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Investigation This is an investigation subpage.

The information found here includes bleeding-edge updates, information dumps, and speculation.
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This page is for speculation on the uses of the content of the Green (Worm) book.


Page C-1 has some handwritten notes with numerals and names of cities. Some of the names are written in printed (as opposed to cursive) Cyrillic; Russian speakers say that the handwriting looks like a non-native speaker and some of the spelling is off. Furthermore, there are at least three different variations on "3", which suggests three different writers.

<Gwraspe> look how writes solnechnyj
<n0ck> really?
<Gwraspe> a proper handrwiting
<Gwraspe> and even from the latin script before i looked at that cyrillic, i thought looks like russian or ukraine
<mdzhb> not russian i'd say, i *think* nearly all russians use proper handwriting
<n0ck> Gwraspe: I'm aware of cursive cyrillic, but "I" isn't anywhere
<Braco> the guy we phone up (message desk) does knows a bit of russian
<n0ck> in cursive not printed
<mdzhb> the cyrillic is printed cyrillic indeed, that's off for a proper russian speaker
<gopher123> thought he knew polish
<Braco> Gwraspe: what does 330 on pC1 translate to?
<Gwraspe> also looks as if there is couple of different writers there..
<n0ck> the RBV... reminds of ROYGBIV (the colours of the rainbow, but probly no significance)
<Gwraspe> Solnechnyj
<Braco> really
<mdzhb> Solnechniy?
<Lyxs> Braco, MD spoke russian the same day he spoke portuguese, right ?
<Gwraspe> ы represent with y
<Braco> thanks Gwraspe
<Lyxs> or was there any other ocasion ?
<Gwraspe> й with j
<Gwraspe> np
<n0ck> Gwraspe: solnechniy is 8to my extent of russian) sunny, right?
<Braco> not sure Lyxs cant remember
<Lyxs> k
<Gwraspe> yep means sunny :) but also its a town name too
<mdzhb> Солнечный / Solnechnyy indeed (thanks google translate)
<Braco> excellent
<Gwraspe> hmm that last letter should represent J
<mdzhb> thats funny, half of the characters break in my terminal
<Gwraspe> its not represented correctly as y
<Lyxs> yeah mine too
<Gwraspe> its short i
<Gwraspe> j
<Braco> Gwraspe:
<Braco> is that correct?
<n0ck> soul-nay-ch-nee-iy
<n0ck> the last iy is kinda hard for muricans :D
<Gwraspe> yep in Khabarovsk :)
<Braco> thanks :)
 Gwraspe, yeah, looking at the numbers, its most likely different people
<Lyxs> i can see three types of "3"
<Gwraspe> the 3 are very teltale
<Gwraspe> yep
<Lyxs> one rounded with the "tail" folding in, one "flat top" and one that sometimes loops in the middle
<Gwraspe> C1 307 in moscow, different handwriting to other russian handwriting

Random notes about book

  • ISBN is for first ladies again
  • For SF probably refers to Sally Fischel
  • Agent code 55229382 (page after dedication):
green book
edition 3
friendly code
90 124 78 89 45 48 79
only continue if book is friendly for current activities
  • Dr Marvin Blackweather ("J") also wrote "Global Response Codes"
  • Prelude: numbers referred to in the text can be concatenated to give agent codes / phone numbers.
    • 2nd paragraph: 709-700-(zero)122 (phone number we knew about)
    • Page 2 last paragraph: 4822010112, agent code:
to obtain additional copies of the green book
please visit the following locations
book copy two
N 47.4737373, W 115.8696969
note: under bridge
note: east dirt incline
book copy 3
position: unknown
note: check back later for book position
end of transmission
  • Chartreuse is on page 16 as was hinted at previously; the message desk asks for a number after you say chartreuse, nothing notable afterwards (0 or "that was recorded"). The other worm colors can also be tried.
  • 2nd to last page: very faded number, possibly 803-475-0000 (which is a help line for Comporium communications?) or 603-415-0000 (fax machine?)
  • Indentations of writing on cover
  • QR Code Data
  • The first letters of every sentence of the last two paragraphs on page 3 spell out "AI BOUERGES BE CAREFUL"
  • Handwritten on last page is
  I     N ?   UM

? might be Roman numeral II

Worms are codes?

<n0ck> worms = codes
<n0ck> the last page is a reference how the code should be written
<n0ck> do not cut the worms = do not group the codes wrong
<Braco> oooo
<Lyxs> Gwraspe, i'm not sure, i just heard the recording once and idk where to find it again
<n0ck> and that's why it's written broken , on purpose
<Gwraspe> yeah i never heard it, only saw transcription 'mensagens etc'
<Braco> great find n0ck
<Gwraspe> i dont speak any portuguese
<Braco> lets put this in the wiki
<n0ck> worm pleasing = code decoding
<Gwraspe> +1
<Lyxs> Gwraspe, i do
<n0ck> Planting worms = coding codes/ setting up codes
<Gwraspe> :D
<nadando> R: rainbow / red
<nadando> BI: black 1
<nadando> Y: yellow
<n0ck> "Worms need pleasing" = Codes need the key
<nadando> V: violet
<n0ck> The QR code is the key