Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather

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Dr. / J. Marvin Blackweather
Aliases     J
Gender     Male
Activities     Author, Work related to Message Desk and Worms
Location     Unknown
Setting     In-Universe
Notes     Appears in two canon books.

Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather is listed as the author of the book Global Response Codes (known as the "pink book"), and is quoted as giving praise in the book Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries (or "green book").

Blackweather's involvement in these two documents implies that he is highly involved in operations of WORM, Project MLPL, and knowledgeable about Message Desk. In numerous messages he seems to appear as an authority figure, handling issues personally or directly giving instructions.


Messages have been received referencing a person known as "J". Although it is speculative at this point, the messages could be from the same person.

Over the course of several phone calls, it has been determined that "Dr. J. Marvin Blackweather" commonly referred to as simply "J" is the person who manages the Material Order Desk as well as Message Desk.

Messages referencing J