Designing Compelling Worm Sanctuaries/Investigation/Agent numbers

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Investigation This is an investigation subpage.

The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
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Agent or Message Desk numbers found in Worm book

Under Agent? and MD?

  • Y == tested, valid number in agent or message system
  • N == tested, not valid
  • U == untested
  • P == untested, but probably belongs to this system
Number Page Agent? MD? Notes
55229382 Pre Y U see Phone number investigation
4822010112 2 Y U see Phone number investigation
33340 14 P U "verify channel setting with 33340"
33330 19 P U "major system status report"
33350 25 P U "Adjust antenna azimuth and polarization, and check signal strength"
33336 25 P U "Adjust channel to proper channel within radio handbook"
3330 14 U U