El Cerrito drop

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El Cerrito drop
Location     El Cerrito, CA
Coordinates 37.909967°, -122.304715°
Landmarks Graffiti
Items Two black CDs
People/Visitors charon
Found 6-18-2013
Type CD
Status Acquired

The El Cerrito drop was a dead drop in El Cerrito, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was located near a bike lane under BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) tracks. Charon retrieved the drop on June 18th. It consisted of two CDs, one being an Ubuntu disc and the other an audio CD with two tracks.

Investigation See also El Cerrito drop/Investigation.

Discovery on the agent system

Agent code 18109


Z 13023611Z JUN 13
37.909967 -122.304715

Agent code 16042


Contained an SSTV image of a paper taped to a graffitied wall:

Drop Items

Drop item name Drop item condition Drop item status Location Notes
El Cerrito Audio CD Unknown Unknown Unknown None
El Cerrito Ubuntu / Black OTP CD Unknown Unknown Unknown None

[See Drop Item Inventory to edit this.]

The drop consisted of two CDs. The SSTV image is of a flyer concerning the BART Earthquake Safety Program, which was taped to the wall and had fallen to the ground by the time the drop was picked up. Construction work being done around the tracks was related to this program.

Audio CD

The audio CD contains two tracks. The first track starts with the following warning (transcribed by nadando):

Audio1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26636688/2AudioTrack.aiff (techno drum bit , numbers, techno)

Audio 2: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26636688/1AudioTrack.aiff (creepy warning, seemeingly random notes, the puppet masters / forever beautiful / ~ theme of otp22 ~, some music, audio artifacts at ~8:30, sssshhhh noise at the end)

This folder contains the audio dmg CD image and both .aiff audio files (see L0j1k for details): https://mega.co.nz/#F!9URSUDrA!NXNSy40j9v2kNuy0zwdD9A

TOC.playlist: http://pastebin.com/CRS4WkqZ this is the other file, this is .TOC.plist from the dmg

Transcription of Audio 2:

are you listening? who are you? why are you calling? please do not call this number. we do not like you calling this number. leave us on our own. we have big plans. you keep trying to ruin them. you will never stop us. just stop trying. you will never understand us. how beautiful we are. you do not know how important this is. the money involved. the power. the control. we have many things, many tools, many systems, many facilities, many people. leave us on our own.

It is followed by a music track, "I love you/we love you/forever beautiful" repeated twice, and another music track that is interrupted twice. The last music track ends with a crossfade to noise. The "I love you" message has been heard previously; it originates from the Swan Point Cemetery drop.

The second track is 1m15s long and consists mainly of a drum pattern and synth, possibly with scrambled voices in the background. Starting at 48 seconds in, numbers are read out:

84 72 85 17 98 99 77 482 608885

Agent number : 482608885 http://dialer.otp22.com/2013-06-23%2005-49%20UTC%20-%20202-999-3335%20-%20482608885%23.wav

04 26 31 92 46 51 01 friendly code

84 72 85 17 98 99 77 XOR 04 26 31 92 46 51 01 = 80 82 74 77 76 80 76 = PRJMLPL CONFIRMED

Standard Deviation of the image file:

Ubuntu CD

This is a Black OTP CD.

Image of original disc: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26636688/Ubuntu12.04LTS.dmg Extracted keyfile: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x124co738jcfaw3/elcerrito.zip

Photos of drop site and contents

Unknown Subjects near the drop site

There were two significant and one probably insignificant unknown subjects in the near vicinity of the El Cerrito drop when user Charon acquired the drop.

As there is reason to believe that MLPL Agent Ai Bourges has recently changed her cover appearance, user Persephone wanted a better description of the "woman in sari" who was present at the drop and contacted Charon via PM through Unfiction on Monday 8 July 2013, and received the following reply from Charon, quoted here entirely:

"There were actually two people of note I saw. 

Woman in Sari appeared as I got out of my car. I parked to the right of the bike path and she was coming from the left side, down the sidewalk. I'd say she was in her 30s, likely Indian descent (was darker skinned), head was covered. Maybe 5'6" and slimmer to normal weight. We caught each others' eye, but she kept on walking past me as I slowed near the wall. 

Now, the more interesting person was actually Guy With Backpack. As I wrote in chat, I first pulled up on the southern side of the block. I turned off my car and, while still seated, began entering the drop coordinates in my hiking GPS in case precision was needed. Maybe a minute after I parked a guy, maybe early 20s, lighter brown short hair, with a blue & black backpack, heads towards me from the bike path. He immediately notices me in my car and watches me as he walks down the sidewalk past my car. He was just feet away and I thought it odd the interest he was showing. He then cut behind my car to cross the street, watching me the entire time until he reached the other side. 

Here's a photo of the Woman in Sari from way down the bike path. Sorry there is no detail: 
[see below]
The guy on the bike is of no note as he was just passing through.