> latent: the agent system is down which implies that they were stalking the drop site...
23:56 < sauceman> next SSTV will be of charon_
23:56 < sauceman> just watch
23:57 < filer> taken from the window of a bart train, for maximum sneakiness
23:57 < sauceman> by a guy in a trenchcoat and fake mustache?
23:57 < L0j1k> +1 nadando
23:57 < Adah> was the agent system down BEFORE charon_ told us about the drop? 
23:58 <L0j1k> yes
23:58 <L0j1k> immediately
23:58 <L0j1k> but not -1 hour
23:58 <L0j1k> i was doing stuff in green book and using agentsys
23:59 <L0j1k> or possibly -1,5 hours
23:59 <Adah> the 888 and 709 numbers still work, right?
23:59 <L0j1k> yeah
23:59 <L0j1k> 888
23:59 <L0j1k> dunno about 709
23:59 <Adah> are either of the live operators picking up right now?
23:59 <L0j1k> nope
23:59 <Adah> i know MoD hasn't been around
23:59 <L0j1k> MOD hasn't picked up in three weeks
23:59 <L0j1k> Razz
00:00 <L0j1k> correction
00:00 <L0j1k> MD is picking up on 202
00:00 <L0j1k> 303 is horns though
00:01 <Adah> weird
00:01 <L0j1k> he must've been busy when i called earlier
00:01 <Adah> try the number from the file with MD?
00:01 <Adah> i doubt he takes numbers that long
00:01 <nadando> definitely not answering for me 

Time when drop was picked up was probably between this timestamps (GMT+0):

20:27 -!- charon_ [6371b822@gateway/web/freenode/ip.xx.xxx.xxx.xx] has left #ARG []
22:39 -!- ferrymancharon [~ferrymanc@xx-xxx-xxx-xx.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ARG
23:03 -!- charon_ [6371b822@gateway/web/freenode/ip.xx.xxx.xxx.xx] has joined #ARG

Ubuntu image

05:35 <L0j1k> the 100Mb file is in the same general area on the el cerrito CD as it is on the el paso ubuntu CD
05:35 < L0j1k> original: ae6acf01526f138da72796172b3073de  ./casper/filesystem.squashfs
05:36 < L0j1k> el cerrito: fd638d7d3785bbabb1da3f292385d937  ./filesystem.squashfs
05:37 < L0j1k> gonna finish downloading the 12.04.0 LTS original to diff the two
07:12 <L0j1k> elcerrito.filesystem.squashfs original.filesystem.squashfs differ: byte 314013697, line 1089605
07:50 <L0j1k> first differing byte: 314013697 353 65
07:50 <L0j1k> last differing byte: 418871296 307 260
07:51 <XkeeperLaptop> so about 100m again.
08:10 <L0j1k> btw, for those who don't know their way around dd, here's the command to extract the new .bin: dd if=filesystem.squashfs of=elcerrito.bin bs=1 skip=314013696 count=104857600 2>/dev/null
08:23 <L0j1k> btw i just remembered... i did not check any other md5sum for files on the new ubuntu CD, so there could very well be surprises in other locations on the disk, if anybody wants to md5 against a 12.04.0 LTS desktop 386 disk...

Song no 1



23:14 <nadando> 84728517989977482648881
23:39 <nadando> guessing 84 72 85 17 98 99 77 will xor to PRJMLPL
23:40 <nadando> and 482648887 is the agent code with the matching numbers

Friendly code

Agent number : 482608885


04 26 31 92 46 51 01 friendly code

Agent number : 482608885

84 72 85 17 98 99 77 XOR 04 26 31 92 46 51 01 = 80 82 74 77 76 80 76 = PRJMLPL

Beginning 0-20sec
Ending 50-70sec
Entire spectrogram

Song no 2

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26636688/1AudioTrack.aiff (creepy warning, seemingly random notes, babyvoice i love you we love you forever beautiful / ~ theme of otp22 ~, some music, audio artifacts at ~8:30, sssshhhh noise at the end)

Warning and random tones song

here is only first part of song no2: (warning and seemingly random tones creepy music until beginning of baby voice)
Spectrogram of it (from 50sec to 1:10)

[02:19]	Cosmo_Hill	NiceLurk this is fucking weird I don't understand the point. Start with a melodic 
arpeggiator....fine....layer it... fine.... key change....fine...... Then it gets dischordant, intentionally so, then moves up 
chromatically, then adds unnecessary top notes. It sounds awful!

Baby voice

http://vocaroo.com/i/s1zKjjGdMpau babyiloveyou from el cerrito CD
http://vocaroo.com/i/s18IHEZfOJLS old babyiloveyou from uffie song

http://prntscr.com/1as98e comparison of old and new baby voice that noise snippet at beginnig seem to be pasted from uffie song recording

When we got that baby voice for the first time we were suspicious if that is not just distorted adult voice

[16:50]	massospora	NiceLurk: http://vocaroo.com/i/s03CLvPn842T -12 halftones. but imho this is female voice
[16:51]	massospora	NiceLurk: i think this can be improved by changing speed and pitch
[17:07]	massospora	NiceLurk: http://vocaroo.com/i/s02C0HYuwi0E -10 halftones, the speed up 50%
[17:07]	massospora	NiceLurk: ...and littlede- noising

It doesnt sound like "our" Audrey from AT&T natural voices demo page: http://www2.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php Especially the accentuation of the AT&T engine is way off. Despite the voice sounds like text2speech the intonation is unusual for such engines. None of the tested produced that great difference between "I love you" and "we love you".

[17:13]	latent	they actually removed Audrey from that some time around new year's
[17:14]	latent	along with a bunch of other voices

Three artefacts in music at 4:30

Recording of part with artefacts: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0sFghOMxCQL
Spectrogram (you can see them at 3, 5 and 8 sec)
Spectrogram of only first glitch

Seems random artifacts caused by some glitch during mixing process.